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July 23, 2015

Belly Milestone Stickers


Check out our new collection of milestone stickers by Lucy Darling at Photograph your baby belly throughout your pregnancy with my favorite, the Growing Garden Belly Stickers and then capture your baby’s EVERY milestone with monthly or holiday stickers!


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June 4, 2014

Family Photo Session

Hi. Irene here from designstiles.

A few weeks ago my husband and I, along with our dogs, took some family photos with our son because he’s quickly growing and figured it was best to document him with us before he’s old enough to think it’s not cool.

Today I wanted to share my favorites of about 70-something shots.

It was tough to narrow them down, but here you go.






If you’re in the Los Angeles area, I highly recommend LK Griffin. They’re a talented husband and wife team and are an absolute pleasure to work with.

Happy Wednesday!

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August 20, 2013



Kinda feeling like you have no hard copy photos of your kids? I did after becoming completely OBSESSED with Instagram this year! What would I do if Instagram just suddenly disappeared & took all of my favorite snap shots with it? I am sure that would never happen, but you never know!

Anyway, now there is a super easy way to order your favorite Instagram (& phone pics) right from your phone. Check out Printic. In a few seconds you can download it to your phone and start adding your favorite photos to your shopping cart. Wouldn’t it be a fun surprise to order a few to grandma & grandpa’s mailbox? You can even personalize them with writing!

I ordered my first 50 photos a few weeks ago and they arrived in these adorable orange envelopes in about 4 days. The thing I like best is the Polaroid look of them!


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August 9, 2013

The Glow


Have you heard about The Glow is a blog style website that gives you a glimpse into the lives & stylish homes of some of the most inspiring and fashionable moms (like Rebecca Minkoff, Zoe Buckman, & Josie Maran). I love all of the decor inspiration + mini interviews of these beautiful mamas. The photography is also to die for- perfect inspiration for your next family photoshoot!


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July 11, 2013

Newborn Photos

I am just getting my feet wet in the photography business, but I’ve been taking photos for as long as I can remember. This is one of my first sessions for a client and I would love to share it on Spearmint.

Mason was just 5 days old when we did the shoot at Kaycee and Kevin’s house. They are so laid back and I felt that their bedroom would be the best space to capture their relaxed family. Mason is their first baby and you could just feel the love and wide-eyed amazement of these new parents. I particularly loved how Mason was already so attached to his Momma. So many of the shots turned out to be him just locked on his mom’s eyes. There is nothing quite like that connection.

Thanks so much!

Photographers & Mamas, want to show off your gorgeous newborn session?

We want to share newborn photo ideas with other moms-to-be! Email your photos to shari @, SUBJECT: NEWBORN PHOTOS. Please include a description of the photoshoot (where it was, how it was styled, accessories/clothing used, etc)

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July 9, 2013

Newborn Photos

Christina Whittaker photographed this beautiful newborn session with 5 day old baby Jillian. It turned out so beautiful and I asked Christina to share some of the details:

Kacey, Jillian’s mom, is an Etsy seller and owns Elizabeth Rae Crafts, so I knew this newborn session would be full of goodies. Five days after baby Jillian was born, I came over to photograph her. She is SO beautiful and perfect. I picked her up and couldn’t even feel her weight in my arms, she was so tiny! You forget just how small they start out. Kacey crocheted the grey headband and coral beanie in preparation for Jillian’s arrival. She also made the teal elastic & cotton grey headband; she’s such a crafter! Kacey made Jillian’s baby quilt just after the baby shower. She had each guest bring a square of fabric to the shower, and she incorporated each one into the quilt. Such a special touch! Even when she was pregnant, she knew Jillian would be a princess, so she bought a yellow baby crown at Gap. It was so cute and floppy on the baby, she looked like a little flower! Lastly, Kacey bought a stamped ring on Etsy from Galway Designs with Jillian France’s name on it. Such a sweet accessory!

Christina Whittaker
Owner and Photographer, Whittaker Portraits


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June 10, 2013

Fab Kids Photography / Capturing childhood


1 // 2 // 3

Children are soft, gentle, caring, and live in their own beautiful world full of imagination. I just love how perfectly all of these photography styles capture the essence of childhood.

What’s your favorite child photography style?
I’d love to see it!
Leave a pinterest link in the comments below…


4 // 5

just love

kelly westover

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April 1, 2013

Fun With Photoshop Graphics

click here to download

Spring break is coming to an end & I have so many fun photos to go through. I am so in love with my iPhone 5 camera (vs. the horrible quality of my 3GS) that I barely ever use my nice camera anymore!

Here are some simple graphics for dolling up your photos. I used a few of these on photos from our spring break. ENJOY!


February 6, 2013

Paper Crowns


Planning on a family photo shoot this spring? I really loved this super easy (& CHEAP) idea, recycled paper crowns. Aren’t these sisters adorable?


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October 10, 2012

Fun Jump on the Couch Kids Photo Shoot from Here Comes Baby UK Blog

Kids photo shoot by Janine Speake Photography
What a fun kids photo shoot we can share with you today! Usually jumping on the sofa is not allowed but Miss Scarlett & Miss Ruby were allowed just this once to go a little crazy. They enjoyed a jumping session on the sofa whilst mum, Janine Speake, a professional photographer snapped away and caught the fun and frolics! It’s looks like they has a ball!

Tell us about your fun and frolics kids photo shoot, Janine?

I am a mum of two very special gorgeous girls, Scarlett & Ruby and of course I am completely biased, but my two little girls are the most gorgeous wee ones ever!! They love having their photos taken…. ok I bribe them with Smarties, and lots of them! Here are a few photo’s from this weeks “we are allowed to jump on the sofa” photo shoot. Enjoy! We have just moved from Sydney and are now residing in the not so sunny London. But YAY for all the shopping! I love Photography. It’s what I do. It’s what I love.

fun kids photography session jumping on the couch


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September 20, 2012

Fall Photography Inspiration

Are you planning a fall photoshoot for your kiddos? Jade Anne Langton-Evans shared this fabulous woodsy session she photographed over the summer. I love the natural feel of it and thought it would be fun inspiration for fall as well.

Jade, her assistant, & her husband built the small fort with loose branches they collected from the forest floor. Isn’t this a cool idea? I’d love to try it on a chilly weekend with my own family. I have the perfect state park in mind already! To make the fort more visually interesting/cozy, the family filled it with blankets, books & and their family guitar.

The boys also LOVE bubble baths so they decided to use this vintage bath tin in the woods. It took over 30 HUGE bottles of hot water to fill it! They brought a bubble machine for even more fun, as well as an added visual element in the photos.

I think Jade captured their afternoon just beautifully, & in her own words:
“This is them completely, how they are at home together. I love capturing the true story of families and children. One of my favourite sessions to date! Such a pleasure.”


September 12, 2012

Here Comes Baby: Watch Me Grow!

Newborn baby photos of Phoenix by Shellie Wall

These baby photos capture the amazing journey baby Phoenix took from a sleepy newborn to celebrating her 1st birthday with a sugary sweet cake smash. Shellie Wall Photography had the honour to capture & watch Phoenix grow. My favourite photo of Phoenix is her in the cute baby top hat, it is simply adorable!

What is the recipe for a creating a great cake smash:

  • Take one super cute baby celebrating her/his 1st birthday
  • Add a giant sugary wonderland cupcake
  • Add simple & lovely accessories
  • Don’t forget a pinch of good lighting
  • Mix in with a talented baby photographer

= Sugary sweet cake smash photos


August 30, 2012

Maternity Shoot – My Inspiration

So I’ve been paying attention to maternity photos since I first got pregnant, and collecting (ok I think it really qualifies as hoarding) those that inspire me most on my Pinterest.  For a long time, most of the shoots I was seeing on the blogs were pretty epic – set on the beach, in the ocean, or in a vast field – with really stylized outfits (perhaps a muslin cloth wrap for the ocean, or a really coordinated outfit with props for a field shot).

But more recently, I’ve been seeing a whole new genre of maternity photos crop up that just give me the warm fuzzies.  I think these relaxed, cozy, at home photos of mamas-to-be wearing simple, comfy clothes, bathed in natural light really capture something special about being pregnant – they kind of translate the nesting instinct to film!

So these are my current inspirations – I’m going to shoot photos with my talented photographer friend Lori of The Purple Tree Photography in 3 – 4 weeks, when I’ll be a full 8 months pregnant.  Here’s some of what I’m hoping to capture – I will share the finished photos down the line too for a little ‘inspiration to reality’!

I love this first set of images, all shot in bed.  Of course, to capture these in our house, I will have to hide my full body pillow, foam wedge, and ratty memory foam mini pillow that I use in a 10 step process to prop myself into the acceptable preggo sleeping configuration : ) LOVE that shot where the mom’s belly is on display and being grazed by that cool long necklace!

maternity shoot inspiration at home bed

Credits / Sources: Top Left Page Reaux Photography, originally featured here.  Top right: Kelly Sauer Photography, originally featured here.  Bottom left: Kelly Hicks Photography, originally featured here.  Bottom right: Kristy Carlson Photography, originally featured here.

These are gorgeous too – sitting upright in a chair or on the couch.  I just love the simplicity- and I love the 2 piece PJ outfits on the top row!

maternity shoot inspiration at home pajamas

Credits / Sources: Top Left Nat Windsor Photography, originally featured here.  Top right:Kelly Hicks Photography, originally featured here.  Bottom left: Kelly Sauer Photography, originally featured here.  Bottom right: Paige Smith Photography, originally featured here.

Hope to capture some cool backlit shots (I am a sucker for flare ; ) in front of a window, like these.  And how pretty is that white shirt / nightie?!

maternity shoot inspiration at home window backlit

Credits / Sources: Top Left via Aura Joon.  Top right: Page Reaux Photography, originally featured here.  Bottom left: Charley Star Photography, originally featured here.  Bottom right: Paige Smith Photography, originally featured here.

And finally, of course want to get some with Mr. Floret Cadet! I love these poses:

maternity shoot inspiration couple at home

Credits / Sources: Top Row: Alea Lovely Photography, originally featured here.  Bottom row: Page Reaux Photography, originally featured here.


August 29, 2012

Here Comes Baby: Newborn Photography Ideas Top tips

You’re taking endless pictures of your newborn, but they don’t seem to do justice to your bundle of joy. You want to capture their precious first smile, tooth and steps. But you’re also trying to get your head around feeding, nappies, teething and tantrums. So how can you improve your snapshots and get photos worth putting in a frame? The good news is that you don’t need fancy equipment or prior photographic experience to capture those precious baby milestones – all the newborn photography ideas below apply as much when using your mobile phone as an expensive SLR camera.

In her beautiful book, Shoot the Baby, Helen Webb offers parents simple newborn photography ideas on everything from props and lighting to how to ensure a willing subject. Here are her top ten newborn photography tips to ensure your pictures – and baby – stand out from the crowd:

  1. In photography, the light is as important as the subject – use natural light whenever possible, especially with newborns. Place your baby next to a window (ideally north facing) for a lovely soft, natural light, using white sheets to reflect even more light onto your baby. Use a tripod or balance your camera on the edge of a table, when working in ‘flash off’ mode.Top tips for newborn photographyRead the full article from Here Comes Baby Blog UK for more tips. (more…)
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August 16, 2012

Pregnancy Photo Journals

I’m a photo book enthusiast, so starting a fun pregnancy journal was high on my to do list when Mr. Floret Cadet and I first confirmed the news! If you follow any pregnancy or baby boards on Pinterest, you have likely seen some version of this awesome digital pregnancy photo journal, and I became obsessed with how I could make one like it without hiring a professional photographer / designer to create one.

hanna mac pregnancy digital photo journal photography maternity

It just so happens that the photographer who created these journals is Hanna Mac, and after being out on maternity leave herself, she is back and offering a template for purchase so you can have a DIY version of one of her gorgeous booksl! Even cooler, you can buy cute individual images to accompany some of the pages and mix it up if you don’t want to include a bump photo each and every week. You purchase the template for $50 in either PSD or JPG format, and then print your finished book through a service like Shutterfly, or Hanna also has a special recommended printer who she introduces you to upon purchase.

I missed the boat on this template (I think it was made available just days after I looked and then moved on), but luckily for me, she also has three gorgeous baby book templates available – in chalkboard, pennant and chevron styles.  I will definitely be using one of these to document our baby’s first year! Here are some of those designs- what’s your favorite? I think I’m leaning towards the chalkboard for now.

chevron print baby album photo book journal template


February 22, 2012

Beach Babe

Did you do a newborn photo shoot? I never got around to doing this with either of my children, but I LOVE to look at professional newborn photos. They are always fast asleep and posed in the sweetest positions with colorful accessories…hats, buckets, wagons…

How about this darling little girl/mermaid? So so sweet!

A bit about the photo shoot from Mama, Marissa:

Attached are my daughter Stella’s newborn pictures. We live in Florida and her name is Stella Maris. It means “star of the sea” so I wanted my beach babe to have her first photo shoot as a mermaid. People always ask if they are real and, yes, she was on a rock in the ocean : ) I blog over at Controlled Chaos: about my crazy life with my almost two year old twins and my six month little babe.

P.S. Marissa was standing a foot away while the pics were being taken. So no worries about Stella!

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July 12, 2011

Shared Girls’ Space

I was browsing through the blogs of a few of my readers the other day, and I came across this beautiful shared space that Lillie, author of Lillie’s Blog, created for her girls – Sophia and Mila. Although Lillie claims that the space isn’t quite finished (what space ever is!?) I think it looks just perfect.

I absolutely love the color combination of pink and green, and am considering something similar for Violet’s future big girl room. Can you believe that the gorgeous lamp was actually spraypainted?!


I love the sweet pillows that were made from a tablecloth that Lillie found at Cost Plus:


She was also lucky enough to score a couple of the coveted metallic poufs by Calypso for Target:


The gorgeous striped curtains were also handmade by a friend of Lillie’s – Lord, I wish I had friends who could sew. Or even better, that I could sew! She plans to have a mirror cut for the frame pictured below:


The frame wall is one of the most breathtaking parts of the room, featuring Lillie’s original photos (did I mention that she is a photographer?) and a lovely little painting by her grandmother.

Thank you, Lillie, for sharing your daughters’ beautiful space with us! If this is what it looks like ‘unfinished’, I can’t wait to see it in it’s completed state.
July 11, 2011

Photo Style Idea

Do you ever look at photos of your kids and try to remember exactly how old they were? This is such a great idea! Baseball style tees with their ages sewn on – I LOVE the mix n’ match colors paired with blue jeans. Do you think this style will look dated when your children are your age?

Piccadilly Circus Designs

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June 29, 2011

Say NO! to Auto~Take beautiful pictures of your babies

Hello there!  My name is Kristen Duke, and I am a portrait photographer in Austin, Texas.

I am here today to tell you a little bit about the e-book I wrote called Say NO! to Auto.  I am very passionate about photography, and I want everyone to learn to take beautiful images of their families, and especially the little ones who just don’t stay little very long.  I’ve got 4 children myself, and I know how fleeting those moments are.

So, I ask you a question:  Do you have a nice fancy camera, but don’t know how to use it off of the automatic mode?   Don’t feel embarrassed, lots of people do that!  Really, it’s ok, but I am here to tell you, there is SO much more that camera can do, and your images will be SO much more beautiful!  My little e-book breaks down the very basics to teach you how to use that camera in 3 simple steps.  Don’t know about aperture, ISO, and shutter speed and how they work together?  My book will tell you!

To read more details on my e-book, click here for the info page all about it, then you can purchase it right on my sidebar for only $10.  I wanted to make it affordable to everyone!  If you happen in live in Phoenix, LA, or Austin, I am holding summer workshops that go more in depth than my e-book.  To learn about those, click here.  If you are wanting to go to a workshop but too far away, or feel you are just a step above beginner level, I hold skype mentoring sessions as well!  But I feel the e-book is for everyone who just wants to take better pictures.  I LOVE hearing the feedback from online friends, who often see a difference the first day the principles are applied!   Even if you don’t have a dslr, this can work for you if your point and shoot camera has manual settings on it.

Come on over to my little corner of the web to my blogsite where I post weekdays on my portrait sessions, family portrait clothing suggestions,  photography tips, decorating with portrait ideas, occasional craftiness/parties, and a glimpse into my family. I also post free high resolution landscape images each Friday on my Facebook page, so “like” me there as well!   Would you like to see your photography improve?  I’d love to help!


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June 21, 2011

Alphabet Candles

Check out Leah Minium’s creative photography idea for dollar store alphabet candles! What a fun prop, don’t you think? I love the baby bump photo idea – anyone pregnant want to try it and send me some photos?

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June 15, 2011

Violet’s One Year Photos – Megyn Barroner Photography

We recently had Violet’s one-year photos taken by the lovely Megyn Barroner, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. If you are looking for a photographer I highly recommend her – she is incredibly sweet, patient, and talented.

To view more photos, check out my blog, with two cats, or visit my Facebook page to see all of my favorites (including a few outtakes). Thank you so much to Megyn Barroner for these beautiful photos of my little family. I will cherish them forever.

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June 15, 2011

Yearly Photo Idea

Do you do professional photographs of your children each year? We don’t, but I love the idea of doing something like this. Around their birthday pick a fave photograph from the year and go into photoshop and edit in their age and their “LOVES!”


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June 13, 2011

Puppies in Onesies

ADORABLE! i just found these cuties while browsing & watching The Bachelorette!

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June 3, 2011

Violet’s One Year Photos: Sneak Peek

Violet’s one year photos went really well! She got a little fussy due to the heat (who knew it would be upper eighties/low nineties in mid-May!? But overall the shoot went great. Megyn Barroner was amazing to work with – she was incredibly patient and worked really hard to get some beautiful photos. Thank you so much Megyn!

I’m thinking of having one photo enlarged and displaying it in one of the main living spaces of our house. You can check out my inspiration photos here. What do you think of displaying family photos?

Stay tuned for more photos from the shoot and happy Friday!

May 25, 2011

Geronimo Balloon-Troopers

Lauren’s post got me brainstorming yesterday. Wouldn’t these be fun for baby’s first year photoshoot? HUGE, round balloons surrounding baby would be so fun!  I love all of the fancy frill.


May 24, 2011

One Year Photo Advice?

We’re having Violet’s one year photos taken in a week by the lovely Megyn Barroner, and I am looking for any advice you can give me!

One problem we have is that Megyn suggested bringing Violet’s favorite snack to keep her happy during the shoot. The issue is that Violet has a rare food protein allergies called FPIES (food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome) and we’re REALLY behind on solids. She is just beginning to eat 1/4 of a jar of baby food and can only have fruits and vegetables at the moment. So that means no Puffs, no Cheerios, no good ‘snack’s per say. The closest we have to finger food at the moment is chopped carrots that she’ll chew but not swallow.

The photographer also asked us to bring a few props along with us. Here are a few things I’m considering:

1. Play Tent

2. Balloons

3. A picnic basket and umbrella

4. A pretty blanket and toys

Do you have any other suggestions for me? I’d love to hear them! (All image sources can be found on my family photography board on Pinterest)

Lastly, I mostly have our outfits picked out, but after scouting the location this past weekend I realized I have no appropriate shoes that go with my dress. It’s basically a big hill called High Point with a gravel trail that winds up to the top. We’ll also be trekking through fields, so I’m thinking boots and possibly flats for shots where I may want prettier footwear. I have a few options here and am wondering which to choose.?

Thanks for any photo advice you can give for a one-year-old!



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March 15, 2011

Baby Photoshoot

i haven’t featured a baby photographer or stylist for a LONG time, so when i received these beautiful baby photos from Desiree last week i was really excited to share with you. her email gives a little background:

Dear Spearmint Baby,
I’m a huge fan of your blog and thought I would share some recent photos taken of my new baby, Miles Warren Pillsbury. I’m a graphic designer and had a ball when my baby became the subject of my design. I art directed this photo shoot taken by the talented photographer Allen Clark.

I had a very difficult pregnancy and delivered a month early with preeclampsia. I had a very healthy 7lb baby boy on December 10 after 34 hours of labor. Girl power! Miles has changed my life forever and I love that he’s my new creative muse.

Much love to you Spearmint Baby, keep up the great work. You inspire all of us creative mommies out there.

i love how simple and natural these photos feel. my favorite pic is the 1st one – i also love Mommy kissing Baby’s hand! but aren’t they all beautiful?

are you having newborn photos taken? what kind of “feel” are you going for?

September 24, 2010

baby girl nursery wall decor

are you decorating a vintage-y baby girl nursery?? here are some of my fav prints EVER! wouldn’t it look cute to cluster a bunch of these prints together on a wall? to purchase visit Lola’s Room Photography

see more of my fav photography here

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September 20, 2010

children’s drawings into photographs

isn’t this cool? Korean Artist Yeondoo Jung takes children’s drawings and turns them into photographs. Check out his Wonderland series for a lot more.

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September 9, 2010

Class of 2019

isn’t this a great idea? it will be so much fun to look back at these photos at graduation! photos by Sara Westbrook Photography

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May 18, 2010

Newborn Photography Tips

i know many of you are due any day now so i must share these photography tips that i learned on (by Nancy Alcott)

* To get the adorable shots of your baby curled up, start early — really early. My very best posed shots are captured within the first week to 10 days of life. Brand new babies are accustomed to being knotted up in funny positions and the best poses are often when they’re curled up. If this is what you’re trying to capture, you’ll have a better success rate if they’ve not grown accustomed to a good, long stretch.

* Brand-new babies are best captured while they’re in deep sleep. Fill your little one’s belly beforehand and turn the heat up a few notches to ensure a deeper slumber. You want your newborn completely zonked to allow you to pose her without fear of accidentally stirring her from her sleep.

* Use natural light. Place your baby as close to a large natural light source as possible. Use a window or sliding glass door, which provides ample, indirect light to blanket your baby in the perfect, brilliant light.

* Automatic mode can help ensure a decent snapshot but to get the best photograph, choose “portrait” mode, or for the more adventurous types with more advanced cameras, “aperture” mode. Experimenting with these modes can create beautiful artistic effects by blurring out the background and drawing attention to your baby’s face.

* Bring your own blankie. Try posing your baby on blankets with interesting or chunky textures that have luxurious fabrics and weaves. This will add depth and dimension to your photo and frame your baby in a tranquil setting. If you want to shoot against a black backdrop, use black fleece, which absorbs the light, leaving just your sleeping baby as the focus.

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September 24, 2009

beautiful photography

this is one of the beautiful photographs i have picked out to go on one of the walls above my daughter’s crib. (for those that aren’t aware, i am adding some color to her little corner in our NYC apt!) it is from etsy seller, Moonflowers Photography. now i just need a frame!

September 2, 2009

a beautiful playhouse

this playhouse is just gorgeous! i would love to have a kitchen like this. she even has a mailbox outside her playhouse door! see more at

…and stop by Maya Lee Photography to purchase some of the most beautiful photography for your little one’s nursery. (i have posted these before, so if you missed it here are my favs:)

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July 7, 2009

vintage children’s decor

vintage inspiration from Vintagesue’s Weblog.

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June 21, 2009

a fun idea!

i love this idea by Emmie Bean

“…We all have those quirky, lovable family photographs that make us laugh every time we look at them.
As someone who bases many of her illustrations on family photographs that are either humorous or poignant, I can tell you that an illustration of your loved ones is something that will bring you joy every time you come home.
Find a photograph that you think captures the essence of you, your family, your favorite pet, a personal family heirloom, or anything that makes you smile! You email it to me, and I draw + color the image digitally for you and send you the print!
• illustration is professionally printed on archival enhanced matte paper
• unframed/unmatted
• print will arrive signed, titled, and dated by the artist”

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June 3, 2009

Sutton and his birdy room

we love Sutton’s birdy nursery. he is adorable!

photography by Danielle Anthony

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June 2, 2009


as i was searching through vintage books on the internet, i saw this one that really caught my eye…

…i decided to track down the book’s owner. i found him on flickr (his name is Eric), and he has this awesome collection of scanned photos of his family in the 80s. here are my favorites of Eric at the park with his Mama!

to see more click over to photos/thesadpirate

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May 21, 2009

amusement park

these gorgeous photos of an amusement park are courtesy of the colors are amazing!

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May 19, 2009

vintage inspiration

vintage toys and inspiration from amy_b. check out her Etsy store, amy1971.

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May 19, 2009

"through the viewfinder" photography by Ann Schneider

Ann Schneider’s Children’s Room series of through the viewfinder photography is absolutely beautiful. we love the vintage look and rounded black border around the photos.
to purchase photographs, visit Loghill Studio and be sure to check out and here are just a few of our favorites. ENJOY!

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May 18, 2009

daughters and sisters

we are so inspired by Stine from, so we decided to share some photos of her beautiful daughters. here are a few shots around her home of bedrooms, birthday parties, first days of school, and picnics. you can see more photos on her . ENJOY!

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May 12, 2009

Le Ballon Rouge by ALBERT LAMORISSE, 1956

i thought i would share these photos from the french film The Red Balloon. they make me happy 🙂

Categories: Film, Photography
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May 11, 2009

Beautiful Photography by MayaLee

i love these photographs for a little girls room. from Maya Lee Photography .

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May 8, 2009

Ueno Kodomo Yuen Park

summer is coming and that means “amusement park season!” we love these gorgeous photos of Ueno Kodomo Yuen Park, which were taken by Alix of Thanks, Alix!

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