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December 27, 2015

Barbie Storage


LOTS of new Barbies arrived from Santa this year. Harper is collecting both new and vintage. I was able to find some beautiful Barbies from the 90’s that were new in box on eBay. As the collection has grown we needed a place to store… preferably out of our puppy’s reach! I picked up this over the door shoe holder at Bed Bath & Beyond and it works beautifully!


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July 3, 2015

TOYS & RATTLES for Baby!


Just a few of the fun toys and rattles now available at!

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June 10, 2015

NEW: Monster Cushion & Monster Rattles


Monster Rattles & Square Cushion new at

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February 23, 2015



Over the weekend I discovered french boutique ATARGULE + CONSTANT. Sweet, quirky, playful children’s toys, decor & accessories that you will fall in love with. A few of my favorites…

the collection culbuto, cushions & t-shirt collection!


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January 27, 2015

Jungs & Sohne


For the real Tool Man in your family! Jungs & Sohne makes the most adorable handmade cushions and rattles. Anja & sis started their business in 2012. Everything is beautifully handmade in Berlin /Germany.

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January 7, 2015

Kidcraft Grocery Marketplace


We got the kids a Kidcraft Grocery Marketplace for Christmas, & I just finished putting it together this morning. I was a bit intimidated by all of the parts, but Kidcraft has each part numbered which makes it super easy (even the nuts & bolts). It takes about an hour and I felt very confident putting it together with the directions provided!

Anyway, it is so darn cute and comes complete with a cash register & bank card. I know they are going to be ecstatic!


crochet rattles from

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December 5, 2014

Fruit & Veggie Rattles


Not much blogging this week- but I did want you to know that we have added these hand made produce rattles to our online store: Perfect stocking stuffers for your littlest!

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November 19, 2014

Fun with Felt Food

Hi again, Irene from designstiles today.

My husband sent me an email yesterday linking to this site with toys he suggested we buy for our son. Quickly, I responded with a yes. And then I became enamored as I searched for more options of this type toy and came to notice it might be a thing. A thing perhaps people are into, maybe even adults more than kids.

It’s felt food! Food made of felt to resemble exactly real food. Some of the food I found was so accurate and specific, I was honestly pretty impressed. It’s like the cutest thing since baby penguins.

Foodie Kids

market :: fruit set :: lobster set :: lunch set :: cotton candy set

The thought of a kid pretend eating lobster sort of cracks me up.

It was only appropriate I find a pretend market for all this food to come from.

Let your kids have all they cotton candy they wish.

Happy Wednesday!

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October 18, 2014

Christmas Baby Rattles


Gingerbread Man, Santa Claus and Angel Rattles now available at!

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October 3, 2014

New Arrivals at


A sneak peek of the new Crochet Toy arrivals at Plus 16 new crochet rattles now available!


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August 6, 2014

Mermapillar Organics


We LOVE stuffed, plush toys around here and recently discovered Mermapillar Organics.

All of their cute & quirky organic pillows are made by hand in Minneapolis with materials from the USA. Their cute creatures are sure to add some fun to your playroom or nursery. Which one is your favorite? Check out a few pics of our cotton owl pillow below:


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July 31, 2014

Hazel Village


Check out Hazel Village for the cutest little creatures for your guy or girl. Each animal is hand made from organic cotton and ready to become a lifelong friend. Because the animals’ features are hand stitched, they are soft and safe for babies. And with many beautiful dress-up outfits to share, they’re fun for big kids too!


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July 23, 2014



This spring Harper, Rex, & I had the opportunity to check out some fun toys from Hasbro’s iconic Playskool brand. The toys included:

1. Playskool Shapes ‘N Colors Turtle: Sweet turtle teaches about colors, shapes and music and encourages baby to follow along.
2. Playskool Gloworm: Feel the nostalgia? GLOWORM friend has been an expert snuggler for over 25 years. Give him a hug and his face softly glows while he plays lullabies!
3. Playskool Sesame Street Elmo Bath Adventure Steamboat: Our favorite part is the paddle wheel that suctions to tub… pour water over it and watch it spin!
4. Playskool Busy Ball Popper: colorful, light weight balls pop out of the elephants trunk!
5. Playskool Sesame Street Hugs Forever Friends: Cookie Monster will wrap his arms around your child’s arms and really hug you!

As your children grow and develop through play, Playskool products are there for moments big and small, from learning shapes and colors to bathtime, bedtime and more! Playskool toys make exciting additions to the little ones’ toy box, and are perfect gifts for baby showers, first birthdays and welcome home baby baskets.


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May 16, 2014

Manny The Jumping Ball


You’ve probably seen Manny, The Strong Man Jumping Ball on my Instagram Page… he is one of our favorite toys. Kind of irresistible, no?!

Anyway, he is on sale for $27.99!

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February 13, 2014

Volkswagon Camper Play Tent on SALE!!


I’ve had a TON of people asking where I got the Volkswagon Camper Tent for the kids since posting pics on Instagram. Just an FYI… It is currently on SALE for $39.99. Just visit I have never seen it this inexpensive so grab it now for your little one’s birthday, beach visits this summer, or even Christmas. My kids LOVE playing in this tent together. The best part about it is that you can put it together in literally 2 minutes!!

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January 22, 2014

Naked Lunge


Have you seen Naked Lunge cushions? I just discovered designer Roxanna Webster on Instagram and really LOVE her designs. Especially the shop pillows. All of her pillows are hand painted and hand sewn from linen and cotton fabrics.

You can even have custom dolls made. SO COOL!


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January 3, 2014

Plush Ukuleles

I’m just getting back to blogging this week after some major time off. It has been a busy month, but next week I’ll have new blog posts everyday. In the mean time, how cute are these stuffed Ukuleles by Olivelse?

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December 16, 2013

Storage Legos 50% Off


Looking for fun storage? I was on the hunt last month for something cute that I could slide under their new bunkbed. Since it would show, I wanted it to be cute! Enter Room Copenhagen. They make the cutest storage containers that look like legos. They can stack just like the real thing!

Anyway, they are 50% off on I purchased 2 large ones (1 black & 1 white) for only $36 with free shipping! Go check out the 1 day sale.


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June 25, 2013

DIY Plush Snake

This past spring I got the sewing bug! I purchased my sewing machine back in 2008, and had only used it a handful of times. My new year’s resolution for 2013 was to learn how to thread it properly and possibly take a few classes. Right before we moved across the country I signed up for a beginner class at Joanne Fabric. It was really helpful! Have you taken any of their classes?

I like trying to sew/copy cute things that you can purchase online. I started with a few projects for Harper. There is DIY Kitty Cat, DIY Cloud, & his friend the “raindrop!”

I promised Rexford that the first sewing project I’d work on once we settled in AZ would be a little friend for him! On Sunday I finally got all of my sewing accessories together and found my bag of scrap fabric. The first thing that came to my mind was the HUGE snake we saw out in the front yard the week we moved in. I thought Rex would LOVE a HUGE snake!

For snake inspiration I revisited my favorite plush snake, Mr. Snake by Ferm Living. I love this snake so much that last year I designed a children’s bedroom mood board inspired by his colors!

What I love about a DIY snake is that you can use any fabric scraps you have in your stash. If you sew often, you probably already have most of the supplies for this project. The only thing I had to purchase for my own snake was the felt. I went over to Michaels and bought black, white, & hot pink felt. ($0.29/sheet) I also LOVE & recommend Heat’n Bond Iron on Adhesive. I used it for the eyeballs and whites of the eyes. Since my kids are hard on things, I also reinforced the whites of Mr. Snake’s eyes with an embroidery stitch. (hard to see it in the photos) This is a BIG snake that requires quite a bit of stuffing. I always save the stuffing from old pillows because store bought stuffing can add up quick!

All in all with fabric scraps, thread, felt, adhesive, & stuffing I spent no more than $5 on my 60 inch snake!


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May 31, 2013

Friday & Summer Toys

kitchenfunHappy Friday!

It’s been a busy week for us at the new house. This morning I visited the pediatrician to make sure we were all good to go with shots. Camp starts Monday and both Harper & Rex will be going together! I’ve also been researching babysitting as well as preschools for fall. There are so many choices out here & it is a difficult decision.

Before we moved I donated a bunch of our bigger toys. So, now I am shopping for a few new things for the kids to play with. They love playing make believe & I have my eye on a few summer stands as well as a new shopping cart. All of these cute toys are currently on sale at Zulily. Which one is your favorite?

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April 22, 2013

DIY Kitty Cat

To those of you that sent me sewing tips last week, “THANK YOU!” I’m really enjoying my new found hobby & have loved the process of sewing my first doll.

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you have already seen that my doll has somehow transformed into a Kitty Cat. (Cats are on the brain, I tell you!) I’m super inspired by the cats that Donna Wilson designs and my cat has the eye of Mono Cat & the whiskers of Mog!

From start to finish this cat took me a long time…Maybe 3 weeks! The process went like this:
-pick out some fabric from my scrap pile
-draw a doll outline. I didn’t make a pattern, just kind of free handed the outline right onto my fabric.
-pin the fabric together/cut out…

Then, several weeks later I finally figured out how to thread my sewing machine:
-sew doll fabric together, leaving 1.5 inches un-sewn between doll’s legs. (i remembered this from 6th grade Home Ec. class!)
-inside out (or right side out) the fabric
-stuff with stuffing from an old pillow that I was going to throw out
-sew fabric between legs together
-cut out and hand sew the ears
-go over to fabric store to buy embroidery thread + embroidery needles. (this is the part that = $5!)

So, now that this is done I am anxious to try more projects. I’ve learned A LOT in the process of making this cat including the fact that you really must do your embroidery work BEFORE sewing the fabric.

I’d love to hear about YOUR sewing projects, recommendations/tips, favorite places to shop for fabric/supplies, favorite sewing websites/blogs, etc. I officially have the sewing bug!

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March 7, 2013

Trending Now // Spring Pantone Color Picks – Him

Do you follow the Pantone colors each year? You all may have heard that the color this year is Emerald, but Pantone doesn’t stop there. They very lovingly break the yearly colors down by season as well. So, here are my interpretations of the colors for spring; for the little him in your life.




1 / Emerald – Friends Print by Arian

2 / Lemon Yellow – Wooden Tractor by HC Woodcraft

3 / Tender Shoots – Fraser the Frog by La Petit Lulu

4 / Monaco Blue – Airplane Backpack at Nordstrom

5 / Poppy Red – Trees Romper by Winter Water Factory

6 / Grayed Jade – Bespectacled Baby Cap by Ruche

7 / African Violet – Octopus Tee by Old Navy
(I know, not even close, but this is not a year for violet in the boys department)

8 / Dusk Blue – Shark T-Shirt by Tea Collection

9 / Nectarine – Ubuntu Hoodie by Tea Collection

10 / Linen – Linen Blazer by Zara

// kelly

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January 7, 2013



I’d been wanting a teepee for the kids (& myself) for awhile. When did they become so cool? I almost bought one for Christmas, but then decided that we had enough stuff. Now that I’ve seen Sofia’s teepee, I’m kind of wanting one again! Isn’t it gorgeous?? Kind of like the ultimate kid/adult fort! Wouldn’t you love to cuddle up in there with a magazine?

Does your child have one? Mokkasin.

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December 13, 2012

Little Pim Sale

Are you raising your children bilingual? Harper & Rexford have a fabulous babysitter (born in Mexico) that teaches them spanish. She has been with us since Rexy was 7 months old. we love her very much!!

To aid in our efforts, we use Little Pim language tools. We love the DVDS and we’ve been listening to the Spanish Bop Music CD NONSTOP lately! It is a really great mix of children’s spanish songs. I’d been looking for a good children’s mix forever! I really hope they make more CDs. We’ve also recently added the Chinese (Mandarin) DVDS to our routine. It is crazy how little kids repeat and try out new words!

Little Pim is having a HUGE holiday sale between now and Friday. 30% off of EVERYTHING with the promo code Holiday30 at checkout. There’s also free shipping for any order over $75. HAPPY SHOPPING!

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December 11, 2012

Kimochis® Plush Pals

Are you looking for the perfect plush pal for your little one this holiday season? Check out Kimochis®. Kimochis plush toys have unique personalities and stories behind each character. Kimochis also have real feelings. I love this about them!

Harper has Cat, who lately has been super happy. Harper gets to decide whether she is happy, sad, angry…you name it! Rexy has Cloud. Cloud is usually happy…as long as Cat is happy! But he sometimes gets angry or sad. (kind of like my moody 2 year old!)

Kimochis are an effective tool to help families:
• Identify and express feelings
• Solve behavioral problems
• Communicate openly
• Resolve conflicts
• Build closer relationships and have fun!

There are 7 different 13″ Kimochis characters: Bella Rose, Cloud, Bug, Clover, Cat, Huggtopus, & Lovey Dove:

Each one comes with 3 feelings which can be stored in your Kimochis’ pocket. With each 13″ Kimochis you will also get the 48 page Feel Guide which has lots of fun and easy activities. $24.99

Each of the 7 characters also comes in a 6″ mini version, the mini Kimochis, as well. $16.99

You can also purchase all kinds of extra mixed feelings for your Kimochis: Jealous, Loved, Grateful, Scared, Shy, Kind, Hurt, Sorry, Uncomfortable, Friendly, Sleepy, Surprised, Embarrassed, Guilty, Excited, Happy, Mad, Sad, Brave, & Left Out!

Not only are Kimochis super clever, but I am obsessed with their cool packaging. Your kids would love opening one of these boxes on Christmas morning:

Happy Shopping!

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December 10, 2012

City Girl Gigi, Pottery Barn Kids

Remember the Designer Dolls from Pottery Barn Kids that I was eyeing for Harper? I finally picked one out and she is here. City Girl Gigi is even prettier in person! I fell in love with her pastel rainbow-colored tulle skirt & I think Harper will too. Now I just need to decide if I will give Gigi to Harper on her birthday (Dec. 20) or save her for Christmas morning!

P.S. Designer Dolls are still on sale + free shipping.

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December 5, 2012

Designer Dolls by Pottery Barn Kids

My absolute FAVORITE dolls for the holidays are the ones from the Designer Collection by Pottery Barn Kids. Pottery Barn challenged their designers to create a beautiful doll that was reminiscent of the artistry of homemade dolls from an earlier era. The ideas were so clever that they chose to make 10 of the dolls:

California Chic Girl Emmalee: Dressed in a pink cotton embroidered dress, sandals & matching pink ties in her hair.
Butterfly Ballerina: Dressed in a fluttering tulle tutu and pretty pink legwarmers.
City Girl Gigi: Dressed in a rainbow-colored tulle skirt and a white cotton top with ruffles at the neck.
Beach Girl Finley: Dressed in a Hawaiian print dress and matching blue moccasins.
Penny: Wears green lace-up boots on her long, slender limbs and a red felt hooded cape perfect for outings. She also has the most darling freckles!
Hollie: Dressed in a plaid skirt, white top and ice skates. Hollie also has felt and grosgrain ribbon details & braided yarn hair.
Jacqueline: Dressed in a boho printed dress with ribbons in her hair and a matching head scarf.
Divya: Dressed in a traditional Indian dress in a medley of pretty fabrics and golden sandals. Felt flowers adorn her hair.
Spring Princess: Dressed in an outfit stitched from an assortment of cotton, ribbon, tulle and felt. She also has yarn hair and a floral felt headband.
Snorkel Girl Manina: Sporting a red ruffled swimsuit, snorkel, mask and bright blue flippers.

I’d secretly love to have the entire collection for Harper, but I think 10 new dolls for a 4 year old is a little much! So, my top 3 favorites are Butterfly Ballerina, Snorkel Girl Manina, and City Girl Gigi. EEEK, I also LOVE Hollie & Penny. So hard to choose! Which is your favorite?

BTW, all of these dolls are 20% off right now + FREE shipping. HAPPY SHOPPING!

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December 5, 2012

Kids Christmas Gifts Guide from Here Comes Baby

Kids Christmas Gifts Guide – Day Five

Ingela Arrhenius’s nesting animal dolls are a joy to behold. Each little animal has such an appealing character and personality. The six nesting animals are made for art, design, and toy lovers of all ages. Display, collect, enjoy and play with them!

Purchase from: Hus and Hem

Price: £19.95

Want more inspiration for Christmas gifts for the little ones in your life? Then come on over to Here Come Baby Blog and see more from our Christmas gift guide, bringing you style and inspiration from the UK and Europe.

Kirsty xxx

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December 4, 2012

Toys for the Holidays

In need of some good TOY inspiration? LOTS & LOTS of fun gift ideas @ Zulily. Hanukkah begins Saturday evening!

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November 13, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide Sneak Peek + a Big Giveaway!

Hi there! I’m Lauren from A Lovely Lark and I’m guest posting for Shari while she’s on her road trip. I thought it would be fun to share one of my gift guides here on Spearmint Baby with all of you today. I’ll be posting one or two gift guides each day up until Thanksgiving over on my blog, A Lovely Lark. Here’s an exclusive sneak peek of one that I’ll be posting later today for the babes:

 1. Teething Rings (win this by entering here!)
3. Personalized Embroidery Hoop (win this by entering here!)
4. Chickadee Booties (discount code here!)
5. Wooly the Sheep (discount code here!)
8. Ergobaby Organic Carrier (win an organic Ergobaby carrier by entering here!)
I’m also running a holiday giveaway with over $750 in prizes that will go to one lucky reader! There are goodies from Ergobaby (an Organic Bundle of Joy Carrier and Infant Insert!), Uncommon Goods, Colette Bream, Pretty Little Things by Lori Marie, Magpie Lovely, Bungalow Kids, and many more as well as a ton of discount codes on vendors like blabla kids, Twig Creative, Magpie Lovely, and Ergobaby! All you have to do to win is visit your favorite vendors and leave a comment over on the post on A Lovely Lark. Good luck!
November 11, 2012

DIY Playdough Gift Box

The holidays are coming up and it’s time to start thinking about gifts! It’s always extra fun to give something you’ve made yourself. Here is a play dough gift set we recently put together for Little A’s friend Rebecka when she turned two:

Mini Piccolini - DIY Playdough Gift Box

We filled our gift box with homemade playdough (see recipe below), the mat, some plastic cookie cutters and molds, a little rolling pin and a butter knife (which is Alec’s tool of choice when he is “working” with playdough).

Mini Piccolini - DIY Playdough Gift Set

This is a really doable project with a fun end result.

Mini Piccolini - DIY Playdough Gift Set

Alec was proud to hand over our homemade play dough gift set to Rebecka and we hope she has had a great time playing with it!


  • 1 cup flour
  • 1/4 cup salt
  • 2 tbsp cream of tartar
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 tbsp vegetable oil
  • gel food coloring
  1. Mix all of your dry ingredients together in a mixing bowl.
  2. Add your wet ingredients and mix well.
  3. Divide into as many bowls as you have colors. We made four colors out of this recipe and actually gave away half of the playdough, so you will definitely have enough for 6-8 colors or more. Now add your food coloring. The end color will be pretty much the same as what you see now, so add as much color as you want to get really bright, saturated hues of playdough. Or use less color for soft pastels.
  4. Place a small sauce pan your pan on the stove top over medium heat. Start with your lightest color (so you won’t have to clean out the sauce pan between colors). Pour the mixture into the pan and stir continuously until it starts to get chunky. Keep stirring until it forms a big dough ball. 
  5. When all the wetness is gone, remove the dough from the pan and leave it to cool. Once cool, knead it a bit until it is soft and smooth.
  6. Repeat for each color. I just did yellow first, then green, then blue then purple, without cleaning out the pan in between.
  7. Store play dough in an airtight container at room temperature. We’ve been playing with the same batch for a few weeks now.
October 25, 2012

Funny Face Blocks

I saw these blocks on Pinterest & cannot for the life of my find the original source. (the one thing I do not like about PINTEREST!) Anyway, I LOVE the idea of painting your own faces on blocks.  What a fun DIY project.  Wouldn’t these be cute to stack on baby’s dresser?

50 Natural Wooden Toy Blocks

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October 10, 2012

Wooden Peg Dolls

1., 2., 3., 4., 5., 6., 7. & 8.

I’ve been thinking about purchasing a set of wooden peg dolls for Harper. I thought a family of 5 might be fun for make believe play… & they’d be really cute to display on her dresser as well. These are a few of my favorite peg doll artists on Etsy.  Which is your favorite?

BTW, you can also purchase plain wooden peg dolls and paint them yourself. Maybe a fun DIY project?

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October 4, 2012

Baby Rattles

My favorite rattles on sale today! Which one would you pick? purchase HERE.

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September 27, 2012

Inspired by Zebra

1., 2., 3., 4., 5., 6., 7., 8., 9., 10., 11.

Are you inspired by the animal print trend? I tend to be more drawn to leopard than zebra printed things. Although last week I purchased this pink/white zebra skin wallpaper to line Harper’s dresser drawers. Do you have anything Zebra printed in your daughter’s room? Here are just a few of my picks from around the web.

P.S. #5 is a doggy toy, but wouldn’t it be cute on baby’s shelf?

Zebra Skin Pink Wallpaper

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September 5, 2012

Volkswagen Bed

The things people make out of bunk beds…LOVE this Ikea Hack!

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August 29, 2012

Tattly Temporary Tattoos

Anyone else have an obsession with tattoos? I remember emptying out the Cracker Jack box as a kid just to see if I had gotten the box with the tattoo!  It was most definitely my FAVORITE prize! Strangely enough the tattoo LOVE did not carry on into my adulthood. I still have no permanent tattoos. I just never thought of anything that I liked enough.

So, my new OBSESSION is Tattly– the raddest place for temporary body art! Seriously, Tattly has partnered with artists and illustrators to bring the coolest designs to the temporary tattoo world. …Blanca Gómez, Lisa Congdon, & Marc Johns are just a few of my faves.

Wouldn’t these would fun as party favors, or at place settings for birthday parties? I love the idea of each child getting a colorful animal from the Menagerie tattoo set. (& my kids will definitely be rocking the Bunny Tattoos next Easter!)

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August 8, 2012

Outdoor Playhouse

I started following Ashley’s blog when they began building this outdoor playhouse. If you haven’t seen it, stop over to for a lot more pics. She has included step by step instructions for each step in the process.

I am simply AMAZED!

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July 23, 2012

Mini Piccolini: In My Diaper Bag

Baby #2 is due to arrive in a few weeks so so many things are going to be changing around here. Next week we pick up our double stroller and soon it will be time to reorganize my diaper bag to suit two little ones. But for now I’m only carrying what I need for Little A, who is now just past 18 months old.

Here is what is in my diaper bag right now:

  1. Diaper BagKate by MZ Wallace. I’ve raved about it here.
  2. JJ Cole Stroller Clips. These sit on the handle bars of our stroller and I just clip my diaper bag on and off.
  3. Changing Pad. I use the one that came with my bag.
  4. Diaper Cream. I like Desitin‘s creams and tend to carry one of their maximum strength ones in my diaper bag.
  5. Diapers. I usually just carry three Pampers Cruisers/Active Fit Diapers. It’s overkill since we rarely even need to change diapers when we’re out and about lately, and almost never need to change more than once.
  6. Wet Ones Antibacterial Wipes. Especially convenient for changes on the go. I like to use one before and one after each diaper change.
  7. Baby Wipes. We use Natusan. I like that they are mild enough to use on Little A’s hands and face as well.
  8. Boogie Wipes. I’ve raved about them earlier here. I hope we are at the end of this year’s cold season, but until now they have been very good to carry along.
  9. Pacifier. We haven’t succeeded in transitioning Alec from his Wubbanub pacifiers to a more age-appropriate/tooth-friendly pacifier, so I usually have one of his little monkeys in my bag.
  10. Take & Toss spoons. Spoons are good to have and I like that it doesn’t matter if these don’t make it home with us.
  11. Snack Trap and Snacks. Usually Alec has cheerios and oat cereal in his Munchkin Snack Catcher.
  12. Snacks for Mum. I try to keep a little bag of nuts/dried fruit (the snack pouches you can get at Trader Joe’s are perfect) or a bar in case of emergency munchies. I love the Two Degrees bars since every bar bought also means a meal goes to someone who needs it badly.
  13. Fruit. Alec and I usually share an apple on the way home from the park and a banana is such a great go-to snack if we miss a proper meal at home.
  14. Squeezies. We mostly use Ella’s Kitchen right now. I like the squeezies that are mixed veggies and fruit and sometimes give Alec one of those with something else as a snack on the go.
  15. Water in a Sippy Cup.
  16. A Pashmina Sjal. I keep one rolled up in one of the side pockets as a stroller cover or extra cover-up/blanket for Little A or me.
  17. Sunglasses. For Mum and Baby.
  18. Mobile Phone. I have a Sony Xperia Arc S with a huge touch screen and all the fixings that I LOVE.
  19. Wallet and Spare Change for Coffee. At our wonderful playground you can actually buy coffee, fruit, yogurt and other snacks for kids and parents.

I also keep a nylon bag in the bottom “basket” of our stroller, full of “back-up” stuff that is often good to have when we’re out and about but that I don’t need to drag up and down to our apartment with me every time (our stroller lives in the stroller room in the foyer of our building). Here is what is in that bag right now:

  1. Bag. Longchamp. I have a million of these and always bring one along when we travel since you can fold them up so they take no space at all and then bring them out if you over-shop. Which happens.
  2. Blankets. A sun cover by ROSKmuslin swaddling blankets by Aden & Anais, and a thicker cotton blanket from Polarn O. Pyret.
  3. Sun screen. I am kind of a maniac about sun protection. We are using Neutrogena Pure & Free right now. I keep a tube of it by the changing table so that we can slather it on before we go out and then I keep a stick in our parent console on the stroller for touch-ups.
  4. An assortment of hats. Usually from Polarn O. Pyret. Again, I am pretty obsessed with sun protection so Alec is pretty much always wearing a hat when we are outside. Either to keep him warm if there is a chill, or to protect him from the sun.
  5. Shopping Cart/High Chair Cover. We have one from Balboa Baby. We don’t use it a ton, but every time we do, I am so glad that we have it.
  6. Rain Pants & Rubber Boots. As I mentioned here, Swedish weather isn’t always the best, but children play outside daily regardless. We keep these fabulous rain pants and a pair of rubber boots in our stroller in case of wet mucky weather. If the sandbox is more of a mud bath, we just pull these over Alec’s pants and jacket and everything and then pull them off again when we’ve finished playing. Fab!
  7. Snack Pack. I keep a Smitten Baby Wet Tote packed with back-up snacks, pre-mixed “välling“, a bottle, some take and toss spoons and a sippy, a few squeezies, cereal and a snack trap, and a bottle of water. Just in case.
  8. Bucket and spade. Our playground at the park is actually staffed (two full time positions, 9-5, seven days a week!) so there are buckets and spades and a ton of other toys available all day long. But sometimes we end up staying past 5 when everything is removed and Alec usually throws a fit when “his” bucket is taken away. So we keep a back-up set in the stroller.
  9. Change of clothes. It’s a given with babies that the one time you are not carrying a back-up change of clothes, that is the time your baby will puke all over himself or your toddler will beat you to the mud puddle. I don’t think we’ve almost ever had to use our emergency change, but I always carry it anyway.

What’s in your diaper bag?

Choosing a Double Stroller was an adventure – click here to read all about it!

Mini PiccoliniClick here to visit Mini Piccolini – all the best stuff for Moms, Babies, Kids & Families!

July 16, 2012

Water Playground Sports Park 60

I have to admit, I am not a big amusement park person. Rides scare me in my old age, crowds are unpleasant, and walking miles on hot concrete is completely exhausting.

Water parks on the other hand are a different story. I do enjoy them when it is not overly crowded. The Wibit Sports Park 60 takes water fun to a whole new level. I could totally get into this with my kids! Doesn’t it look awesome? (more…)

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July 16, 2012

Mini Piccolini’s DIY Discovery Bottles

This is actually a project I did a while back, but Little A has been spending some time with these Discovery Bottlesalmost every day since then. I would definitely recommend this as an easy project to do for your baby or toddler! I made six bottles:

  • Baby oil, water and food color
  • Water and little mosaic tiles
  • Baby oil and pins
  • Water, food colour and dishwashing liquid
  • Water and glitter
  • Air and “puffs”

They were really really easy to make. Just fill clean plastic bottles with whatever you want and then hot glue the lids on.

We brought out the bottles when Alec and his little friend Sigge were playing. Alec was 13 months old and Sigge was 20 months old. They were both really into the bottles, especially Alec. The bottle with the puffs was hands-down his favourite and he has been playing with it since he first got his hands on it. Both of the boys were also very into the mosaic tiles in water, which make an attractive sound when you shake them or roll them across the floor. Sigge immediately put the pins in baby oil bottle in his mouth and then Alec did too. We couldn’t figure out why (neither of them tasted any of the other bottles, and there was no scent or anything on the baby oil bottle to make it especially yummy). Us adults all thought that the baby oil and water bottle would be the most exciting for the kids, but they weren’t too impressed by that one. We did notice that the kids handled the smaller bottles more than the larger ones, so perhaps the bigger ones were too heavy for them to really handle and discover. If you have babies or toddlers at home and are considering this project, I would really recommend it. It’s very easy and fast to prep and the six bottles I made did keep the kids’ attention for quite some time.

Isn’t Sigge the cutest? Check out his awesome vintage play room here.

Mini PiccoliniClick here to visit Mini Piccolini – all the best stuff for Moms, Babies, Kids & Families!

June 29, 2012

La Tente

LA TENTE tents are made by Caroline Gomez. I love the simplicity of them– the cute window, colorful ribbons, and ease of storage. & Isn’t it cute with the fur rug inside?

P.S. Did you know you can BUY OLEBY Faux Sheepskins like this at IKEA for only $4.99 each? (They are not on IKEA’s website.)

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May 31, 2012

Cardboard Houses

Jenn made these cute cardboard play houses for her kids. LOVE them! & how cool is the neon pink duct tape? Learn how to make your own HERE

April 20, 2012

Perchance the Cat

Our newest addition arrived yesterday, & I am not sure who is more excited!…me or Harper? We are redoing her room and have lots of new things coming. Eventually Perchance will sit on the window ledge or maybe even a pink leather pouf? For now she is sitting on our PUT THE LOVE IN THE COCONUT BEACH TOWEL.

March 21, 2012

Crochet Bunny Cuteness

Have you seen Kimuka’s handmade, crocheted bunnies? They are so sweet and one of my new Etsy FAVES!!

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December 28, 2011

For Your Wee Ones: Colorful Cozy

Clockwise from top left: felt first aid box, wooden weaving loom, magnetic board & pieces, balancing blocks, bebe bunny t-shirt, This is San Francisco book, crochet croquet/bocce ball set, Henry the fox

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