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October 15, 2012

Mini Piccolini: Stylish while Nursing

Mini Piccolini - Stylish while Nursing (what to wear for a casual night out while you're breastfeeding)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – fashion is not my forté. I struggled while pregnant and only really managed to pull it together a little at the very end.

And in my opinion, nursing fashion is even more of a challenge than pregnancy style. Not only are you probably not the size and shape you were pre-pregnancy (nor are you a size and shape you would want to shop for since you’re not planning to stay that way), but you might have a sensitive c-section scar to consider, your boobs might be huge (or at least huger than usual) and you need quick and easy access to them at all times. There is also a lot of spit-up and other goo to contend with when you have a newborn attached to you at all hours.

And though it seemed impossible just a few months ago, the truth is that there is one stage of life where the clothes you can buy are actually uglier than maternity clothes. I have yet to see any nursing clothes that I would care to sport outside of the comfort of my own home.

Needless to say, I am struggling a little.

On Friday we went to some close friends’ for an “Aprés Nursery School” get-together. It was rough and rainy out and I got caught off guard by how late it was in the afternoon and how little I felt like getting myself all dolled up. But in the end I found the perfect alternative to sweats:

  1. A Jumpsuit. Mine is a black jersey jumpsuit by Filippa K that I have had for a few years. There are a ton of fun jumpsuits available and if you can find a strapless version and wear it with a cardigan, it’s actually very convenient to nurse out of. Mine has straps that you can just tuck into the top if you want to go strapless. It’s soft and comfortable and it was easy enough to just pull down one side of the jumper to breastfeed.
  2. A Shawl-style Cardigan. Nice and warm and cozy for a chilly day, it is also the perfect thing to wrap around your baby like a blanket or to cover yourself while nursing. I have a BCBG hand-me-down from my ver stylish sister that I am loving so much right now.
  3. A Good Nursing Cover. If you’re not comfortable nursing completely out in the open, there are some great covers available. I love my Hooter Hider in Camden Lock (though I could do without the ruffles). It’s pretty, it’s convenient, I can see down to Baby really well, it’s not too heavy and it gives us some peace and quiet for nursing on-the-go.
  4. A Good-Looking Diaper Bag. I love my Kate bag from MZ Wallace. It carries everything I need but doesn’t look too mommyish.
  5. Flats. After whining for months (here) about not being allowed to wear heels, I find that I’m not exactly dying to don my 3-inch favorites. On Friday I opted for comfy J. Crew ballerinas. Even for shorties like me who really should wear heels 24/7, there are so many great ballerinas out there now.

See how I navigated maternity fashion here. And click here to follow my Pinterest board Mum Style.
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October 8, 2012

Mini Piccolini’s Lactation Cookies Recipe

Mini Piccolini's Lactation Cookies Recipe

Even though it’s not actually that long ago that I finished nursing Little A (just eightish months ago), I was wondering if it would be a similar experience nursing this time around, or if it would be different – maybe even harder? So I was happy to find that it really is just like riding a bike.

Baby L was just as quick to latch on and get into as Little A was and I was happy to find it was less painful for those first couple of weeks than it was last time. Luckily, both of my babies have been great nursers, since they both had a lot of weight to gain in their first days, weeks and months. Alec because he lost a ton of weight in his first days, and Louis because he was born teeny tiny.

Producing enough milk is something that I think all mothers think about, especially in the beginning. And I was determined to be more conscious of my production this time around, knowing that it would be harder to think of myself with two little ones around. I would also like to be able to build up a better freezer stash of pumped milk to last through weaning this time. For me, this simply means making sure I am getting enough nutritious food to eat and that I am staying really really hydrated. Also, I am eating lactation cookies like it’s my job.

Lactation cookies are built on the concept of “galactogogues” – substances that promote lactation by increasing milk supply. I think they work. Here is my recipe for lactation cookies. Have a couple with a glass of milk and enjoy!


  • 6 tablespoons water
  • 4 tablespoons flaxseed meal (Also known as Linseed meal) – found it at Whole Foods
  • 1 cup butter
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
  • 2 cups whole wheat flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 5 tablespoons of brewers yeast – Whole Foods
  • 4 cups rolled oats
  • 1 1/2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chunks
  1. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
  2. Mix flax seed and water and let stand for 5ish minutes
  3. Cream sugar and butter. Add eggs, vanilla and flax/water mixture.
  4. Sift together flour, baking soda, salt, brewers yeast and cinnamon and add it to the rest.
  5. Stir in chocolate and oats
  6. Spoon onto a cookie sheet and bake for 10-12 mins, just until golden brown. They’ll firm up once they are cool. (Makes 4-6 dozen depending on how big you make them)
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September 17, 2010

friday weight loss check in

i lost .4 lbs this week. i was really happy when i got on the scale this morning because i was expecting to gain- last night i ate 5-10 cookies at about 11 pm!

have a fun weekend. we are taking rexford to his first baseball game on Sat. i am so excited to get him all bundled up and put his little phillies cap on!

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September 10, 2010

friday weight loss check in

i lost 1 lb in the past two weeks. last week i did not check in because i was so sick. i am feeling much better now and back to healthy eating. 13 lbs to go- i am just about 4 months postpartum. see our healthy breakfast this morning on Spearmint Kitchen

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September 3, 2010

friday weight loss check in

i got really sick yesterday so decided not to weigh in this morning (i drank probably a gallon of Fruit Punch Juicy Juice!)
i have that virus that makes you shiver on the inside and burn up on the surface and am really feeling bad for myself. i am just anxious for my husband to come home to help with the kids. thank goodness for Sesame Street on days like this!

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August 27, 2010

friday weight loss check in

down 1/2 lb this week! only 14 to go.

what do you eat for breakfast? this week i my breakfast was Special K cereal almost every morning. i love this one called “Fruit and Yogurt.” (i even eat it as a snack

August 20, 2010

friday weight loss check in

i lost no weight this week. (maybe because i ate about 6 cupcakes in the past 48 hours!!) oh well, at least i did not gain. still 14.5 to go.

does anyone else weigh in only once a week? i only weigh myself on fridays because i like to have lots of yummy treats on the weekend. then Monday i get more serious and i have until fri. to work on my diet.

August 13, 2010

friday weight loss check in

i lost 1/2 lb this week- YIPPEE! (just 14.5 to go). my week has been so busy that i had no time for any dedicated exercise. Rexford has been especially needy though. i’ve been carrying him around (15.5 lbs) everywhere with me and i really work up a sweat! i’ve also been living on Flatout Flatbread. have you tried it? my favs are the Harvest Wheat and Multi-Grain (6-8 grams of fiber!). when in a rush i just melt some cheese and add a slice of tomato- DELISH!
check out the website for yummy recipes:

August 6, 2010

friday weight loss check in

my current fav snack food! 120 calories and 9 grams of fiber- they satisfy my chocolate cravings. have you tried them?

this week i lost .5 lbs. now just 15 to go! how did you do?

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July 30, 2010

friday weight loss check in

the reason i started doing Friday weight loss updates was to really hold myself accountable at the end of each week and stick to my goal. i often post photos so i can see progress made from week to week.

i thought it might be interesting for all of you to see a transformation too…a fairly in shape/athletic woman go from 0-9 months pregnant, and then slowly lose the baby weight.

some of you had some negative things to say last week (many of which i did not even post!) they ranged from me having “body dysmorphia and setting a bad example for my daughter” to me thinking i am “hot stuff” and posting pornography!!

not that i need to explain myself, but i would like to reassure those worried about my weight loss that i have set a goal that is perfectly acceptable for my height and within weight watchers standards. i would also like to get back to a BMI of 22 which is hardly anorexic:
* Underweight = less than 18.5
* Normal weight = 18.5–24.9
* Overweight = 25–29.9
* Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

this is not an unhealthy obsession, rather a priority to stay fit. i want to be healthy and strong so that i can be here a long time for my kids!

so, now that we have this cleared up…

this week i have no weight loss (so 15.5 to go!) i did not get any exercise, so next week i am going to make it a goal to get on the treadmill 3 Xs.

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July 16, 2010

friday weight loss check in

woohoo! i lost an entire lb this week. i am now 10 wks postpartum with 16.2 lbs to go. i have no idea why they say breastfeeding “melts away the pounds!” i am EBF and really watching what i eat and my weight loss is very slow. how are you doing?

July 10, 2010

friday weight loss check in

i was in NY all week so am a day late checking in…but the good news is this morning when i stepped on the scale i was down .8 lbs! so 17.2 lbs to go! how did you do?

July 2, 2010

friday weight loss check in

i had no weight loss when i stepped on the scale this morning 🙁 still 18 lbs left to lose! how did you do??
happy 4th of july!! enjoy your holiday weekends. we have some fun things planned at the shore with the kids. see you all on tuesday.

a few belly pics this morning:

June 25, 2010

friday weight loss check in

i lost 1 lb this week. that is major progress for me and i am so excited! now just 18 more to go 🙂 how did you do?

June 18, 2010

friday weight loss check in

i just jumped on the scale and am down .1 lbs from last week..funny! i have a feeling these last 19 lbs are going to take awhile.

i am trying to get to the gym on sunday mornings for 45 min of cardio. unfortunately i cannot use the gym’s babysitting until rex is 6 months so my workout routine is stalled until november.

other then that i am doing about 4 outdoor stroller walks/week. (30 min each)

June 11, 2010

friday weight loss check in

i conveniently forgot to write a weight post last friday…
but i am happy to report that i am back in the 130s as of today! in the past 2 weeks i have lost 1.4 lbs. my weight is coming off slow but going in the right direction!
i still have 19 left to lose of the 37.1 i gained.
here are my belly pics for today:

May 28, 2010

Friday Weight Loss Check In

no major weight loss this week… the scale says i am down .2 more lbs. (i guess that is better then gaining!) i did not do much exercise this week…only got 2 40 min walks in. i am going to try and get on my treadmill if it rains this week. i am so tired and have been making excuses.
my stomach looks about the same as last week. here are pics i took this morning:

May 21, 2010

Friday Weight Loss Check In

today is day 16 and not much has changed with my belly. i did lose 2.5 lbs in the past week (for a total of 16.5 lbs)! i now have 20.6 lbs left to lose. (i am eating between 1800-2200 calories/day plus a cheat day once in awhile!)

Six guidelines for safe dieting during lactation (from

Wait until your baby is two months old before dieting
It’s best not to do anything consciously to lose weight until after the second month. This gives your body enough time to successfully establish a healthy milk supply that is less likely to be adversely affected if your caloric intake is restricted. Breastfeeding your baby, on average, burns 200-500 calories per day (above what you needed to maintain your pre-pregnancy weight) — so keep in mind that even without a weight loss program you are burning extra calories.

Breastfeed without restriction
Research tells us that both more frequent breastfeeding and breastfeeding longer than six months increases maternal weight loss.

Eat at least 1500-1800 calories per day
While nursing, you should not consume less than 1500-1800 calories per day, and most women should stay at the high end of this range. Some mothers will require much more than this, but studies show that going below this number may put supply at risk.

Keep weight loss at less than 1.5 pounds per week
Most moms can safely lose up to 1.5 pounds per week or 6 pounds per month after the second month and not affect milk supply or baby’s well being. One study has suggested that short-term weight loss of 2.2 pounds (1 kg) per week is not a problem (in this study, moms dieted for 11 days).

Decrease the calories gradually
A sudden drop in calories can reduce milk supply. Some moms notice this during an illness, although dehydration and/or medication use could also be a factor in reduced milk supply when mom is sick. It has been hypothesized that a sudden calorie decrease can cause mom’s body to go into “starvation mode” and cut nonessential resources such as milk production.

May 14, 2010

weight loss goal & postpartum belly pictures

since giving birth on May 6th my weight is down about 14 lbs. i have 23.1 lbs to lose!
here are some photos taken this morning of my 8 days postpartum belly:

it took me about 6 months to lose the 35 lbs i gained during my first pregnancy. (although i still had trouble buttoning my jeans because my stomach was not yet toned)

i am hoping to get a lot of my weight off by the end of the summer. my goal is to do a weekly update on my blog to hold myself accountable for what i decide to eat! anyone want to join me?

yesterday i ordered a new scale…the Weight Watchers Glass Memory Precision Scale WW43D: ($49.99 on it got great reviews and i hope it will help me stay on track with my weight loss.

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