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October 12, 2012

the PRINT on my bulletin board

Happy Friday! This week’s “the print on my bulletin board” are these Daily Whisper Inspirational Messages for Kids.

Harper and I have been having fun with these cards all week. Each morning I surprise her with 1 card/message for the day. She loves to see the message + cute picture and then talk about what the message means. Children are so visual and this is a really fun/interactive way to teach them about thinking positively, being kind, & loving themselves as well as others.

Today’s card had a little horsey with the message, “I pay attention to my teachers.” I thought it was a fitting message this morning since Harper was going on her first school field trip. (pumpkin picking/hayride + riding on her first ever school bus!)

BTW, I think these cards would make great stocking stuffers as well. Enjoy your weekend. I’m making hot cocoa! xx, shari

P.S. to have your print/art featured send me an email: for more info. SUBJECT: Print On My Bulletin Board

P.P.S see my $2.00 bulletin board makeover

September 21, 2012

the CANVAS on my bulletin board

I started this new series last week called “the print on my bulletin board.” I’ve been wanting to highlight art & prints for the nursery and my $2.00 bulletin board makeover finally inspired me to do so!

Since then, I’ve received some really cute prints & ART in the mail. Today I am sharing this FABULOUS Wally the Whale wrapped canvas print. It is from, a really cool shop to order custom art for your child’s room. You can order prints as well as wrapped canvas art. They will even frame your print for you! You just pick the size and COLORS to match your nursery.

Have a relaxing weekend.  My hubby comes home from the hospital tomorrow.  We are soooo excited! xo, shari

P.S. to have your print/art featured send me an email: for more info. SUBJECT: Print On My Bulletin Board

September 14, 2012

the PRINT on my bulletin board

I finished putting the “nailhead trim” on my bulletin board last night. I ran out of white push pins last week and was waiting for more to arrive from Amazon. You can see my $2.00 bulletin board makeover here.

Now that it is complete I will be using my bulletin board to show off art/prints from online/Etsy sellers. The print you see today is called A LITTLE LOVE. This print will be framed and hung in Harper’s new room. It is a darling print and I love it for a little girl’s room. To purchase visit Hitch Print Shop.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend. Lots of football and comfort food for me! -shari

P.S. to have your print featured send me an email: for more info. SUBJECT: Print On My Bulletin Board

September 6, 2012

Favorite Nursery Quote?

1., 2., 3., 4., 5., 6., 7., 8., 9.

Do you have a favorite print in your baby’s nursery? I’ve seen so many cute quotes on Etsy lately. I love the fonts in #2 & #8. For a glam, girly nursery #5 is by far my fave! Which is your favorite? Pretty picture frames make all the difference, & right now I am totally loving the gold frame on #5.

Where did you purchase your nursery artwork? From an Etsy store, online store, or did you make something yourself? Here are 2 of the prints that I am hanging in Harper’s bedroom:

Another one that is on it’s way is called “a little thing called love.” I’m still trying to decide what color frame to buy for it. What do you think? Gold, Black, White? I think any of these colors would work.

P.S. I’m starting a new blog feature called “The Print On My Bulletin Board.” If you are a designer/store owner & are interested in having one of your prints featured, email me @ for more info.

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