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November 15, 2012

Baby No. 2 Nursery Ideas

Hi all! Lauren here again from A Lovely Lark! We’re currently pregnant with baby number two, and I’ve gotten a lot of questions about if we are a) finding out the gender of baby number two and b) if we will be changing the nursery decor. Yes, we are definitely finding out if this little bean is a guy or gal (December 6th is our ultrasound date!) I think we may have the ultrasound technician write down the gender on a card like we did the last time with Violet and open it at a later date. There’s just something about that moment that I want to be personal, and I don’t want to share it with a stranger. We may even have a very small gender reveal party with family afterward. Since we won’t be having a shower this time around I thought it could be a fun way to celebrate together ūüôā

As far as the nursery I would like to change the decor a bit but keep the main pieces (crib, dresser, etc.). The only piece of furniture I’d be thrilled to change out is the glider, but I doubt that will happen because we are pinching our pennies so that I can stay home for a while with the baby and Violet. If the babe is a girl I’m really loving the items above. (If you’d like sources, you can check them out here) I thought it was kind of funny that after putting the idea board together I realized the color scheme is very similar to the current nursery. Of course we won’t be able to afford many of the above items but in a dream world this is a favorite look of mine. I’m still thinking on the boy thing – that’s so different for me I don’t have a vision in my mind of what it might look like yet. Stay tuned!¬†xo, Lauren

P.S. Don’t forget to enter the holiday giveaway – win an Ergobaby carrier and over $700 in other loot for your little ones! And more holiday gift guides are up – you can check them out here.

November 13, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide Sneak Peek + a Big Giveaway!

Hi there! I’m Lauren from A Lovely Lark and I’m guest posting for Shari while she’s on her road trip. I thought it would be fun to share one of my gift guides here on Spearmint Baby with all of you today. I’ll be posting one or two gift guides each day up until Thanksgiving over on my blog, A Lovely Lark. Here’s an exclusive sneak peek of one that I’ll be posting later today for the babes:

 1. Teething Rings (win this by entering here!)
3. Personalized Embroidery Hoop (win this by entering here!)
4. Chickadee Booties (discount code here!)
5. Wooly the Sheep (discount code here!)
8. Ergobaby Organic Carrier (win an organic Ergobaby carrier by entering here!)
I’m also running a holiday giveaway with over¬†$750 in prizes that will go to one lucky reader! There are goodies from Ergobaby (an Organic Bundle of Joy Carrier and Infant Insert!), Uncommon Goods, Colette Bream, Pretty Little Things by Lori Marie, Magpie Lovely, Bungalow Kids, and many more as well as a ton of discount codes on vendors like blabla kids, Twig Creative, Magpie Lovely, and Ergobaby! All you have to do to win is visit your favorite vendors and leave a comment¬†over on the post on A Lovely Lark. Good luck!
September 26, 2012

Noteworthy Etsy Shop :: Little Hip Squeaks

So, there is this little shop I found a few months ago when doing a story for Babble. Well, it’s not so little anymore. As soon as you’re done reading this, head over and hit favorite now.¬†You’ll thank me later.¬†

Let me introduce you to one oh-so-noteworthy shop I am beyond obsessed with; meet Little Hip Squeaks.

I can’t get enough of the chevron, the mustaches, and the adorable hip and modern baby finds. Everything is just perfection.¬†

Nautical Hat Set  | Bib Set | Headband | Mustache Blanket 

Baby Leggings | Chevron Blanket | Chevron Hats

 In love yet? If not, head over to the shop now. You will be soon!

Stay-up-to-date with all things hip. LIKE them on Facebook, follow the lovely designer Amy on Twitter and pin with her on Pinterest!

– lots of love, casi
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September 21, 2012

Get the Look for $5: Suri Cruise Accessorizes

Suri Cruise is all over the public eye. I mean all over. And well, this gal has some serious style. Especially when it comes to her accessories. You will always notice something in her hair or some jewels to top off her adorable outfits. Now, you can get the look; Suri’s street style.

After receiving quite a few emails on a recent headband spotted on Suri, I thought I would share just where she got it! Recently showing it off in US Weekly¬†twice now {Sept. 17th + 24th issue} along with Life + Style magazine’s October 1st issue, her Bella the Bear headband is only $5! Yes, $5. It’s the perfect topping for any little girl when it comes to accessories. And for that price tag, you can’t beat it! So head over and get inspired by Suri’s adorable street style and pick up a few super-cute headbands now. If Suri’s a fan, I am sure you will be in no time! The perfect little ladylike accessory for your fashionista.

Shop Bella the Bear now!¬†It’s a great chance to support HANDmade too.¬†

Read more about the buzz on this headband on cupcakeMAG. 

– lots of love, casi
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September 18, 2012

Shopping For The Stylish Little Man In My Life

So, I must say as I am thrilled to finally have a little prince after my 4 Little Woman. Yes, I will have 5 kids and yes, one of them is finally a boy! And yes, he was a surprise. But anyway, I am super-excited to finally dress-up with my little man. I am 34 weeks, today! This is a huge milestone for me as my doctor thought I wouldn’t make it past 32 and 3 out of 4 pregnancies have been pre-term. With that said, it has hit me that my guy can come any day now with all this pre-term labor stuff still going on. Read all about THAT here.

Back to why I am SO excited. The boy clothes. They have never really been my favorite. The girls department always takes over the boys department and well, I’ve gotten¬†frustrated¬†when it comes to stocking up with things for him.¬†Thank God for Etsy.¬†However, I was thrilled to put together one outfit that I just can’t WAIT to put the little man in. It’s perfect for Fall yet stylish enough for me. Because well, after 4 very stylish sisters, he has gotta step his game up. With that said, I thought I would share with you a little outfit I put together thanks to some stud-ly finds {yes, I may that word up} from BabyGap + an adorable topping from Petite Peanut Boutique. Every little man has to have a bowtie right? Well, I¬†figured, if he can’t¬†have a bow in his hair, he will¬†definitely¬†be wearing one around his neck.


Do you have a¬†favorite¬†outfit¬†you’ve¬†purchased for your unborn or one you bought for your Little that you will always remember?
 Рlots of love, casi
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December 16, 2011

Idea Board: Big Girl Room

So Violet’s play room is slowly transforming to become her big girl room. No – I’m not pregnant, but we do want to have another baby eventually and I don’t want her to be making too many transitions at once. I’m hoping that as soon as she is ready to be out of her crib the room will be ready for her. (We’ll see how that goes when the time comes – could be a disaster, but in my mind it sounds like a good plan!)

I’ve slowly been making purchases for her room and my ideas have evolved a bit since we first started the project. Here’s the current plan:

So far I’ve purchased everything except for the curtains (which I may buy white curtains and DIY) and heart print (which unfortunately is no longer available, but I can always DIY it.) I am also creating my own larger version of a black botanical chart using an old map (wish me luck on that one!) and obviously have a slightly different dollhouse. I’m still looking for a mirror and the perfect vintage dresser on Craigslist. I’m thinking a coral color paint but it could end up natural wood as well – we’ll see!

If you remember my original plan you can see that this one involves a lot more black – I’m so in love with black lately! I feel like it just adds a touch of sophistication to an otherwise very girly space. Here are the sources:

Clockwise from top left: ribbon-edge drapes, terrarium prints, doily pillow, love pillow, rug, round flower pillow, botanical chart, bedding, bear doll, dollhouse, bear hook, squirrel lamp, heart print


So excited to pull it all together!

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November 17, 2011

Nursery Idea Board: Follow the Arrow

clockwise from top left: leather triangle mobile, DIY cloud roller shade, chevron crib sheets, industrial arrows, bear print, crib, pouf, lamp, rug, chair, dresser

Wouldn’t this be such a fun room for a little guy? The to-die-for leather mobile was the inspiration for the board. If I had a little boy, triangles + arrows would be on my list for sure!

P.S. I’d really appreciate a comment (aka vote) on my ideabook for – thank so much!!!

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November 3, 2011

Get the Look: Clean, Modern Nursery

I fell in love with this clean, modern nursery from Laura of Orange Beautiful after coming across it over on



Do you love it too? Get the look:



clockwise from top left: paper owls, Behr limelight paint, mobile, number poster, abstract art, zigzag pillow, dresser, crib skirt fabric, blanket, crib, rocking horse, glider, marbled paper, porcelain letter


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October 27, 2011

Get the Look: Vintage Modern Nursery


I’ve always loved this nursery from Domino Magazine. It’s just the right combination of modern and vintage; color and neutrals. Do you love it too? Get the look:



clockwise from top left: early bird pendant lamp, behr dew drop paint, window shade fabric, lion painting, fabric bin, wooden stool, mid-century lamp, flor carpet tiles, giraffe pull toy, modern bookshelf, pendleton blanket, giraffe wallpaper silhouette, sheepskin rug, striped chair


October 20, 2011

Nursery Idea Board: Neon + Geometry

So I’ve decided to take a little break from doing custom idea boards and just do some for fun. I’m hoping to post one each week if life doesn’t get away from me. Right now two of my favorite things are neons and geometrics, wouldn’t that be such a fun combination for a nursery?!

Clockwise from top left: crib sheets, mobile, pillow, lamp, rug, lion print, original screenprint, wall hooks, neon elephant, crib, blocks, clock

What other nursery idea boards would you like to see?

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October 19, 2011

little . BIG

little: a cute hand-printed tank dress from thief and bandit kids on etsy>
BIG: An easy ikat tablecloth DIY from Jenny Komenda on Little Green Notebook

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September 29, 2011

Modern Day Madeline

What is it about little Madeline that just melts my heart? I recently bought a Madeline book on clearance, intending to frame several of the illustrations in my daughter’s room. I felt such guilt ripping out those pages!

Maybe I will make it up to her buy outfitting my daughter in her iconic blue coat.

Doesn’t French Vogue Editor Emmuelle Alt’s daughter make you think of a modern day Madeline? Such a cutie!

Photo | Coat and Gloves for Mom | Madeline note cards | Coat and Scarf for Kiddo


Henry Happened

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August 24, 2011

For Your Wee Ones: Light as a Feather


Clockwise from top left: garland, mobile, owl plushie, dress, wings, print, featherband


P.S. Don’t forget to enter to win a custom idea board for your nursery, home, or event!

August 4, 2011

A Few of My Favorites

I’m currently off working on artwork for the opening of my Etsy shop and have some fabulous guest bloggers filling in for me over on my blog, with two cats, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorite past children’s posts with you this week:

Home Design:

Violet’s Nursery

Play Room Progress

Britnee’s Play Space



My Violet:

Just the Girls

A Little Animal Lover

A Tiny Botanist

A Spring Romp

Keeping Cool 



Children’s Party Ideas:

A Super Hero Soiree

A Circus Celebration

A Rainbow of Colors

A Back to School Bash




Our Perfect Halloween Day

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

Adventures in Breastfeeding – Pump Wars




The Dreaded Glucose Test

Tackling a Baby Registry

One Year Later



How to Choose a Pediatrician

How to Decorate on a Budget – Part I

How to Create Your Own (Removable) Fabric Decals





July 6, 2011

Mellow Yellow: Mama & Baby

Mama: one, two

Baby: one, two


And don’t forget to enter to win $75 to Tea Collection – globally inspired clothing for babies, kids, and mamas alike!



July 5, 2011

For Your Wee Ones: A Place to Play

Image Source

Every little one needs a place to play. Here are a few fun takes on the traditional fort:

one . two . three

I love the idea of using a table or doorway as a base for a fort – great for OCD parents who don’t like to have their furniture pushed all over the place too ūüėČ


one . two . three

Some of these would be fun and easy DIY projects, like the fort kit, or  puppet theatre. And of course  you could always go the traditional route and drape a bunch of sheets over a few pieces of furniture or bit of twine.

one . two . three

Even a cozy corner or pillow-filled hatchback can suffice for a fort. Or if you’re really ambitious, you could create a pillow palace like Miss James.

one . two . three

What’s your favorite type of fort?



June 30, 2011

Beautiful Blues: Mama & Baby

Blue has really been enjoying a burst of popularity these days. Although it doesn’t work well with my home, I do love it very much. Here are a couple of my favorite picks for moms and babies:

Mama: one, two

Baby: one, two

Click here to see more pics for mama & baby. XOXO



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June 30, 2011

Red and White Stripes

One of my favorite things about the 4th of July is seeing all of the red and white stripes. Patriotic, yes. But also bright and cheerful. I’ve rounded up a collection of my favorite red and white stripe-y things for the little ones that are perfect all year long.

1. Kool Kid Leg Warmers | 2. Up in the Sky Print | 3. Mustache Buttons

4. Tonight We Shall Be Wolves Print | 5. Striped Elephant | 6. Party Favor Kit

7. Stuffed Rabbit | 8. Striped Booties | 9. Samantha Doll

Henry Happened

June 20, 2011

Contest: Honey & Fitz

This week I’m excited to be partnering with Honey & Fitz over on my blog, with two cats to offer you a series of six vintage bomber airplane paintings, perfect for your little guy’s nursery, bedroom, or play space!


It’s part of a little project shop owner, Dina is calling ‘Art for Boys’. Dina says, “It’s my way of helping moms of boys out there find cute, boy-appropriate and not overly baby-ish art to decorate their little mens’ rooms.” She was originally inspired to create the bomber series by this image from Domino Magazine:

I think it is a fantastic idea and am so excited that she is partnering with us on this great giveaway! The series of six is a 79 dollar value and one lucky reader will get his or her choice of your favorite six vintage planes.

I thought I’d extend the offer to those of you on Spearmint Baby as well, so if you’d like to enter, please head over to with two cats.

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June 9, 2011

One Print, Three Rooms Part III

Alright all of you lovers of traditional spaces – here’s one just for you! You’ve seen both a modern space and vintage-inspired space based on this group of prints from COSAS MINIMAS by Blanca Gomez on Etsy:

Here is the final space – it’s got a traditional vibe with stripes, plaids, and wood tones. The orangey-red pouf is back as well to round out the series:



Crib – Pottery Barn Kids
Pouf – cb2
Mobile – Bits of String n Things on Etsy
Rug – Dash & Albert
Lamp – Crate & Barrel
Crib Bedding – Pottery Barn Kids
Hedgehog Plushie – Sara Carr on Etsy
Letter – Anthropologie

So that wraps up this series! Anyone have an idea for a theme for the next one? I’m open to ideas!

Do you need an idea board for your space or event? Click here and I’ll have one to you lickity split!

June 8, 2011

One Print, Three Rooms Part II

On Monday I kicked off my second One Print, Three Rooms series with a very modern space inspired by this group of colorful prints from COSAS MINIMAS by Blanca Gomez on Etsy:

For the second space in the series I went for a more vintage vibe. The orangey-red pouf has made a second appearance, but warmer, earthier tones are replacing the graphic black and whites of the previous room.



Curtain Fabric – Hawthorne Threads
Blocks – Oeuf
Vintage Chalkboard and Game Case – i love you more on Etsy
Crib Sheets – Jon Robshaw
Crib – Cymax Stores
Airplane Mobile – J. AUSTIN Ryan on Etsy
Rug – West Elm
Lamp – cb2
Pouf – cb2

Do you need an idea board for your space or event? Click here and I’ll have one to you lickity split!

June 6, 2011

One Print, Three Rooms

Let’s hear it for the boys! After my first One Print, Three Rooms series (which was decidedly girly) I promised to create a series for the little guys. We’ll kick it off today with a modern space inspired by this adorable group of prints from COSAS MINIMAS by Blanca Gomez on Etsy:

The colorful nature and graphic shapes in this print made me instantly lean in the direction of a modern children’s space, but I’ll mix it up in a few days and go with a more traditional and maybe a more vintage-inspired space as well.


Rug – West Elm
Bumper Fabric – Kiitos Marimekko
Skirt Fabric – Kiitos Marimekko
Yellow Pillow – cb2
Knitted Pouf – cb2
Triangles Pillow – little studio
Crib – KALON
Light – IKEA
Mobile – Lil’ Sprout Creations on Etsy

Do you need an idea board for your space or event? Click here and I’ll have one to you lickity split!

May 19, 2011

For Your Little Party Animal: Circus Celebration

Clockwise from top left: bunting, invitation, balloon cake, mustaches, snack boxes, cookies


Clockwise from top left: swirl lollipop, bunting, clown crayons, labels, food toppers, printables, confetti + tickets

A simple and fun photobooth:

Decorate with this cute and colorful toy train:


Dress your little party animal in this adorable romper:


Happy party planning!

Looking for an idea board for your event? Click here or email me at

May 16, 2011

Violet’s First Birthday Party

I thought I’d share a few photos from Violet’s first birthday party with all of you today. We ended up having a great day despite the threat of rain! If you’d like to see more photos or know sources, head over to my blog with two cats – I’ll be posting photos throughout the week!

Hope you had a festive weekend!

May 13, 2011

For Your Little Party Animal: Bunting Birthday

Clockwise from top left: favor bags, thank you cards, invitations, cake topper, plates, garland, photobooth


Looking for an idea board for your event? Click here or email at!

May 6, 2011

The Perfect Mother’s Day

For Breakfast: Free Mother’s Day breakfast printables from the genius Jordan Ferney:

Card from Baby: Our babysitter made us this adorable card for Valentine’s Day, but it would work equally well for Mother’s Day:

Card from Dad: Rifle Paper Co. – You can’t find prettier paper products anywhere else.

A Family Portrait: Etsy has a ton of great options. Try out The Paper Mama Shop, Pop Pop Portraits, or for something more abstract visit Cozy Blue.

The Flowers: These dried flowers from flores del sol will last a lot longer than traditional fresh flowers and are just as pretty:
 The Gift: A pin from Emerson Made would make any mom smile, or if all else fails, sending her to the spa for a mani, pedi, and/or massage is always a winner.
At the End of the Day: Give Mom the night off. Put the kids to bed, make yourself scarce, and let her read a book, take a bubble bath, or just veg. Hang this adorable sign on the door from Twig and Thistle to make sure any wandering little feet find dad instead of mom:
Happy Mother’s Day weekend!
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April 28, 2011

For Your Little Party Animal: Jack & the Beanstalk

Clockwise from top left: Marimekko Bottna Napkins, Wandering Vines Tablecloth, ‘Bean’ Bags, Vine Garland, Gold Plastic Eggs, Fee Fi Fo Fum Poster, Sweet Sprout Cupcakes, Jelly Beans, Muslin Favor Bags

Party Ideas:

  • Fill muslin favor bags with ‘magic’ beans
  • Play pin the nose on the giant
  • Have a ‘bean’ bag toss
  • Fill golden eggs with treats for the partiers
  • Create a magic beans mosaic


Happy party planning!


April 21, 2011

For Your Little Party Animal: Rainbow

Violet will be turning one in a little over a month, and my mind is in full-on party mode. I haven’t made all of the final decisions for her little shindig yet, but I have found a ton of cute party ideas on the web. Here are some fun things I’ve come across during my search that would be perfect for a rainbow party (because what kid doesn’t love rainbows?!)


April 13, 2011

One Print, Three Rooms: Part 2

On Monday, I introduced the first design in my new series – One Print, Three Rooms. In case you missed it, I’m using a painting or print as a source of inspiration to create a series of three different spaces. This week, I’ve been working with this amazing alphabet print from Etsy seller Ampersand:

In the first design, I used a lot of the mossy greens and muted blues with just a few pops of pink and yellow. In the second design, I’ve turned the tables and creamy yellows and peony pinks are now the main stars of the space:


Paint – Behr Stardust
Shower Me With Love Pillow – Etsy seller Pepper Glenn
Slice Pillow – cb2
Crib – Pottery Barn Kids
Bumper Fabric – Hawthorne Threads
Fitted Crib Sheets – Land of Nod
Theodore the Knitted Bear – Etsy seller Yarnigans
Rug – Dash & Albert
Sunny Cloud Mobile – Etsy seller The Butter Flying
Curtains – Pottery Barn Teen
Whale Rollimal – Etsy seller US Wood Toys
Vintage Globe – Etsy seller Little Dog Vintage
Industrial Metal Wall Shelf – Urban Outfitters

Per reader request I’m listing the total price for each idea board for comparison. This version comes in at $1151.954, although a large portion of that is the Pottery Barn crib. A similar and less expensive crib can be found here, which would make the total price $812.94.

Stay tuned for the next space on Friday, and don’t worry all of you mamas of boys – this print definitely calls for a decidedly girly space, but the next series will be all about the little guys!

Do you need an idea board for your space or event? Click here and I’ll have one to you lickity split
April 11, 2011

One Print, Three Rooms

I often get asked the question, “How do you come up with your idea boards?” And it’s actually not as difficult as you’d think. Most of the time my clients have a few items that I can use as inspiration for the rest of the space. One of my favorite jumping-off points is a great print or piece of art. For example, this amazing alphabet print from Etsy seller Ampersand:

I actually feel like I have trouble focusing my finds because there are so many different directions I can go with any given space, so I thought it might be fun to show you how one piece of art could belong in three very different rooms.

To kick things off here is the first space in the series:


Paint – Behr Billowy Down
Seaglass Pillow – Crate & Barrel
Fern Pillow – Etsy seller Deid Goods
Crib – Pottery Barn Kids
Bumper – Little Auggie
(not a fan of bumpers? They have a great crib skirt as well!)
Fitted Crib Sheets – Little Auggie
Fox Plushie – Pretty Little Things
Rug – Crate & Barrel
Mobile – Etsy seller Lil Sprout Creations
Curtains – Land of Nod
Lamp – Etsy seller Helen Rawlinson
Hand Knit Squishies – Etsy Seller Sheila Likes to Knit

Stay tuned for the next space on Wednesday, and don’t worry all of you mamas of boys – this print definitely calls for a decidedly girly space, but the next series will be all about the little guys!

Edit: Angela requested a total price for each idea board for comparison. This bad boy comes in at $1338.95, although a large portion of that is the Pottery Barn crib. A similar and less expensive crib can be found here, which would make the price $1014.94.

Do you need an idea board for your space or event? Click here and I’ll have one to you lickity split
April 7, 2011

For Your Little Party Animal: A Superhero Soiree

Violet will be turning one in a little over a month, and my mind is in full-on party mode. I haven’t made all of the final decisions for her little shindig yet, but I have found a ton of cute party ideas on the web. Here are some fun things I’ve come across during my search that would be perfect for a superhero party (because what kid doesn’t want to be a superhero?!)

silver fringe curtain, photobooth chalkboard props, silver star balloon, custom cape, superhero cuffs, lightning bolt cookies, superhero cupcake wrappers, custom superhero favor bags, superhero mask

And here are some super cute superhero invitations to send out to all of your guests:

And of course, every good superhero gets hungry from all of that saving the world and stuff, so feed them some yummy oreos in fun comic colored dots:

Just make sure your party isn’t near any kryptonite and I guarantee that your kids will have a blast! (Want more party ideas? Check out my Back to School party plan over on with two cats).

Do you need an idea board for your party or event? Click here and I’ll have one to you lickity split!

March 30, 2011

Thinking Ouside of the Basket

It’s Violet’s first Easter this year, and I’ve been at a bit of a loss when it comes to a basket. The H-Haus is teeny tiny, and storage for big woven Easter baskets is virtually non-existent.

So I thought instead of a traditional Easter basket, why not go with a handmade cloth bin? You could find one that’s covered in bunnies and eggs or go with a more neutral choice that can be used year-round – they’re great for corralling books, toys, you name it! And bonus – most fold flat for easy storage. Here are a few of my favorites:

Clockwise from top left: linen bunny, morning glory, blue stripe bunny, pink bunny, custom blue stripe, green bow

Easter’s just around the corner, so hop to it!

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