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September 9, 2009

Maclaren Beginning product review

I am part of a research group that is reviewing new products from the Maclaren Beginning Line.

I have been using my products since last week so hopefully this will be informative for those of you that are pregnant or have little ones at home 🙂

Products For Mother:
* Supporting Belly Balm for Mother
The Belly Balm is a wonderful hydrating cream for pregnant women to smear all over their belly during pregnancy. It has an amazing scent of Shea Butter and Rosehip that made me smell good for hours after I put it on. I actually put it all over my thighs and butt too! (It says that it is not recommended during the first trimester so I will be saving the rest until I hit the 2nd tri of my pregnancy). I love the fact that this cream does not leave you greasy and I imagine that as your belly stretches it will really soothe dry skin. I am not sold on the fact that the Shea Butter will help to prevent stretch marks. I would enjoy this product even more if it was a bit thicker. I love really thick creams and think a thicker belly balm would feel even more luxurious!

* Connecting Massage Oil
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. “…a pure blend of organic oils infused with Orange, Lavender, and Neroli” It smells amazing and feels luxurious. Smooth over your entire pregnant, aching body everyday…or better yet have your husband massage oil into your body at nighttime! Every pregnant woman needs this massage oil 🙂

Products for Baby:
* Absorbing Dusting Powder
Great for absorbing moisture in the folds of your baby’s skin as well as preventing diaper rash. Really the same idea as Johnson’s Baby Powder but more of an herbal smell. Even though this product works well, I missed the baby scent of my Johnson’s Baby Powder. It is also a very small bottle for the price.

* Protecting Nappy Change Balm
Wonderful product!! I applied a generous layer of this cream on my daughter’s bottom at nightime and there was significantly less rash/redness in the mornings than before. It is also supposed to be effective against small pimples and skin inflammations on baby’s face and body. Again, smells wonderful (a blend of pure organic lavender, german chamomile, shea butter, and aloe.) I would highly recommend this product!

* Comforting Room Mist
I just love the idea of this room mist: Spray in baby’s nursery at home, and when away from home use to comfort baby by creating a sense of familiarity and connection to the safety of home. I am not usually a fan of lavender scent, but this is very subtle. It is a relaxing scent (I sprayed in my bedroom too!) I hope Maclaren creates more scents. I would love this product in a “citrus” or “lemon” Comforting Room Mist!

All of these products are exceptionally packaged and would make a wonderful gift for the expecting mother. They all look and smell so pretty!

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July 2, 2009

Product Review – INKtastic

i want to share a really fun website called you can make custom designed clothing for babies, children, or even yourself! i had so much fun designing a bib and onesie set for my daughter.

here is my step by step design:
1. i decided to design an Organic Infant Creeper and Organic Infant Bib Set.

2. i went with the color Natural, because i love earthy colors on my daughter! i also ordered a size 12 months so she can wear it for awhile.

3. now the fun part…i went to the image gallery where INKtastic has hundreds of fun images to choose from. you can even upload your own design from your computer.

4. i found the perfect design for her onesie and bib…it is “LOVE” written in a Peace Sign!

her onesie and bib set arrived the other day and I absolutely LOVE it. the organic fabric is so incredibly soft and cuddly! the graphic is absolutely beautiful. here are a few pics of my daughter wearing her new outfit:

INKtastic is having a huge sale right now so stop over and design something for your little one today!

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June 22, 2009

Product Review – Bink & Boo

i have just discovered the Bink & Boo baby store… my daughter has a new pair of booties and matching bandito bib set and it is so cute!

Bink & Boo takes a fresh and bright approach to SoCal baby style. everything is handmade in California. they recycle and repurpose vibrant vintage fabrics, and pair them with modern textiles to create a collection of limited edition goods.

Here are a few photos of my daughter’s cute new bib and booties!

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June 11, 2009


is anyone else BabyLegs obsessed? have you seen the new BabyLegs Spring Designs? my daughter has 2 new pairs and they are so stinkin cute!

the first pair is from the BabyLegs® Cool line. they are the Flutter design:

BabyLegs® Cool! designs with UPF protection of 50+ feature a lightweight single-ply mesh design. BabyLegs® warmers protect soft knees from harsh surfaces, make diaper changes a breeze and potty training easier. BabyLegs Cool! debuts in a florescent rainbow of colors such as cherry red, sun kissed orange, and daisy yellow and make a bright and fun baby shower gift.

the second pair is a really cute pastel stripes pattern called Chutes Babylegs:

Get out and play with our Chutes BabyLegs. Stripes of pink, sky blue, purple, grassy green and white layer up on this spring time design. Perfect gift for those spring baby showers.

how many pairs of BabyLegs does your child have? which ones are your favorite?

June 2, 2009

Product Review

my daughter has just started eating rice cereal and sweet potatoes, and it is a complete mess! i have found this amazing little bowl and spoon set that makes the job a bit easier! it is called The Baby Dipper Bowl.
it has a non-slip base, so i don’t have to hold on to the bowl while feeding her. the spoon is so lightweight that she grabs it and is already trying to feed herself!

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May 27, 2009

Product Review

i have finally found the perfect solution to my daughter’s disappearing pacifiers! Michal, owner/creator of, sent me a Paci Sitter and a Toy Sitter to try out. i love the fact that whenever we are out running errands, i do not have to worry about the pacifier dropping and getting dirty or lost! the Paci Sitter clasps on to any kind of fabric and does absolutely no damage 🙂 the Toy Sitter is super for attaching toys to the car seat…i don’t have to pick up dropped toys anymore! check out for all the fun colors and patterns that the Sitters come in!

here is a photo of my daughter with her Paci Sitter

and a few pics from

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May 15, 2009

Product Review

I am so excited about this new product! Lil’ Melon sent me this pair of Lil’ Melon Baby Knee Pads.
My daughter is just about 5 months old now. She is not quite crawling yet, but here she is in her knee pads. She really seems to like them! We have hardwood floors on our main floor and I am so happy to have Lil’ Melon Knee Pads to protect her knees.

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