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November 19, 2014

Fun with Felt Food

Hi again, Irene from designstiles today.

My husband sent me an email yesterday linking to this site with toys he suggested we buy for our son. Quickly, I responded with a yes. And then I became enamored as I searched for more options of this type toy and came to notice it might be a thing. A thing perhaps people are into, maybe even adults more than kids.

It’s felt food! Food made of felt to resemble exactly real food. Some of the food I found was so accurate and specific, I was honestly pretty impressed. It’s like the cutest thing since baby penguins.

Foodie Kids

market :: fruit set :: lobster set :: lunch set :: cotton candy set

The thought of a kid pretend eating lobster sort of cracks me up.

It was only appropriate I find a pretend market for all this food to come from.

Let your kids have all they cotton candy they wish.

Happy Wednesday!

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November 13, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide Sneak Peek + a Big Giveaway!

Hi there! I’m Lauren from A Lovely Lark and I’m guest posting for Shari while she’s on her road trip. I thought it would be fun to share one of my gift guides here on Spearmint Baby with all of you today. I’ll be posting one or two gift guides each day up until Thanksgiving over on my blog, A Lovely Lark. Here’s an exclusive sneak peek of one that I’ll be posting later today for the babes:

 1. Teething Rings (win this by entering here!)
3. Personalized Embroidery Hoop (win this by entering here!)
4. Chickadee Booties (discount code here!)
5. Wooly the Sheep (discount code here!)
8. Ergobaby Organic Carrier (win an organic Ergobaby carrier by entering here!)
I’m also running a holiday giveaway with over $750 in prizes that will go to one lucky reader! There are goodies from Ergobaby (an Organic Bundle of Joy Carrier and Infant Insert!), Uncommon Goods, Colette Bream, Pretty Little Things by Lori Marie, Magpie Lovely, Bungalow Kids, and many more as well as a ton of discount codes on vendors like blabla kids, Twig Creative, Magpie Lovely, and Ergobaby! All you have to do to win is visit your favorite vendors and leave a comment over on the post on A Lovely Lark. Good luck!
October 1, 2012

Mini Piccolini: Baking as Sensory Play

Mini Piccolini: Baking as Sensory Play

Sensory play is so important for little children and baking is a great way to get started.

Little A spends quite a bit of time with me in the kitchen. Usually he plays on the floor while I prepare our meals, but if he is having trouble entertaining himself, I often pull up a high chair to the counter where I am working, and let him get involved (the antilop chair is better for this than the Tripp Trapp since it’s not as wide at the base and therefore gets Alec closer to the counter). We talk about what we are making and I narrate as I chop and stir. When I can, I let Alec smell and taste small pieces of food as I am cooking. I also try to do things down low in front of him so he can see what I am stirring etc.

The other day while baking oat cakes, I actually just brought all the dry ingredients down with me onto the floor so that Alec could really be involved. First I counted as I measured out the oats and put them in the bowl. He “helped” and we ended up with some oats on the floor, but so what? Then we measured out cinnamon and cardamom and added them to the bowl, stirred and stopped to smell the spices.

Then I put Alec in his high chair at the table and got him set up with his own bowl and spoon to stir with. I used the Unbelievabowl so he could get into stirring without the whole thing flying off the table. I didn’t bother with a smock or anything as we weren’t going to be using anything that wouldn’t wash off easily. While I continued with my baking at the table, I measured up some oats for Alec to work with in his bowl. He stirred and “chopped” and scooped and was completely fascinated. He pressed and felt the oats between his fingers and of course tasted some as well.

After awhile I added first just a few drops of water and let him stir to see what happened to the oats and how they changed consistency. Then I added more water so that Alec had a real “batter” to work with. He did a lot more stirring and scooping and mushing around with his fingers. And tasting.

Alec actually kept himself so busy with this activity that I had time to finish baking and get a head start on that evening’s dinner before he ever got tired of it.

There is so much sensory exploration you can do in the kitchen using just the simplest ingredients and utensils. It is a great way to start thinking and talking about our senses with our little ones!

You can find the oat cakes recipe here.

Mini PiccoliniClick here to visit Mini Piccolini – all the best stuff for Moms, Babies, Kids & Families!

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August 24, 2011

For Your Wee Ones: Light as a Feather


Clockwise from top left: garland, mobile, owl plushie, dress, wings, print, featherband


P.S. Don’t forget to enter to win a custom idea board for your nursery, home, or event!

July 5, 2011

For Your Wee Ones: A Place to Play

Image Source

Every little one needs a place to play. Here are a few fun takes on the traditional fort:

one . two . three

I love the idea of using a table or doorway as a base for a fort – great for OCD parents who don’t like to have their furniture pushed all over the place too 😉


one . two . three

Some of these would be fun and easy DIY projects, like the fort kit, or  puppet theatre. And of course  you could always go the traditional route and drape a bunch of sheets over a few pieces of furniture or bit of twine.

one . two . three

Even a cozy corner or pillow-filled hatchback can suffice for a fort. Or if you’re really ambitious, you could create a pillow palace like Miss James.

one . two . three

What’s your favorite type of fort?



April 4, 2011

For Your Wee Ones: Easter Gifts

Looking for a great anti-cavity gift for your favorite little one this Easter? Here are a few of my favorites:

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