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April 20, 2015

Lose Your Tooth Cake Pops!


Harper lost her first tooth a week ago. It had been loose for what seemed like a month and finally came out while she was eating a bowl of Mini Wheats! Bang Pop Shop sent Harper this adorable & delicious Tooth Cake Pop to celebrate her milestone. They are located in Cali, but ship nationwide. Check them out on Instagram as well… they make pretty much any kind of cake pop and each design is like a work of art! @bangpopshop

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April 8, 2015

Long Days, Short Years


The days are long but the years are short

I came across that quote the other day and it’s stuck with me since. I feel like it’s resonated with me much more now because I’m a mom. The first four words seem to linger as I think about just how tired I am. All the time. Yet when my son came to lay his little head on my lap, it immediately reminded me of the newborn stage and how he wouldn’t sleep at night unless he rested on either mine or my husband’s chest. And you say to yourself, I can’t believe that was soandso long ago. It always feels like it was just yesterday.

During the first couple of months when your baby only seems to eat and sleep you long for the days when they’re more responsive. But before you know it, you find yourself creating a Pinterest board for first birthday inspiration and you’re overcome with emotion at just how fast it’s gone.

The dichotomy of being exhausted and wanting your baby to take his midday nap so you can get to your endless to-do list, to just wanting time to stop so they stay little forever.

All we can do it try and capture and savor these special moments even when the day seems to drag on.

Happy Wednesday!

Irene Lovett

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February 24, 2015

Harper Gets Her Ears Pierced


(we took a quick “before” pic!)

Last week Harper mentioned that she was ready to get her ears pierced. I had brought up the idea when she turned 5, but at that time she was not ready.. she just thought it would hurt too much! So I told her to let me know when she was ready and that was that.

She turned 6 in December and a few girls in her Kindergarten class recently had their ears pierced so I think that was what triggered her decision. On Sunday afternoon we headed over to the mall. I decided on Claire’s, it reminded me of the little jewelry shop where I had my ears pierced as a little girl. Ear Piercing at Claire’s is FREE with the purchase of a Starter Kit. This includes your choice of piercing earrings, Claire’s Ear Care Solution and a special offer for your next visit (our’s was a 20% off coupon). You can actually browse their piercing earrings online before you go which makes it really easy. Harper chose the Stainless Steel Stars. In person they are teeny, perfect for tiny ears:


(Our total ear piercing package was just about $20 USD including tax.)

I have to compliment the kind girl who pierced Harper’s ears. She was so sweet and calm, it was really reassuring for me (& Harper as well but I was way more nervous!) She had Harper hop up onto the piecing stool, cleaned her ears, then marked with a purple pen where the hole would be made. She also gave Harper 2 lollipops to hold on to.

As the first earring pierced Harper’s ear I could see tears in her eyes. She looked caught off guard, like she wasn’t expecting it to hurt! I tried to chat about the color/flavor of the lollipops and urged her to taste one (to forget about the pain!) Within about 1 minute she said it did not hurt anymore, but she did ask if the second ear would hurt that much and if I could hold her hand. The nice Claire’s piercer quickly pierced her second ear while I continued to talk about the lollipops. This time Harper was actually smiling and enjoying her lollipop!

The entire experience took about 10 minutes and I was such a proud mama… Still am! Harper has to clean her ears 3 times/day with the provided Ear Care Solution: morning, after school, & before going to bed. So far so good, no pain or issues. Here are a few pics of H with her new earrings:


Necklace: Pirates & Ponies
Mini Rodini Yellow Fishes Sweatshirt
Bobo Choses Watermelon Dress

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August 29, 2013

Rosenberry Rooms Interview


Rosenberry Rooms recently interviewed me & it just went up this morning. If you want to check it out & learn a little bit more about me, visit Thanks again, Rosenberry Rooms!!

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July 15, 2013

The LA Shop

Have you heard of I got in touch with them last month while I was decorating our new backyard. They have a wide range of gardening furniture & accessories, as well as home decor items. They also sell a lot of random knick knacks and quirky items.

After getting our new rug, furniture, and umbrella set up we thought it would be fun to add some night time “mood lighting.” So we are going to put up some white Christmas LED lights. Perhaps around one of our tree trunks!

Do you have festive lights in your outdoor space?


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July 11, 2013

Summer Vacation, our STAYCATION

Can I share a peek of our summer vacation with you? Since we are new AZ residents as of mid May, we decided to explore our new neighborhood on our summer vacation. My stepdaughter and her boyfriend flew out from NJ on Sunday to join us. John & I took 3 days off so we could spend some quality time together as a family. (All of this took place about 20 minutes from our home!)

A few places we visited/dined:
* Grimaldi’s Pizzeria for our favorite pizza in Scottsdale!
* Distrito at the Saguaro Scottsdale for breakfast/brunch.
* Searsucker where we dined on marrow bone + sea salt + onion jam! (i loved the beautiful blue drinking glasses.)
* The Arizona Biltmore Hotel for drinks. The Biltmore is just spectacular. It opened on February 23, 1929 and you just feel like you could still catch a glimpse of Marilyn Monroe at the pool!
* The Hyatt Scottsdale where we spent the entire day on Wednesday. If you ever visit Scottsdale and are looking for a gorgeous pool + a kid friendly place, you will LOVE the Scottsdale Hyatt. In the morning, Harper & Rex went to Camp Hyatt. Then we brought them to the “pool beach” for the afternoon where they swam, built sandcastles, & played in the fountains. We will definitely be visiting again!
* The Sugar Bowl Ice Cream Parlor in Old Town Scottsdale for cool treats.

Our stay-cation sadly came to an end this morning. We said goodbye to Kaley & Will & they headed back east. I do feel like we have created amazing memories this past week that will last forever!

Where will you be going for your summer vacation?

P.S. see more of our fun on Instagram: @thespearmintblogs

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May 18, 2013

Moving Across The Country

We’re almost half way to our new home! If you’d like to see more pics of our trip across the country you can find me on Instagram @thespearmintblogs.  We should make it to Route 66 by the end of today. I am soooo excited!! I’ve never traveled on it, have you?

May 15, 2013

On The Road….

We’ve had an emotional week saying our goodbyes… & the day has finally come! The movers are here and we will be on our way shortly. The 5 of us (pup included) will be road tripping it all the way to our new home in AZ! We’d love for you to follow our adventure on Instagram: @thespearmintblogs

& to all of you in NJ, Philly, & NYC that have made the past 6 years so special…YOU will be dearly missed. XOXO

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May 6, 2013

Happy 3 yrs!

Happy 3 yrs to my baby boy today. Time flies…it feels like Rexy just turned 2. After preschool this morning we will go & pick up an ice cream cake. No homemade cake this year. We have all of our kitchen stuff packed up for our big move!


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May 1, 2013

Keeping a schedule with a toddler + twins


I’ve felt the need recently to put us on a schedule – you can read all about those thoughts over here. But quite honestly it’s really hard to sit down and think about how the day needs to go. By the time I have a chance to actually sit down with my thoughts I’m too tired to run through a days worth of events, seeing as I just barely survived them. So when I found a schedule on Pinterest (that I’m still trying to re-find!!!) I quickly jotted it down and personalized it…

And this is what it plays out to when all is said and done… with one semi-homeschooling preschool aged toddler and 10 month old twins. It gets the job done, and gives me enough of a guideline to allow for changes if needed, or to simply remind me where to go next with my time.

Our Toddler + Twins Schedule
6am – Mama wake up, Personal breakfast, devotional & scripture study
6:30am – Q wakes up, Sing songs, Pray, Read Scriptures together, breakfast
7am – Babies wake up, breakfast & snuggles
8am – Mama & Quinn showers & highchair playtime for twins
8:30am – Morning chores & Quinn TV time/play time. Babies roll around & play on the floor (or baby bath time).      Mama blogging or primary prep time.
9:30am – Bottles & Nap time for Babies (or run errands while babies stroller nap)
10am – Mama & Quinn preschool & snack time
11:30am – Quinn & Mama clean up. Babies wake up.
12pm – Lunch prep.
12:30pm – Lunch & Mama clean up.
1:30pm – Puzzles, Mazes, Play dough & Playtime with Mama
2:30pm – Nap time
4:30pm – Outside play with neighbors
5:30pm – Dinner prep & TV or activity time
6:30pm – Dinner
7:30pm – Bottles & bed for babies
8pm – Mama & Daddy stories to Quinn & Calm down time
8:30pm – Quinn bed time
9pm – Mama & Daddy time, tidy up, reading, writing, more blogging & prep for tomorrow
10:30pm – Mama & Daddy bed time

So, how do you keep a schedule with your littles?
Tell us in the comments below.

just love



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April 14, 2013

Connect With Me On Instagram

Have we connected on Instagram? If not, I’d love to meet you! Find me @thespearmintblogs
Feel free to leave your name in the comments.

Have a great evening! (I just grabbed a glass of Malbec and we are getting ready to watch Amazing Race!) shari

**if your instagram is private, please mention in comments if you’d like a follow back. (I am still not sure of proper etiquette when it comes to private accounts!)

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April 8, 2013

Back To School, Girl Develop It

Have you heard of Girl Develop It? I joined their Philly chapter a few weeks ago and over the weekend I attended my first course. They offer all kinds of interesting courses (from entry level to advanced) for women to learn about software development.

The class I attended over the weekend was called Intro to HTML/CSS. The class was both Sat. & Sun. and it was so much fun to be a student on Penn Campus. There were 30 other women in the class (all kinds of backgrounds) & I loved the opportunity to learn more about CSS and network within this group. (& mucho thanks to my awesome hubby for taking care of the kids the ENTIRE weekend!)

As a SAHM it is really important for me to get out and pursue interests that are separate from my children. I loved exercising my brain and the course left me feeling refreshed.

Anyway, I cannot say enough good things about Girl Develop It. They have chapters in most major cities now and are growing fast. To see if they have courses in your area, check HERE.

*& in case you don’t follow me on Instagram, I am the one with the red shoes & purple purse!

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March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!


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March 17, 2013

Our St. Patricks Day

A peek at our St. Patricks Day fun. We had thin mint green sandwich cookies, green frosted rice crispy treat bites, & homemade shamrock shakes! Did you celebrate today?

for more pics visit instagram/thespearmintblogs

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February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Any big plans for you this evening? I’m spending the afternoon with my kiddies, although I do have a last minute date with my husband tonight. At 8 pm we have an all-you-can-eat crab legs date! We’re steaming up 5 lbs of snow crab legs this evening with a BIG tub of butter. Have you ever done this?

Shoprite sells crab legs for $7.99/lb (sometimes they go on sale for even cheaper!) I recommend buying them when they are on sale because they can stay in your freezer forever.

Wait until after the kids are tucked in for a crab legs date. It is messy and interactive, and a great time to catch up with your husband/significant other. My favorite dates with hubby are those when we have an activity that does not allow us to pull out iPhones or computers.

Home dates can often be more fun than going out, don’t you think?

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December 31, 2012

Harper’s Bedroom


Somehow a lot of things were procrastinated in 2012. I’m getting an early start with one of my resolutions for 2013… finishing Harper’s room. The headboard/footboard are getting the final coat of paint today. Some of the initial inspiration HERE

Happy New Year to all of you! Thank you for the much needed support in 2012. Wishing health, happiness, and lots of laughter in the coming year. See you in 2013. xo, shari

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December 27, 2012

Harper’s Christmas Outfit


Thanks to Klever Kids for providing Harper’s Christmas day outfit. She wore the Happy Days Long Sleeve Crew Neck & the acid green Bubble Hem Skirt.

The Klever Kids line is designed for boys and girls ages 2 – 8 years. The entire collection is made from 100% Peruvian pima cotton, making the clothes ultra-soft, comfortable & stylish. Be sure to check them out!


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December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas


I spent the morning & evening wrapping presents… & now I’m just waiting to put them under the tree. I’m not sure that Harper will ever go to sleep tonight. She knows that Santa will come only if she goes to sleep but she still keeps checking to see if he’s arrived!

We also left Santa a note + cookie! (only 1 cookie so he doesn’t get a tummy ache!) Merry Christmas!


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December 20, 2012

Birthday Slippers


These slippers were going to be in Harper’s stocking on Christmas morning, but I decided to give them to her this morning for her birthday. Does anyone else have a holiday baby? How do you decide what to give for Christmas/Hanukkah vs. Birthday?

Slippers from Target, $7.99

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December 19, 2012

4 years ago…


Four years ago today I went into labor with my first child! It is hard to believe 4 years have passed. This morning I told her, “this is your last day to be 3 years old, make the most of it!”

She is the musician in the family. She loves singing, dancing, and her guitar. Tomorrow she will get her first electric guitar. (a children’s electric guitar) Eeek, I cannot wait to see her face light up!

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December 19, 2012

Marking Milestones


Somehow I got really lazy about writing in our baby books after Harper turned 2 years old. Thankfully I’ve written about a few of my children’s milestones on my blog.

Rex’s most recent was moving him to his big boy bed. We actually just removed the side of his IKEA Gulliver Crib. He has adjusted quite well and I’m super proud of him (& us) for finally taking the plunge!

Seems like just yesterday I had to prop him up on his pillows to get a photo:


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December 11, 2012

Candy Wreaths

Have you seen these candy cane wreaths? I bought a few for Harper & Rex and they thought they were bracelets! Now I’m thinking of wearing them as my arm candy for holiday parties!

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December 10, 2012

No more night time bottle…

When the pediatrician asked me if Rex was off the bottle at his 18 month visit, I nodded YES. He wasn’t. In fact, I still gave him a bottle every night until last month. He is 2.5 years. I kept him on the bottle because it made it easier for him… & for me! I am happy to say that I am FINALLY throwing away ALL of the bottles tonight. We finally broke the habit.

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December 4, 2012

Colorful Christmas Trees

This year we wanted to jump on the colored Christmas Tree trend. Initially, we were going to get Harper a small PINK tree for her own room. Her birthday is 5 days before Christmas and we thought she could be her own little tree decorator. BUT after talking about it, she recommended a HUGE PURPLE tree.

We partnered up with this year to bring home the brightest purple Christmas tree we could find! It was a bit too large for her room so we are using it as our living room tree. The kids LOVE it, & I have to admit I really like it too. At Treetopia you’ll find pretty much any COLOR tree you can imagine:

Some COLORFUL Christmas Tree decoring inspiration:


P.S. is having a HUGE sale through December 6th. Up to 60% off + FREE shipping on orders over $100.

November 16, 2012

Happy Friday + Our Vacation

Good morning! I am just about to head out for some site seeing, but I wanted to share a few pics from yesterday. We had so much fun browsing in the stores/boutiques. I really hadn’t gone shopping alone with my husband since before our kids were born. The only thing that I purchased was the new iPhone.

Highlights included the Giggle store (have you ever been in that store?) and the most GORGEOUS Restoration Hardware store (it felt a museum!) I also fell in love with these pink corduroy bears (cannot remember the store name.)

Hope you have a fabulous weekend. I’ll be posting more pics of our trip (including a lot more of the RH store) over on and pics of our meals on You can also follow on Facebook to see more pics of our trip. (I am LOVING the new iPhone camera!)

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November 12, 2012

2100 miles

We’ve been on the road since Saturday & just completed our ~2100 mile trip. (± a few after a detour in Ohio where we pulled up just in time for Sunday brunch with extended family.)   Around 5 pm this evening we finally pulled into my parent’s driveway in MN.

The kids were surprisingly patient and overall well behaved. I have to admit that I am surprised at being able to say that I would do this again! I have 2 days with my parents before flying out to meet my husband in Scottsdale, AZ.

A few things that kept us busy on the road: a cooler full of snacks/drinks (you can see it between the 2 kids in the backseat), the Carly Rae Jepsen CD which kept my daughter singing for HOURS, Strawberry Shortcake & Doc Mcstuffins DVDs, & 2 neon pink Magna Doodles we picked up for $4.99 each at Target on the way!

Other things to note:

* I ate a Burger King Whopper & a Mcdonald’s Double Cheeseburger meal. Mcdonald’s french fries really are sooo much better. Next time I’ll skip the Burger King fries!

* My little sis was rode along with us and she was a MAJOR helper in the passenger seat. THANKS, keli! Her schedule is super busy between her job as a doula, yoga instructor, and she is busy organizing the first Yoga Peach Belize yoga retreat. You can check her out at Yoga Peach.

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November 6, 2012

Elvis & Madeline

We celebrated Halloween last night. We went trick or treating with a group of our preschool friends. It was chilly and lasted about 15 minutes! Us Jersey folks had our Halloween postponed due to last week’s hurricane.

The thing I’ll remember most is that Rex preferred to eat each piece of candy as he received it. It was somewhat of a battle!

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October 23, 2012

2 year olds

Rex is almost 2 1/2 now and he is talking pretty much NON STOP! Every 5 minutes he tells me, “I love you SO MUCH!” (I love it so much!)

Yesterday, when I picked him up from preschool I asked him what songs he sang in music class. He told me “Call Me Maybe” & “Baby Baby” (which is is Usher’s song “Scream”) hahah! I asked, “No Row Row Row Your Boat or Twinkle Twinkle?” To which he answered, “NOPE!”

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October 15, 2012


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October 15, 2012

36 Tomorrow

Tomorrow is my birthday. I tend to not make too big of a deal out of this day. This morning I was treated to brunch by my lovely friends. This year more than ever I understand how lucky I am to have good friends and a healthy family. After almost losing my husband last year, I truly understand the meaning of the phrase, “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” ~Robert Brault

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October 7, 2012

Relaxing Sunday

Lots of furniture painting, football, napping and soup making this Sunday! Enjoy your’s.

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September 30, 2012


Harper picked these flowers from the backyard this afternoon. It looks like some sort of bud, but I’m really not sure. It is as small as it looks, about the size of my thumbnail! Anyway, it was super sweet ♥♥. She even told me to get a glass of water for the new flowers!

Do your kids bring in all kinds of funny gifts from the yard?

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September 29, 2012

Temporary Tattoos for $1

I was at Joann Fabrics this morning and while waiting in line I spotted some temporary tattoos for only $1! I’d been looking for some tattoos ever since the Tattly post. (35 tattoos for $1 seems like a pretty good deal!) We’ve been playing with them all day & Harper now has tattoos all over her arms.

I remember being totally OBSESSED with temporary tattoos as a child! Weren’t you?

p.s. harper’s leggings are from Old Navy. These yellow ones are one of my favorite pairs. They remind me of leggings from American Apparel.

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September 18, 2012

Shopping For The Stylish Little Man In My Life

So, I must say as I am thrilled to finally have a little prince after my 4 Little Woman. Yes, I will have 5 kids and yes, one of them is finally a boy! And yes, he was a surprise. But anyway, I am super-excited to finally dress-up with my little man. I am 34 weeks, today! This is a huge milestone for me as my doctor thought I wouldn’t make it past 32 and 3 out of 4 pregnancies have been pre-term. With that said, it has hit me that my guy can come any day now with all this pre-term labor stuff still going on. Read all about THAT here.

Back to why I am SO excited. The boy clothes. They have never really been my favorite. The girls department always takes over the boys department and well, I’ve gotten frustrated when it comes to stocking up with things for him. Thank God for Etsy. However, I was thrilled to put together one outfit that I just can’t WAIT to put the little man in. It’s perfect for Fall yet stylish enough for me. Because well, after 4 very stylish sisters, he has gotta step his game up. With that said, I thought I would share with you a little outfit I put together thanks to some stud-ly finds {yes, I may that word up} from BabyGap + an adorable topping from Petite Peanut Boutique. Every little man has to have a bowtie right? Well, I figured, if he can’t have a bow in his hair, he will definitely be wearing one around his neck.


Do you have a favorite outfit you’ve purchased for your unborn or one you bought for your Little that you will always remember?
 – lots of love, casi
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September 14, 2012

One Year Old Sample Schedule

I have a 17 month old daughter, and having a general schedule for her has helped me a lot.  I wrote about her schedule when she was three- month old on my blog here and eight-month old here. Unfortunately, no more two naps a day! She used to take both morning and afternoon naps. Sadly, those days are over…I switched to one post lunch nap. Very sad! Anyway, here is her new daily schedule…and I hope it helps for anyone who has a child of a similar age.

7:00am I wake her up or she gets up around this time on her own. My husband and I are get up at 5am, and have a cup or two coffee in us by this time. It helps us to be ready for my baby. I feel like I get a lot of things done when I start my day early. On rare occasions when I get to sleep in till 8am, I feel like half of my day has been wasted! But, to the point at hand, I go in to her room and get her ready by changing her diaper and dressing her with new clothes for the day.

7:30am Breakfast time. After that, she helps my husband clean up the table, and hangs out with us in our living room.

9:00-10:00am Usually my husband takes her out during this time, whether it is a walk to post office to mail sold items of my shop, going to a community center on hot days or rainy days, or a nearby park.

10:00-11:00am This is her morning “alone time”, where she plays by herself in her room upstairs. One of us is in the next room, with the door open, and a baby gate separating us so we can see each other. She likes to play with Duplo’s. Sometimes she gets whiny but we are trying to teach her to relax and play by herself.

11:00am Lunch!

12:00-2:00pm Nap time! By this time, she is really tired and takes a nap without fussing. We take her to her crib. She is getting too big for a crib, but I’m not sure when to switch her to a regular bed. I still think without being caged in she will get up and wonder around when she is supposed to be sleeping.

2:oo-4:30pm We get her up from nap, and she has a drink and snack. After that, we do some activity depending on the day. Sometimes I take her out to run errands. Sometimes she plays in her the baby pool.

4:30pm Dinner time.

5:00-5:45pm TV Time – we don’t own a TV, but my baby watches some DVD on the computer. She likes Elmo’s world.. Some people are surprised that we don’t have a TV. We used to, but we never watched it and it was taking too much space, so we got rid of it. I really don’t miss having a TV. We watch shows on the computer some nights.

6:00pm Bath time.

6:30pm Bedtime routine – it includes having a family reading time, brushing her teeth and lots of kisses and hugs. Between 6:30-7:00pm she goes to bed and sleeps through the night!

So this is our typical day. On weekends, we modify the schedule a bit. We have 2 hours in the morning (5-7am) and 3 hours at night (7-10pm) of adult time to keep ourselves sane and get things done.

Chie  {find me elsewhere: blogshopfacebooketsytwitter}

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August 30, 2012

Six Flags Wild Safari Park

On Saturday morning John & I were brainstorming activities that we could do with the kids. (He left for LA on Sunday, so I wanted to do something really fun!) We decided on the Six Flags Wild Safari Park. I remember going to a place like this when I was about 5 years old. The animals would come and stick their heads through your windows and you could pet & even feed them!

Well, things have changed since then. Nowadays you cannot even roll your windows down. There are signs everywhere saying that they will kick you out of the park and possibly prosecute if you break the rules. BOO! We still had a fabulous time. We packed lots of snacks and had some good quality time together. It actually kind of felt like a road trip with lots of good scenery.

The giraffes were by far my favorite part of the trip. The came right up to our windows so I was able to get some great pics.

P.S. After 40 years, the Animal Safari Park will be closing on Sept 30th and undergoing major renovations. Find out the plan for the new park HERE. It sounds pretty interesting!

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August 28, 2012

Accessorizing Harper’s Room

abstract acrylic painting, Emily Rickard, “a little love” Hitch Print Shop, Downtown Tape, $1.99 Washi Tape, Heico Mushroom Lamp, GOLD

Eeeek, I have the shopping BUG! These are just a few things that I’ve purchased over the past 24 hours. All for HQ’s new room. I cannot wait to put everything together. Anyone else redecorating?

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August 28, 2012

Painting Furniture

I’ll be spending the day in this cozy corner of my house! Kind of cold & dark, but I am just happy to have a place of my own to get projects done. The nightstand is almost finished. It just needs a polyurethane coat. I hope to finish painting the rest of the furniture for Harper’s room this weekend.

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August 14, 2012

Grey + Yellow Nursery Inspiration

Well hello darlings! I am so super-thrilled to be joining the Spearmint blogs fam. When the lovely founder, Shari gave me the good news I was thrilled to find out I would be contributing to Spearmint Baby and Spearmint Decor. Can I get a yahhh-ooooo?! Needless to say, I am super-excited. 

With 4 Littles, all girls, I am currently 29 weeks preggers with my first boy {and last child!} due in October and have lots of knowledge in baby land. Not to mention I am the Founder + Editor of cupcakeMAG + cupcakeMAG Littles. And you can also find me on Babble + The Party Dress too. Oh, and you may remember from Spearmint Baby too! It was just a few weeks ago I showed off my bump here. 

Well enough about me! Let’s get on with my first post.

With just a few weeks to go, thanks to a complicated pregnancy, I am just NOW starting my nursery. I know, ahhh! But, don’t fret. I’ve been working on this baby in my head for months. I am going for a little vintage, a little eclectic. If that makes any sense. Main hues of choice? Grey and Yellow. And for now, here’s a little peek!


LOVE Pillow | Faux Antlers Stokke Sleepi Crib in Grey | Anywhere Map Print  | Blabla Kids Sheep Mobile | Insignia Rug | Blabla Doll | Owl Figurine 

What color combo did you go with for your nursery?

– lots of love, casi
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August 10, 2012

Hello Kitty POP Phone

The kind folks from Native Union sent over one of their limited edition Hello Kitty POP Phones for Harper to try out.

She is pretty OBSESSED with it…& spent over 30 minutes talking to Gramma, Grampa, & Aunt “Gaguy” last night! It is pretty awesome to have this handset for her. She used to hold my iPhone so tightly against her cheek that she’d hang up on whoever she was talking to over & over again.

The handset comes in white, light pink and black. It features a custom-molded 3D bow and cat ears and comes in fun, polka dot packaging! The handset also protects from up to 99% of cell phone radiation.

P.S. I have an ANCIENT 3Gs (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…right?) But this handset is compatible with pretty much every cellphone, tablet/smartphone, & notebook that you can think of. Check for compatibility HERE.

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August 2, 2012

The Dora Popsicle

Have you tried the DORA popsicle this summer? Every time we walk by the cafe at our gym my kids ask for it. What is it about Dora? I have to admit those big, bulging candy eyes kind of creep me out!

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July 31, 2012

Bakery or “Homemakery?”

Lets talk birthday cake for a second…

Have you noticed the fancy, themed cakes at children’s birthday parties lately? A lot of them have more tiers than my wedding cake!

Whatever happened to home made cakes? Growing up my mom always whipped up something pretty delicious. It was usually from a box & I’m pretty sure never cost more than $5-$10! Betty Crocker makes it sooo easy… I guess nowadays we have so little time. It is a lot easier to leave it up to the bakery, right?

When Harper turned 3 last December she asked me for a PURPLE & PINK cake. I knew that I wanted to make her something in my own oven.  After buying all of the ingredients she offered to be my assistant. So, we decided that she would get to decorate her OWN cake. It was her birthday after all!

I covered the cake with purple frosting, then she helped squeeze out the yellow piping. She also wanted an Elmo face. ((do i dare take credit?)) After that she went at it with glitter & sprinkles.

She did a fabulous job & enjoyed cake decorating so much that we’ve decided to make this a birthday tradition!

So, what about you? Are you Team “Bakery” or Team “Homemakery“?

June 26, 2012

Zazoo Photo Clocks

Have you heard of ZAZOO Photo Clocks? We just got one for my daughter’s bedroom. Harper has decided that 6:45 is a good time to wake up…even on weekends! EEEK, I could use some extra sleep in the morning & these clocks are supposedly the “SOLUTION” for early risers!

The clock has sunshine and moon images to signal day time & night time. It is easy to adjust the clock as your child’s routine changes. You can also personalize it with photos, music, & videos.

Does all of this technologie get overwhelming to anyone else? I’ll let you know how it goes…we are remaining optimistic!

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June 21, 2012

$10 Bill

Harper thought this would be nice to use to decorate her cut & paste “silly monster” art project! Luckily I was able to collect all of the cut up pieces before she started gluing it. & I already traded it in for a fresh $10 bill at the bank.

I couldn’t help but laugh! Has anything like this ever happened to you?

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June 12, 2012

New Prints for Harper’s Room

I’m taking the day to start decorating Harper’s big girl room. I bought these sweet prints last month and FINALLY got around to framing them. They’re an unusual size for framing (13″ X 19″) but I was able to find really affordable ($14.50 plus shipping) white frames from Amazon. Does anyone else order almost everything on AMAZON these days?

I also got the cute aqua hedgehog pillow cover. It is 16 X 16 & I purchased the insert from Joanne fabrics with a 20% off coupon. I have a few more cute pillow covers to stuff this afternoon. (all from Etsy of course)

There is a lot more to come & I cannot wait to get it all put together! I’ve already purchased a lot of the items in my inspiration board below.

Here are the links:
kittens print
colorful raindrops print
aqua hedgehog pillow cover
13 x 19 White Frame – 1″ Wide

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May 29, 2012

Our Memorial Day

Our first day at the pool this year. We ran into Harper’s classmate and his Mama & had a brilliant afternoon! Did you do anything special over the holiday weekend?

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May 17, 2012

Today is a big day

My husband had a horrible accident in December. It was 3 days after Christmas. I’d never thought about life without him, until I almost lost him. I am not sure why he was so lucky…why WE are so lucky.  But he is still here with us.  & TODAY is a big day.

TODAY he will have the first of many surgeries that will repair his jaw. Major reconstruction that will begin at 7 AM. I hope and pray that he will come back home to us as soon as possible.

So, back to the hospital I go. I will patiently wait for my husband, my best friend, the father of my children… See you MONDAY! XO, Shari

P.S. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to the Drs. & Nurses that have been involved in my husband’s recovery. I thank GOD for them everyday.

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May 8, 2012

Why Do You Blog?

The photo above is my motivation for blogging. I often daydream about the flexibility a really successful blogger has. Making money while sitting at the pool on a tropical vacation, or even spending a year in a faraway village, just to learn about a new culture/language.  A blogger has the ability to work ANYWHERE that there is an internet connection.  So, if I can make enough money doing this, I can live anywhere I want.  Not sure where that would be, but it sounds exciting, RIGHT?

I began blogging while pregnant with Harper. If you don’t know me personally, you probably don’t know that THIS was my first blog. It was a pretty simple blog.  Including details like my pregnancy weight gain, pics of my belly growth, a sad memory of the loss of our dog Rocket, and some of the details about the birth of our baby girl. Looking back on it is kind of funny. I used the most basic blogspot template, with nothing unusually interesting/creative about it.  I was a newbie to the blogging world and had no real SKILLS!   Eventually I added a few ads to the blog and would get really excited when I’d make up to $0.33/day!  It was this blog that gave me the inspiration to start a blog with a different purpose…TO MAKE MONEY!

When Harper was 4 months old I decided to start Spearmint Baby. The idea was to somehow inspire other Mamas & attempt to make a living while doing so. I knew that this would take time, hours in front of the computer writing posts/driving traffic/selling ads, etc.

I had NO MONEY to invest in a pretty logo/fun design & if you’ve been on this journey with me, you remember my original/simple blogspot design:

I was pretty proud once I figured out how to manipulate HTML code into a 3 column template, was able to sell ads, and include clicky links! Making money was SLOW & tedious! BUT, it did happen.  I finally saved enough money  to have a professional redesign Spearmint Baby.  I approached Jo Klima, my designer of choice and things ultimately became more beautiful.

So, at this point in my blogging career (yes, I consider it my job, even though most people are confused when I tell them this!) I bring in a few substantial paychecks/month. They make me smile/proud.   I’m not supporting my family YET, but I know that the potential is there.

WHY DO YOU BLOG? Do you have an online store, a business, or is it just personal?

P.S  My blogging 101 series:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

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