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April 13, 2011

Little Pim

if you read my blog regularly you already know that i am attempting to raise Harper bilingual. we attend spanish class on Saturday mornings and our wonderful spanish speaking babysitter, Veronique, comes on Thursdays. Harper is learning so much. her spanish is almost as good as her english and she probably has more vocabulary than a 2nd year spanish student!

my husband & i both believe that children are like sponges and have a huge capacity to learn languages at a very young age. learning both languages at the same time challenges Harper’s mind and we hope it will help her later in life to communicate with the world and possibly use in her career.

we also started using Little Pim DVDs and Harper LOVES them. i try to only allow DVD watching in the car, so we watch Little Pim in espanol on the way to preschool each morning. it is amazing how much she enjoys Little Pim. she repeats a lot of the phrases and words in spanish and i always hear her giggling at Little Pim.

i am going to purchase the Mandarin DVDs too. my husband is spending a lot of time in China lately and really wishes that he could communicate in Mandarin. he has decided to take lessons and wants Harper to learn Mandarin as well.

in addition to the DVDs i am anxious to try out the Little Pim iPhone Apps.

if you are raising bilingual children, i would LOVE to hear your suggestions/tips!

a photo of Harper (deep in thought 😉 this morning watching Little Pim in Espanol:

February 16, 2011

Patricia Kuhl: The linguistic genius of babies

a very interesting study on the way babies learn language. this was especially fascinating to me as i am trying to raise my children bilingual. Patricia Kuhl

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October 2, 2010

raising a bilingual toddler

harper and i had our 3rd spanish class this morning. she is really starting to catch on and understand many spanish words–especially her body parts. (la cabeza, los pies, las manos, los ojos)….these are all words that she recognizes. we sing a lot of songs in class and i still have the song about Juanito in my head!

are you teaching your child another language? are you bilingual or are you attending a formal class?

did you know that every country that outperforms the USA teaches at least two languages to children from day one? maybe we should start teaching foreign languages at elementary school level. would you be in favor of this?

here is the book/CD for our class. it is co-written by Marcela Summerville, the woman that started our spanish school.

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