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April 17, 2015

Nursery Mood Board, Rustic


Super inspired by the new Urban Botanic print collection by My Deer Art Shop & created this mood board around the Plate 3 / Musa print…

1. Bloom Alma Max in Natural
2. Plate 3 / Musa Urban Botanic
3. Moroccan Vintage Rugs
4. IKEA MAFFENS Seagrass Basket
5. Baum Coconut Chip Stool – Natural
6. Penny Cushion
7. Eco Cross Baby Blanket, Cream/Black

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March 25, 2015

Boy’s Nursery/Guestroom

Hi, Irene from designstiles here.

Wanted to share a new nursery I’m working on. This was one a bit of a challenge since it’s fairly small and needs space for a guest bed. I always like a challenge and the idea of doing something different.

My client found this daybed that adapts to a two person bed. I’m actually liking this in lieu of a rocker or glider. And she can still nurse on this, albeit laying down. When I nursed, I felt more rested when I learned about the laying position. Amen.

Now we’re not going with a theme per se, mostly just filling it with modern, personal and some antique finds to create a room that feels unique and sophisticated and the daybed was sort of the jumping off point. We’re still playing around with items but here’s a first take on a concept board to see how everything plays out together.


White clean modern crib // existing paint color // black and white zebra sheets for cute drama // mom-to-be said she’s into foxes in glasses recently and I think this adds a quirky and humorous aspect // Love this two-toned walnut and white dresser/changing table. Clean lines, adds depth and definitely a piece baby can grow with. For additional lighting, was thinking a plug-in wall sconce with an accordion extension would give the room some visual interest // tower bookshelves to flank the daybed allow for storage and room to display some accessories. They’re not too wide so I imagine they would serve more of a book purpose, like this book // To give the room some global flair and represent the mother’s culture, a Persian rug to really ground the space and offset the modern pieces. I feel every room needs a little modern and vintage to feel balanced.

Happy Wednesday!

Irene Lovett

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August 26, 2014

Blankets & Mood Boards


I love seeing our blankets on Blogger Mood Boards! The one above is via and the one below is by (stop over at each blog for all the sources)

If you’ve featured our blankets on your blog let me know and we’ll shout you out over here.


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August 1, 2014

Nursery Mood Board, Pastels


Feeling pastels this Friday! I love the idea of mixing soft pink and teal shades with a natural colored crib. What do you think?

1. Caravan Crib in Natural Maple
2. Scribble Border Rug – Petal
3. Mini Boheme Unicorn Pillow
4. Steven Alan White Papier-Mâché Side Table
5. Room 365™ Circus Fitted Crib Sheet
6. Eco Heart Baby Blanket, Cream/Black
7. Round Belly Baskets – Set Of 2
8. Baby Lapin Lamp

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May 28, 2014

Nursery Mood Board


I’ve always loved primary colors in the nursery. They are perfect to incorporate into gender neutral nurseries or boy/girl shared rooms. (I used a lot of red, blue and yellow in Harper in Rex’s shared bedroom as well!) Brown, light wood, or my favorite color white furniture all looks nice with primary colors. I do love this new Lolly crib by Babyletto!

1. babyletto Lolly 3-in-1 Convertible Crib
2. Dream Big Print
3. IKEA PS 2014
4. Reindeer Head by Anne-Claire Petit
5. Polka Dot Club Bear Rattle Balls
6. Sway Shelf Set Of 2 Natural
8. Nantucket Lidded Baskets – Navy (Set Of 3)

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May 12, 2014

Nursery Mood Board


I love pretty, muted colors in boy nurseries. Colorful stuffed animals & accessories can be changed throughout the years and you can really change the look of the room. I especially love Little Auggie’s Robot Crib Sheet!

What colors are you using in your baby boy’s nursery?

1. Elephant Crib in Grey, Oeuf
2. Moon in My Room Display Set Uncle Milton, ON SALE $17.99
3. Robot March Crib Sheet
4. Zig Cotton Dhurrie – Navy/Ivory
5. Woven Jute Storage Basket
6. Modular Cube Plus Blue Set Of 6
7. Hansa, Mother Goose Stuffed Toy

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May 7, 2014

Let’s Sail Nursery Inspiration Board

Irene here from designstiles (you may notice a logo change) sharing a nursery inspiration board for a good friend I’m helping. She’s a little over 6 months pregnant and expecting her first baby boy.

She already has a starting off point via a vintage piece of art she purchased and a vision of simplicity mixed with clean, fresh coziness.

Crib has been selected and we’re fairly certain of the wallpaper choice as well. Now it’s just a matter of figuring out the rest of the pieces to tie it all together.

We’ve bounced off ideas and I created this inspiration board with items I’d love to see utilized.


a cute sailboat mobile to coordinate with the vintage artwork.

an antique brass metal light fixture that feels slightly modern.

half moon mint wallpaper is cute and playful.

sparrow crib with clean lines to balance off the washed wood dresser.

wave crib sheet to echo the subtle sailboat theme.

an appropriately named sailor’s mirror to reflect light.

beautifully curved steel blue velvet glider to bring in texture and color.

adorable crochet plush toy feels jovial.

cozy flokati rug is perfect for baby to roll around on.

Can’t wait to make some final decisions.

Happy Wednesday!

Irene Lovett

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April 16, 2014

Nursery Mood Board, Mixing Unconventional Colors


Favorite colors for the nursery? Obviously pink is a frontrunner for girls while blue seems to dominate in boy nurseries. Black and white has become quite a popular combination in modern nurseries over the past few years. What about RED? or LIME GREEN? What are your favorite unconventional color combos for the nursery?

1. Caravan Crib by Kalon Studios
2. Assembly Home Contrast Interior Pendant
3. 4040 Locust 9-Drawer Console
4. Fraises Poster
5. Ladies of the Carnival Pillow Cover
6. Eiffel Kid’s Stool White
7. Eco Heart Baby Blanket
8. Studio Alpi Wooden Pull Toys

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March 21, 2014

Nursery Mood Board


I am usually drawn to bright colors in children’s bedrooms. But I do LOVE soft colors & especially whites in the nursery. Here are some of my favorite things to get you started. What do you prefer? Subtle whites or bold colors?

Happy Friday!!

1. Mid-Century Crib in French White by DwellStudio
2. Honeycomb Glass Pendant
3. Pepper Rug by Papilio
4. Hugo Loves Tiki ABC Poster
5. Dip Dyed Stool, White
6. Mounted Polar Bear
7. Lark Shelf – Short
8. La Cerise sur le Gâteau Large storage basket; Yellow dot

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March 7, 2014

Nursery Mood Board


A little nursery inspiration for you this Friday! Hope you have a good weekend. We are on Spring Break next week which means lots of time with the kids. I can’t wait! xo, shari

1. Sparrow Crib, Grey
2. Colette Bream Storybook HOUSE Pillow
3. Hugo Loves Tiki Ice Cream Print
4. Vintage Boucharouet Rug 4×5’10
5. Dot Crib Sheet Green, Serena & Lily
6. Ferm Living Happy Flags, Olive
7. Little Red Stuga Pouf Chair
8. Lapin & Me Baby Rabbit night light Lamp, Pale Pink

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February 13, 2014

Nursery Mood Board Inspired by Rug


I really LOVE this rug. It was the color inspiration for this nursery. Patterned rugs are such a good way to begin your nursery design. Accessorizing with colors from the rug make for a colorful room. No need to even paint the walls!

2. Daphne Chair, $68
3. Ghazni Handwoven Rug Multi
4. Small light box designed by LEAL
5. Pendant Light Cord (grounded plug) – Red
6. Corby Tindersticks ‘Pomelo Perkins’ Black and White felt Print
7. Lucky Boy Sunday Miss White
8. Tiger Pillowcase

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February 4, 2014

MODERN/Contemporary Mood Board


I fell in love with this BEAUTIFUL Jonathan Adler Rug & decided to go Uber Modern/Contemporary with this nursery. Kind of out of the ordinary for me but I do love REALLY modern pieces and lets face it…nursery design is more about the mom than the baby!

1. Vetro Crib, Nursery Works
2. Sea Gull Lighting 1 Light Globe Pendant
3. Harlequin Rug, Jonathan Adler
4. SVEIO Chest with 2 drawers, white IKEA
5. Atelier Atsuyo Et Akiko Team Minnie
6. Playsam Streamliner Classic iCar in White
7. Abstract Geometric Textured Giclee, Joanouk Fine Art and Prints
8. Fiberglass Shell Rocker, Modernica
9. Varpunen RUUTU Storage Sack

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January 30, 2014

Fun Mood Boards


Mood boards featuring our blankets are floating around Instagram… & I love all of the creativity. The board above was designed by the fab designers of Finomenon Kids.

1. Half Moon Laundry Basket, Ferm Living
2. Cloud Cushion/Black & White by Mabel and Bird
3. ABC Blocks Print
4. The Moon Print
5. Black Eames Style Rocker
6. Ladybird Sweet Dreams Toddler Bed – Natural
7. Heirloom Tiger Blanket, Roxy Marj
8. LEGO Storage Brick Large9. Eco Forest Blanket

Love this Valentine Roundup featuring our Heart Baby Blanket + Heart Tights. Find links to all other items at

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January 29, 2014

Nursery Mood Board (inspired by rug!)


I found this AMAZING Rug on (& it is sooo affordable). I immediately started thinking about using it in a baby girl’s nursery, but then decided “why not for a BOY?” I love color in boy’s rooms and there is no reason you have to stick with the traditional blue or green. How would you decorate a nursery using this rug? Do you like it?

1. Ubabub Nifty Timber Crib
2. Hawaiian Volcanoes Print, 18×24
3. Eco Cross Blanket, SpearmintLOVE
4. Geometric Wool Area Rug
5. ARTECNICA Themis Prism Mobile
6. Triangle Print Cushion, Naked Lunge
7. Heico Lying Fawn Lamp
8. Baby Acapulco Chair, Black

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January 23, 2014

Spring Nursery Mood Board


Expecting a Spring Baby? Pink & Yellow are 2 of my current faves, & I love this combo for a sweet spring nursery. What colors are you decorating with this spring?

1. Loom Crib, Nursery Works
2. Life Is Beautiful Print, INK ! STOMP
3. Dip Dyed Stool – Citrine, Serena & Lily
4. Eco Cross Pink Blanket, Spearmint LOVE
5. Crib Sheet in Painted Stripe Fern, Little Auggie
6. Fuschia Jute Dash Rug, Serena & Lily
7. Bunny Doll Ballerina, Mini Boheme
8. Wooden Arrow Wall Art, Urban Outfitters

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January 15, 2014

Boy’s Adventure Nursery Concept

To start off the new year, I began working on a new nursery project. One inspired by adventure, industrial touches and the movie Moonrise Kingdom. The latter portion got me all kinds of excited because it’s so visually adorable I’m trying to make sure I hit the right notes.

Irene here from designstiles today, sharing the mood board I came up with based on the aforementioned concept. And one other thing, clients wanted to make sure some of the key pieces were organic to create a healthy environment for their baby boy.


The surfside paint color was already selected and then I chose a navy wool rug with backing made of recycled canvas to bring in warmth and texture. I think when you mix different shades of a similar color, they create a layered look giving the room some depth. That was my goal with the rug. And darker hues always feel more sophisticated. Plus, this will be better at hiding stains.

To complement the navy color, I selected bold striped curtains that feel light yet bring in a large over scale pattern for a small room, making the room feel bigger.

A ‘green’ mid century dresser will double as changing table and will be functional as the baby continues to grow.

Organic leaf motif bedding will add pattern to the simple streamlined crib.

A vintage bentwood rocker will be reupholstered in plaid fabric, which I chose after re-watching the movie and noticed the amount of plaid used inside of camp tents.

An industrial bin will serve as toy storage while industrial shelves will hold books and accessories.

An imagine print reminded me of the main character’s glasses and hope is serves as inspiration for this little boy. Adventure awaits is what’s written on the other image. A vintage Spain map is a nod to the mother’s travels.

A cute little camping stool, organic goodnight pillow and lantern are just a few of the details that give the room some personality.

So looking forward to seeing this room complete.

Happy Wednesday!
Irene Lovett

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November 21, 2013

Rex’s Temporary Bedroom Goes PINK!


Last month I set Rex up in a temporary space while I finish putting together Rex & Harper’s shared bedroom: see it here.

Just for fun, I changed out a few accessories to make the bedroom a bit more girl friendly. I LOVE a white room. It is super easy to change out the color of accessories if you plan to use it for a different child one day. Or if you plan on turning it into a boy/girl shared bedroom.

So here is Rex’s bedroom gone PINK!




1. BlaBla Perchance Kitty Doll
2. White/Black Small Polka Dot Sheet Set, by Ralph Lauren (I purchased this sheet set over a year ago on clearance from TJ Maxx)
3. Magenta Pink Polka Dot Pillow Cases
4. Eco Pink Cross Baby Blanket
5. Make Your Own Banner Set, Black
6. Gold Mushroom Lamp by HEICO (if you are in the US you can purchase these at Sunday in Color)
7. Oh Deer Silhouette Print (I framed the print in a large/ornate frame from Home Goods. It was really ugly so I spray painted it white.)
8. Harper’s “H” Monogram Pillow (bought this when Harper was a baby, a pink or black throw pillow in any design would work!)
9. Mongolian Lamb Pillow Cover– Stone White (16″ Sq.)
10. White Milk crates (we use these to store toys, & I stacked 2 of them for his temporary night stand)

*Pink/black/white rug on the floor is from an Indian Reservation.
** Rex also has a MYSA RÖNN Twin Feather Down Comforter & DVALA Twin Duvet cover on his bed. (both incredibly inexpensive from IKEA!)

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November 7, 2013

Nursery Mood Board


This beautiful design board was put together by one of my FAVORITE children’s Interior Designers… Belinda from Nest Design Studio. Belinda offers both online and/or onsite design for nurseries + children’s rooms (AU based). & if you are decorating for a little one and in need of inspiration, her website + blog are must visit sites!

P.S. thank you, Belinda for including our Eco Apple Baby Blanket in one of the cutest inspiration boards ever!

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October 31, 2013

Rexy’s Temporary Bedroom


I’ve been busy prepping Harper & Rex’s new shared bedroom all week. After 3 days of painting and 3 coats of paint that still do not cover I’ve decided I’ll NEVER use this paint again! The carpet is gone & I am anxious to start on the floors.

These projects always take me way longer than I anticipate. I am the SLOWEST DIY-er you’ve ever met! So, I’ve set up a temporary space for Rex to sleep until the room is finished. I tried to give it some character & color.. really wanted to make it cozy for him. His fave color is GREEN so that is what I went with.

Yesterday I posted his little nook on Instagram & there was a lot of great feedback so I wanted to share the sources from the photo…



1. BlaBla Panda Doll
2. White/Black Small Polka Dot Sheet Set, by Ralph Lauren (I purchased this sheet set over a year ago on clearance from TJ Maxx)
3. Little Auggie Ocean Blue Pillow Case
4. Eco Forest Baby Blanket
5. Make Your Own Banner Set, Black
6. Gold Mushroom Lamp by HEICO (if you are in the US you can purchase these at Sunday in Color)
7. Oh Deer Silhouette Print (I framed the print in a large/ornate frame from Home Goods. It was really ugly so I spray painted it white.)
8. Pillow with Initial and Single Border 15″ x 15″ (one of his Christmas gifts last year)
9. Mongolian Lamb Pillow Cover– Stone White (16″ Sq.)
10. White Milk crates (we use these to store toys, & I stacked 2 of them for his temporary night stand)

*Green/black/blue rug on the floor is from an Indian Reservation.
** Rex also has a MYSA RÖNN Twin Feather Down Comforter & DVALA Twin Duvet cover on his bed. (both incredibly inexpensive from IKEA!)


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October 14, 2013

Halloween Nursery Inspiration

We’ve reached the mid point of October which means the count down to Halloween is on! Are you ready? I think we are just about there. I was never really a huge Halloween fan myself, but somehow my children have more than warmed me up to the holiday. I am excited to decorate & dress them up, carve silly pumpkin faces, bob for apples and trick or treat, and of course read all of the fun Halloween children’s stories. This year I am loving all of the colorful and festive decor. My own Halloween decor tends to have a Día de los Muertos kind of feel. LOTS of colorful skeletons and CUTE Halloween things. (…you’ll find nothing bloody or zombie-like at our house!)

In honor of the Halloween season I decided to put together a few HALLOWEEN nursery mood boards. As a mama blogger and children’s decor fanatic I couldn’t help myself! Each nursery mood board below includes some of my favorite nursery decor items and is inspired by the colors of Halloween: GREEN, BLACK, ORANGE, YELLOW, WHITE, & PURPLE. The colors are inspired by Frankenstein, Bats & Dracula, Candy Corn, Ghosts & Mummies, Dracula, and Witches. I know that Halloween in this decade consists mostly of superheroes and princesses, but I really like to keep the holiday pretty classic!

Each of the three mood boards I’ve created trends on the modern side of decor and uses the same modern white crib, one of my favorites! Rooms are decorated and accessories are chosen based on a color combo theme. Mood Board #1 includes shades of green, white, and a bit of black. Mood Board #2 is inspired by the colors of Candy Corn: oranges, yellow, & white. Mood Board #3 is my favorite. It includes a bit of bright purple, subtle orange, a bit of gold, light wood textures, and vibrant white!

What do you think of these color combos? Would you use any of them in the nursery? & what colors do you decorate with for Halloween?


1. green throw pillow
2. Zahara Zebra Crib Sheet
3. Eicho Crib
4. Avalon Children’s Chair in Green
5. There Is Not A Monster In My Closet Letterpress Poster, by Etsy seller thebigharumph
6. Black Moose Head
7. Green Toddler Vans
8. Eco Forest Baby Blanket:

1. Yellow Polka Dot Crib Sheet, Land of Nod
2. Zuo Modern ‘Phante’ Orange Elephant Children’s Chair
3. Eicho Crib
4. Candy Corn Monster Print, Etsy seller Omaplapen
5. thinkbaby Low Profile Baby Bowl, Orange, 2 pack
6. Yellow Boa
7. Perch Table Lamp, Yellow; West Elm
8. Blabla Kids Colette the Cat
9. Eero Aarnio Alpha Shell Orange Egg Chair And Ottoman

1. Big Orange Monster Meets Small Purple Monster – Illustration Print; Etsy seller CarlBatterbee
2. e27 Purple Ceiling Light. muuto
3. Flokati Purple Rug
5. West Elm Natural Tree Stump Side Table
6. Orange Crush Crib Sheet,
7. LOVE [GOLD] Pillow Cover,
8. Vinnie White Cradle Chair
9. Baby Degen Monster Sweatpant,
10. Sonny Angels Halloween Dolls
11. Ubbi Diaper Pail, Purple from

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October 8, 2013

Nursery Mood Board


A little gender neutral nursery inspiration for your this morning. I am obsessed with the Babyletto Mini Cribs lately. They have a nice modern look + are perfect for small spaces & great for shared bedrooms! Anyone else thinking of using a mini crib?

1. Babyletto Grayson Mini Crib
2. Scout’s Honor Co Mountains Print
3. Tucker Chair Surf
4. Vintage Petite Highboy In Mustard
6. Swiss Cross Metal Shelf
7. Eucalyptus Storage Boxes
8. Eco Apple Baby Blanket
9. Ferm Living Dorm on a Wall

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September 23, 2013

Nursery Mood Board: Teal, Black, & White


Monday Funday!… I used to dread Mondays, but nowadays I look forward to the start of the week. I am always most productive and motivated on Mondays. What about you?

Anyway, over the weekend Designer Bri Moysa of Emerson Grey Designs sent me this GORGEOUS nursery mood board she created using my cross blanket! I’m loving the color palette that comes from that gorgeous rug!

1. Nate Berkus™ Amphora Vase
2. Deer Print
3. Diamond Crow Pendant Light
4. Crib Sheet in Teal Deer
5. Spotted Black & White Pillow
6. Benjamin Moore Narragansett Green
7. Kalon Studios Caravan Crib
8. Eco Cross Baby Blanket in Black/Cream
9. Marcel Chair
10. Anatolia Turkish Rug
11. Nate Berkus™ Chevron Pattern Storage Basket

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September 19, 2013

Nursery Inpiration: Get the Look


Team NEON or Team PASTEL?

Why not both?…

I fell in love with the inspiration image above. The colors just speak to me. Perhaps the perfect inspiration for those of you expecting a baby girl? Or anyone decorating a “big girl” space? The color combo is so beautiful..soft & feminine with a bit of punch! What do you think? Do you LOVE it? or not your style?

1. Babyletto Harlow 3-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Rail – Acrylic/White/Grey
2. Letter Pillow
3. Blue Hare Screenprint
4. Hot Pink Triangle Garland
5. Blue Faux Children’s Ghost Chair
6. Arrow Muslin Swaddle Blanket
7. velvet orange 23″ floor pillow
8. Star Satchel Turquoise with White Stars
9. Owl Baby Rattle
10. gorilla Table Lamp
11. Krylon Fluorescent Spray Paint, Yellow Orange
12. HEMNES Dresser

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September 13, 2013

Nursery Mood Board, Floral Rug


Happy Friday!

Last night at the Project Nursery/Fisher Price Pin Party I was really inspired by this floral rug (currently ON SALE on I don’t usually pick so many soft/feminine accessories, but the rug somehow spoke to my soft/feminine side. (my hubby would swear that side does not exist!!)

Anyway, have a super fab weekend. We’ll be doing a LOT of working, watching football & hopefully catching up on some zzzzzs….

1. Graco Victoria Non-Drop Convertible Crib – White
2. Plum & Bow Pastel Floral Rug
3. French Tassel Curtains– Aqua
4. Feather Pixie Crown
5. Be True Print, Lindsay Letters
6. Woven Albaca Size Table
7. Admiral Hanging Mirror
8. carlymegan Organic Leggings
9. Organic Zig Zag Pillow
10. La Camille Plush Pillow
11. Owl Rattle

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September 10, 2013

White, Black & Green Nursery


A few of my favorite things for you this morning…

Perhaps an odd combination, but I thought that they fit together quite nice! I love black, white, and green together and to soften the modern/contemporary feel I added a few wooden & gold accessories. My favorite item in this nursery mood board is definitely that emerald green rug from Gypsya. I am obsessed by their rug collection lately. If you are looking for something beautiful for your floors definitely check them out!

1. Bentwood Pendant, Oblong
2. Flensted Mobiles Mr. Bowlerman
3. Framed Love Print
4. Gold Baby Moccasins
5. Farmstead Stool
6. Eicho Crib
7. Egmont Gold Toadstool Lamp
8. Oh My Emerald Area Rug,
9. Quinny Moodd
10. White/Black Polka Dot Pillow

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September 9, 2013

Modern Western Nursery


Good Monday Morning! Just a few of my picks for your little modern cowboy this morning. Anyone thinking about a western theme? These picks were inspired by Mini Rodini’s new horse print… a little bit country, a lot modern! You can find it at this morning…

1. RENS Sheepskin White Rug
2. Leather Satchel Diaper Bag
3. Horse Photograph Print
4. Mini Rodini Horse Longsleeve Onesie
5. Tan Moroccan Leather Pouf
7. SELJE Blue Nightstand
6. Storkcraft Sheffield II Fixed Side Convertible Crib, Espresso
8. Woven Wire Baskets

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September 5, 2013

The Perfect Western Inspired Nursery // Frederic Remington

This is so out of the box for me. I typically steer so far from anything western feeling and especially cowboys, but I couldn’t help myself with Frederic Remington. His idealized American Western themes, so full of action and adventure, would be so fabulous in a little boys room!

artwork // garland // cowhide // armchair // mobile // bedding // throw pillow // map

My goal was to create a room perfect for a growing young boy that had a sense of the American West adventure with a little modern twist. By mixing geometric elements such as the bedding, pillows, and mobile with the action packed artwork and the organic cowhide rug, the western feel is able to be subtly accomplished. The world map helps to add to the sense of adventure while the bright colors and simple patterns add a sense of youthfulness.

What do you think? Something you could see in your favorite little boy’s bedroom?

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September 3, 2013

Children’s Bedroom Inpiration: Get the Look


I love the bedroom in the photograph above. The entire room kind of plays off of the vintage botanical print. The bedroom feels a bit vintage, a bit eclectic, & has a few modern-ish accessories mixed in (wall light, miffy bag.) I thought it would be fun to try and recreate this bedroom feel with some online accessories. I started with a similar style vintage botanical chart from Etsy. They have soooo many fun charts to choose from & I really love this idea for children’s bedrooms.

What do you think? Do you like this style?

1. Vintage Botanical Chart
2. Yellow & White Polka Dot Twin Sheet Set
3. Signal Red Wall Light
4. Little Auggie Pink Pillow Case
5. Spearmint LOVE Swiss Cross Blanket (coming soon)
6. Miffy Bag
7. MAFFENS Seagrass Basket
8. FEJKA Artificial Potted Geranium (assorted colors)

Photo by Ester Sorri for Hus & Hem

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September 2, 2013

Navy, Red, & Yellow Nursery Mood Board


TGIF! Any plans for Labor Day Weekend? We have some friends in town from out East. Saturday we are going swimming & Sat evening we’ll have a BBQ. Should be relaxing & FUN! I’ll post some pics on IG. The rest of the weekend we’ll be home working.

This morning I’ve put together a kind of Mid-Century Modern mood board. The room was inspired by the framed “Trees” print with navy, red, & yellow accessories. I decided to go with a brown crib and a rustic wood toy crate to give the nursery a woodsy feel! Find all the links below:

1. Scout’s Honor Co. “Trees”
2. Ubbi Diaper Pail, Navy
3. Sincerely Louise knitted Badger Head
4. Bluff City Pendant white/black, Small
5. Storage Crate on Wheels
6. Les Gambettes little Suzie child’s chair- Red
7. Kånken Mini in Ochre
8. Red Polka Dot Pillow
9. Navy/Ivory Zig Cotton Dhurrie Rug
10. Mid-Century Crib in Espresso

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August 12, 2013

A Shared Bedroom

We’ve been living in our AZ rental home for about a month & a half now. It is quite a bit smaller than our home was in NJ, but somehow the outdoor living space more than makes up for the size! It is really only a 2 bedroom home- although we turned one of the oversized closet/storage rooms into a small bedroom for Rex. (his crib mattress fits perfectly between the corners of the room!)

One of the projects I am currently working on is converting Harper’s bedroom into a shared space for both Harper and Rex. I honestly never thought that I’d want bunk beds for them, but after browsing bunk beds for a few weeks I have fallen in love with some of the new modern styles. I’ve already picked out bedding from Little Auggie & decided on a somewhat “primary color” color palette with a few black accents. Nothing is really set in stone yet, I’m still experimenting.

What do you think? Any advice on how to set up a boy/girl shared bedroom? How would you accessorize this room?

Perch Bunk Bed in White & Birch
Egmont Rabbit Bank
Baby Acapulco Chair (red/white)
Little Auggie Bedding
Wallie Whale Bank by Pearhead
make your own banner kit in black
All You Need Is Love Screenprint on Plywood

I’m still browsing floor options. The one pictured is Pearl City Strand by Lumber Liquidators.

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July 26, 2013

Pink, Orange & Yellow Nursery Mood Board

Happy Friday! Anyone doing any DIY work this weekend? I am hoping to pick up some paint and get started on Harper & Rex’s new shared bedroom. I’m excited for the challenge of creating a male/female space in 1 room!

So, do you have a color palette in mind for your nursery? One of my current favorite color palettes includes lots of pinks, oranges, & yellows. These HAPPY colors look fab on a white canvas so no need to paint your white walls! I’ve mixed in a few natural colored accessories so the room does not get to be too much. Thoughts? Too bright or just right?

1. LOVE Screenprint on Plywood
2. Orange Parrot Cushion
3. Medium DIY Decoration Teepee
4. E27 Yellow Pendant Lamp
5. Painted Stripe Pink Crib Sheet
6. Fluf Organic Cotton Adjustable Storage Bin (Yellow Landscape)
7. Milk & Masuki Organic Cotton Orange Feather Baby Wrap
8. Pink Stripe Headband Bow
9. Rhea Crib
10. Tangerine Shaggy Raggy Rug

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June 18, 2013

Turquoise & Yellow Nursery Inspiration

Are you still trying to come up with a color scheme for baby’s nursery? TURQUOISE & YELLOW = a great color combo for summer babies. Posh Tots put together this fun, beachy inspiration board! You can find all of these items at

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May 7, 2013

Girl’s Nursery/Toddler Bedroom Mood Board

Once we move, Harper will be downsizing from a queen to a twin size bed. I’ve been bookmarking some of my favorite bedding choices & am having a hard time deciding. One of my favorite brands for children’s bedding is Little Auggie.

This inspiration board was inspired by the Rabbit Patch Printed Sham. I just love the colors of it as well as the rabbit & toadstool design. The Rabbit Patch design comes on a crib sheet, blanket, quilt, as well as a sleep sack. I may use the Rabbit Sham as inspiration for Harper’s new bedroom. How would you decorate a room around it?

Rabbit Patch Printed Sham
Helvetica Ampersand Print
Crib Sheet in Painted Fern
Lucky Polka Squeaky Toadstool
White Rabbit Lamp
Turquoise Mayan Cotton Dhurrie Rug
White Bertoia Style Kid’s Chair
Mr. Monkey Crochet Toy

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