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February 11, 2015

Lasting Heart Decor

Inspired by Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share some heart decor that can easily last throughout the year.

Heart focused but doesn’t necessarily read Valentine’s Day. Ideal for the girl who loves this shape.


one :: two :: three :: four :: five :: six

And as seen in my logo, looks like these items are ideal for even me.

Happy Wednesday!

Irene Lovett

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January 22, 2015

Heart Baby Blankets,


Don’t forget your little sweetheart this Valentine’s Day! All of our Heart Baby Blankets are restocked just in time:

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February 12, 2014

Baby Love

Irene here from designstiles. In celebration of the upcoming Valentine’s Day, today I thought I’d share a round-up of the top baby items I absolutely love.

babylove1. This Fisher Price Cradle ‘N Swing is the best. I can put baby in it while I pump and do work. And it allows me to sneak off and shower while he takes a quick morning nap. He just starting noticing himself in the mirror and loves gazing at the mobile. Totally keeps him entertained and looks completely comfortable. I’m actually jealous I don’t fit it in. Get one. My sister gave me hers and it’s seriously the best item we’ve received.

2. Bandana bibs – my friend made me a couple of these and I just think they’re the coolest. I didn’t realize just how much babies drool so these quickly became part of my baby’s ensemble. I’m not really into the bibs with all kinds of sayings on them so was super happy to see an alternative. The ones I have are not yet on my friend’s Etsy store but maybe this post will persuade her to update. Ha!

3. Peanut changing pad – This was the one item I wanted most off my registry. I don’t need to worry about washing changing pad covers and any accidents can be easily wiped. The no-fuss changing pad. It’s great and really dig the funky shape.

4. Ergobaby Carrier – another item handed down to us by my sister. This thing gives your arms a break. You can’t always carry your baby and we’ve got things to do so put them in this and feel the bond. You’ll need to use the insert for the first few months. We still do.

5. Gap cuffed pants – I first bought a pair of these on sale and soon went back for seconds. Then thirds and fourths. I like the variety of colors and simple patterns. They look really comfortable and there’s something about the cuffed leg I’m just really into. There’s a cute selection for girls too. Some are even gender neutral.

That’s it. The things I’m totally loving currently. I should do another round-up once my baby gets a little older and we both discover new items.

Happy Wednesday!
Irene Lovett

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February 4, 2014

SpearmintLOVE Heart Blankets for Valentine’s Day


Don’t forget your special someone on Valentine’s Day. Today is the last day to order to Heart Blankets for guaranteed V-Day delivery! Heart blankets come in Black/Cream, Cream/Black, & Cream/Red in both baby and full size!

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January 15, 2014

Valentine’s Day Sewing Project


1. Brother CS6000I 60-Stitch Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine with Multiple Stitch Functions
2. SINGER Conf. Stylist Sewing Machine
3. Singer 6160 Computerized Sewing Machine
4. Brother Sewing Machine JX2517 Lightweight
5. (I have this one:) Singer Sewing Machine Model 7466

Do you have a sewing machine? I really LOVE to sew even though my sewing skills aren’t much improved from my 7th grade Home Ec. days! There are so many affordable sewing machines these days and you can really teach yourself with the help of You Tube videos or a few mini classes at your local Joann Fabric store.

I use my sewing machine to hem pants/skirts, curtains, & I love to make plush toys for the kids- especially for Holidays. The following little project I just completed this morning. Other than some candy & cards, these Valentine Dolls are their Valentine’s Day presents. All of the supplies were already in my craft cabinet so the cost was like nothing!


Fabric- (I used up some of my scraps)
Paint- I used some leftover acrylic paint
Embroidery Thread & Needle
Embroidery Hoop

+ your sewing machine & sewing thread!


1. Pick your fabric. I used some scraps that I had leftover from some linen/cotton blend fabric. Fold your fabric in half. Cut out two matching hearts. I just did this free hand… they do not have to be perfect. The quirkier the better, right?


2. Put one fabric heart into your embroidery hoop. This is the fun part. Give him/her a personality! After a vote on Instagram my girl doll has been given the name Rhonda. Beside her is her french boyfriend, Monsieur Pierre. And he is an artist of course! After you are done with your doll’s face, sew the hearts together (inside out). Stuff with old pillow stuffing to save money, then sew shut.


Sew legs from more fabric scraps. I decided to paint stripes with some acrylic paint from my craft closet. Stuff the legs, sew them together, then sew them onto your body.

You could also add arms, shoes, hands – whatever! If you try this project I’d love to see your dolls so please share. Your kids will love their handmade Valentine Dolls!

February 13, 2013

4 Easy Last Minute DIY Valentines

Little A and I have managed to do a Valentines project every year since he was just a couple of months old, but we are always out at the last minute. If you too have been procrastinating, but still want to DIY something, here are 4 easy last minute Valentines you can still do in time!


This year we made Easy Salt Dough Necklaces – pendants and beads and threaded them onto ribbon necklaces to send to Alec’s friends. Salt dough uses stuff you DEFINITELY have at home. Easy peasy!


Last year we had our first adventures in finger painting. Since Little A was only just past a year old, we made our own 100% edible finger paint out of yogurt. All you need is yogurt and food color.


Our first Valentine’s project was a cute cupid photo to email to Dad who was abroad at a congress. Click here to make your own!


Potato stamping is something you can do for any occasion. It’s easy and you can stamp all sorts of things for Valentines Day, like cards, envelopes, gift bags and wrapping paper.

Happy crafting!

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January 28, 2013

Valentine Olliblocks


I just purchased & downloaded the Valentine Olliblocks. I’m obsessed with these! The kids are going to use the cute characters on their Valentine Cards this year. & as soon as I get some cardstock I’ll print out a set for some wooden blocks.


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January 21, 2013

For Your Mini Valentine (pt 2)


Happy Monday & Happy MLK Day!

Over the weekend I saw so many sweet Valentine gift ideas online. I had to share some of my favorites with you. I am kind of OBSESSED with that red pixie hat– i think Harper would LOVE it.

See more Valentine Gift Ideas for Babies/Children (part 1)

1. alphabet throw pillow
2. tic tac toe game
3. crochet baby hear neck tie
4. pink sleepy cloud pillow
5. Verner Red Kids Panton Style Chair
6. red children’s pixie hat
7. pram doll buggy
8. cashmere heart blanket
9. Cyril Squirrel Fox
10. crochet converse booties
11. egmont pink rabbit lamp
12. neon pink wool infant hat
13. baby star print crew neck
14. pink/mint check boy’s bow tie
15. heart sweats knitted set

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January 11, 2013

Valentine Wish List


Sooo happy to have made it to Friday. It has been a gloomy week & I’ve been walking around for 3 days with the most embarrassing cough!

On a cheerier note, Pinterest has me thinking about Valentine’s Day already! Do you celebrate? My husband & I are not exactly a romantic couple, we really don’t do much to celebrate. Maybe a Taco Bell drive through dinner date? & I’ll probably pick up 2 dozen roses from Produce Junction (some PINK, some RED).

Harper is old enough this year to have an interest. I’m thinking of picking up some pink & red glitter + some recycled paper to get her started on Valentine cards for her friends this weekend.

Here are just a few fun children’s gift ideas for those of you that do celebrate V-Day:

1. heart sweater
2. citta baby hat
3. pink mushroom lamp
4. trumma tin can drum
5. ella toad
6. polka dot deer
7. heart pajama set
8. red boat shoes
9. bobo choses onesie
10. terry stripe grey tights with red kneepads
11. mickey hat
12. heart pillow
13. love leggings
14. supra kids westway
15. valentine arrows
16. juice mercado baskets

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June 11, 2012

Edible Finger Paints for Baby

This is the very first art project I did with my son Alec. He was 14 months old at the time and we settled on finger painting for his big debut.

It was really important to me to use edible finger paints so I mixed my own out of greek yogurt and food coloring. It worked really well. The colors were bright and really saturated and looked so inviting. We just made a light and a dark pink as this was our first project. I wanted something more red but there is a lot of red food color in that dark pink already and I was having hot flashes about red paint on the walls, so I settled for pink.

We did our painting at the kitchen table with Alec in his high chair in a not-favourite outfit with a smock on top. It actually didn’t get too messy – much less so than I had feared. We used thick children’s craft paper which was definitely a necessity since the yogurt paint is quite heavy and wet.

At first Alec dipped his finger tips in the lighter color and immediately took a taste. He didn’t seem to love the taste so after the first taste we were able to concentrate on the painting instead. I showed him how to paint and guided him a little in the beginning. He was most happy (and I was least happy) when he discovered what happens when you smear your hands with a lot of paint and then clap your hands. Hence the little splatters on the finished product (last photo) and all over the walls, Alec’s face, the high chair etc… But clean up was easy – even the splatters on the walls wiped off easily.

I would definitely recommend mixing edible finger paints from yogurt and food coloring for baby’s first art project. Very fun!

February 8, 2011

Valentine’s Day

what are you doing for Valentine’s Day? my husband and i don’t do anything fancy. i’m thinking it might be fun to go on a family date to Chipotle on Sunday afternoon. we’ll celebrate on Sunday since we don’t see each other on Mondays. V-Day is a good time to spoil yourself and to me that means eating a gigantic carne asada burrito!

we don’t exchange gifts, but i did get him a really cute card. (i’ll share it with you next week!) i am also thinking of baking some yummy chocolate chip sandwich cookies like these. mmmmm, delicious!

if you’re looking for an inexpensive, last minute gift with a sense of humor, check out Don’ts for Husbands and Wives 1913. they are the size of an iPhone and full of funny tidbits of advice on what NOT to do to remain happily married. you’ll want to keep them on your nightstand to read aloud before you go to bed each night!

(my copies on my desk)

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