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July 5, 2015

Muslin Swaddle Blankets


100% Natural Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blankets, new styles now available at

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May 27, 2015

Muslin Swaddle Blankets


LOTS of new muslin swaddle blanket styles added to the shop:

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May 19, 2015

PacaPod Diaper Bags


Looking for the ultimate luxury diaper bag? Check out the Firenze by Pacapod. From the outside it looks like a gorgeous designer handbag with sumptuous pebbled leather and glossy gold hardware. But tucked neatly inside is the genius behind the PacaPod, the award winning 3 in 1 baby organization system. The Firenze comes in a rich chocolate leather as well as my own personal favorite, the putty!


Inside every PacaPod Bag is a Feeder and Changer pod to hygienically separate feeding from changing.  PacaPod’s award-winning bags work as a designer baby bag, mini changing bag and changing mat all rolled into one. Founded by mom and clothing designer Jacqueline Waggett, U.K. based PacaPod offers more than 15 bag styles in four collections with bags ranging in price from $120-$520. PacaPod can be currently found globally in 13 countries.  For more information visit

Find PacaPod here:


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July 10, 2013

Stylish Diaper Bags

Hi there, Irene here from designstiles. On Monday I revealed on my blog that I’m pregnant.  And actually I have been since I started guest posting here on Spearmint Baby, but now that it’s out in the open, I feel even more like I’m relatable to you ladies.

On my mind yesterday were diaper bags. I love purses so I’m seeing the diaper bag as a treat and want to get something practical and stylish. I asked the moms in my circle for their recquirements and these seem to meet the standards. If this bag will be at your hip for months to come, and again if you have a second or third baby, I say make the splurge and buy something you love.

My personal favorite is no.6 –  appropriately named knocked up. Clever.


one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //   six
Irene Lovett

decor . styling . consulting

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June 26, 2013

BAGGU Weekend Bag

Do you have a favorite summertime activity? Summers in the southwest are HOT! You learn quickly that being outdoors with the kids for more than 30 minutes requires a swimming pool. Our rental house does not have a pool, so we’ve joined a few swim clubs for the summer.

A few weeks ago after lugging towels, pool toys, suits/goggles, & sunblock back and forth to the pool I realized I needed a better solution than 3 separate pool bags. So I started googling… I wanted a bag that was REALLY large, had a sturdy zipper, a simple/clean look, and was preferably canvas/cotton. During an afternoon of online shopping I discovered BAGGU. The Baggu Weekend Bag looked perfect!

As a blogger I am always trying to network with cool companies, so I decided to write to BAGGU about my search for the perfect/kid friendly pool bag. They were soooo nice and sent over this beautiful Weekend Bag in sea for me to try out. Isn’t it gorgeous? I love the simplicity of the bag + the fact that I can finally fit all of my stuff in my bag! Added Bonus: it also matches my towel perfectly.

Do you own any BAGGU products? I am so in love with their stuff and I think my next purchase is going to be the DUCK BAG in Sailor Stripe. Isn’t it cute? & $26 = such a bargain!


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May 15, 2013

Oh diaper bags… a love hate relationship…

Oh diaper bags… I have a love-hate relationship with them. They carry all kinds of very useful things. They are the perfect excuse to hide snacks at all times of the day. But at the same time they are bulky and sometimes end up so stinking full you wonder if you’re actually leaving anything at home when you leave the house.

Not only that… but I have issues sometimes with the way they look…

Let’s be real for a second. When you have children it is awful hard to keep your swag going. Spit up on the shoulder, peanut butter smeared on your pants… shoot sometimes I feel lucky to have remembered to get dressed. Throw a diaper bag into that mix and my personal style and swag has completely gone out the window!!

How do I remedy this? I don’t use diaper bags as diaper bags… I use a bag that I love, a bag that represents me, a bag that I will feel excited about carrying around.

Now I know that diaper bags are made with specific pockets and waterproof linings. Shoot, I’ve seen bags with a special pocket that unzips into a changing pad! But when it really comes down to it, I personally don’t use that stuff. I take the essentials and that’s it. I want simple and something I love.

So here are the bags that I am currently LOVING and would be excited to carry around everyday as my diaper bag. Best part? All under $100! I’m all about spending less on a bag so I can switch it out for a new one in a few months…

1. Mad Pax
How adorable are these things? I actually have one of these… half size… perfect to be passed onto my little boy when he is ready for his own bag to carry around his treasures. I get the best compliments about this bag too… people are always trying to touch it or ask about it. Plus it is a super wonderful plaything for my ten month old. She loves the texture and spikes!

2. Ecote Geo Mini Backpack
Check out that texture! Love backpacks for diaper bags… they keep your hands free and can always be used for other things after their life as a diaper bag has ended!

3. Kanken
Oh the Kanken… I actually like to think of this as the PERFECT diaper bag! Made out of waterproof material, the front zips all the way down so you are able to easily find anything in the bag. They come in tons of different colors and have two different ways to carry it… handles or on the back! I adore my Kanken. Plus… I know it is going to last FOREVER!

4. Guatemala Tribal Print Backpack
Again with the patterns! Easy, small, bright backpack with a super easy opening… plus a thick textured, colorful fabric makes it super durable against the kiddie whirlwind!

5. Water Warz Tote
I’m completely in love with this pattern… and color… The silhouette is perfect to carry anything you might need. Super easy to stuff full of diapers, toys, blankets… you could probably fit any and everything in this gorgeous thing! Who wouldn’t want to be carrying this around?

6. Cereal Box Tote
Leather making it durable and soft… big to store just about anything… and a long strap to throw over your shoulder keeping your hands free without having to wear a backpack. Plus that price? Can you beat it??

7. Trip to Thailand Messenger Bag
So I know this isn’t so kid friendly but how can you beat that pattern and color? This is a bag that will stand out in a crowd. It is the type of bag people will be asking about… I’m completely in love with it.

8. Hudson Colorblock Handbag
The simplicity of this bag is beautiful. The colors make it super versatile. The leather keeps it durable. The strap makes it hands-free… what more could you ask for? Great price? Of course! This bag is basically just perfect for any wardrobe or style…

Be sure to come check out more of my fabulous opinions over here on my personal blog… Just Dawnelle. You know I’m always there and always LOVE to hear from you!! Because you guys are the best!



February 22, 2013


I’m not a traditional diaper bag gal. I don’t want to run around town with something that screams I have kids any more than I want spit up on my shoulder. Somethings are beyond our control – insert spit up covered shoulder here – and others are 100% with-in our control. And thank heaven for that!

When I found out I was pregnant with the twins one of the things that worried me was finding the diaper bag. It had to be big enough to carry diapers and items for three kids plus meet my style requirements, and I am super picky. So when I found this bag I knew it was a match made in heaven!

These are my top picks for stylish diaper bags, right now.

top diaper bags right now | spearmint baby

 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

happy shopping!
just love // kelly

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December 12, 2012

Here Comes Baby Christmas Gifts Guide – Day Twelve

Kids Christmas Gifts - Cath Kidston changing bagChristmas Gifts Guide – Day Twelve (One for Mom!)

Cath Kidston’s new shape changing bag in their lovely Pinny Flowers print contains everything you need for a day out with baby. Includes changing mat, bottle insulator, baby flannel and large zip pouch, perfect for storing dummies, baby wipes and other bits and bobs. A fabulous gift for a new mother.

Purchase from: Cath Kidston

Price: £75

Want more inspiration for Christmas gifts for the little ones in your life? Then come on over to Here Come Baby Blog and see more from our Christmas gift guide, bringing you style and inspiration from the UK and Europe.

Kirsty xxx

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October 15, 2012

Mini Piccolini: Stylish while Nursing

Mini Piccolini - Stylish while Nursing (what to wear for a casual night out while you're breastfeeding)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – fashion is not my forté. I struggled while pregnant and only really managed to pull it together a little at the very end.

And in my opinion, nursing fashion is even more of a challenge than pregnancy style. Not only are you probably not the size and shape you were pre-pregnancy (nor are you a size and shape you would want to shop for since you’re not planning to stay that way), but you might have a sensitive c-section scar to consider, your boobs might be huge (or at least huger than usual) and you need quick and easy access to them at all times. There is also a lot of spit-up and other goo to contend with when you have a newborn attached to you at all hours.

And though it seemed impossible just a few months ago, the truth is that there is one stage of life where the clothes you can buy are actually uglier than maternity clothes. I have yet to see any nursing clothes that I would care to sport outside of the comfort of my own home.

Needless to say, I am struggling a little.

On Friday we went to some close friends’ for an “Aprés Nursery School” get-together. It was rough and rainy out and I got caught off guard by how late it was in the afternoon and how little I felt like getting myself all dolled up. But in the end I found the perfect alternative to sweats:

  1. A Jumpsuit. Mine is a black jersey jumpsuit by Filippa K that I have had for a few years. There are a ton of fun jumpsuits available and if you can find a strapless version and wear it with a cardigan, it’s actually very convenient to nurse out of. Mine has straps that you can just tuck into the top if you want to go strapless. It’s soft and comfortable and it was easy enough to just pull down one side of the jumper to breastfeed.
  2. A Shawl-style Cardigan. Nice and warm and cozy for a chilly day, it is also the perfect thing to wrap around your baby like a blanket or to cover yourself while nursing. I have a BCBG hand-me-down from my ver stylish sister that I am loving so much right now.
  3. A Good Nursing Cover. If you’re not comfortable nursing completely out in the open, there are some great covers available. I love my Hooter Hider in Camden Lock (though I could do without the ruffles). It’s pretty, it’s convenient, I can see down to Baby really well, it’s not too heavy and it gives us some peace and quiet for nursing on-the-go.
  4. A Good-Looking Diaper Bag. I love my Kate bag from MZ Wallace. It carries everything I need but doesn’t look too mommyish.
  5. Flats. After whining for months (here) about not being allowed to wear heels, I find that I’m not exactly dying to don my 3-inch favorites. On Friday I opted for comfy J. Crew ballerinas. Even for shorties like me who really should wear heels 24/7, there are so many great ballerinas out there now.

See how I navigated maternity fashion here. And click here to follow my Pinterest board Mum Style.
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September 21, 2012

What’s In My Diaper Bag (Newborn ver.)

While I was still pregnant, I searched for the perfect baby bag. I like this nylon baby bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs, but I could not bring myself to spend over $500 on bag made out of nylon. The bag was also heavier than I expected. I continued my search, but ended up not getting any baby bags. I came to the conclusion that I like leather handbags too much and do not want to carry baby bag that looks too momsy. My friend kindly gave me this diaper bag by Tsumori Chisato, and I put everything I need for the baby in it, and I carry that bag inside my leather handbag.

In the diaper bag (from top left, clockwise): 1. nursing cape, extra formula just in case, diaper wipes, three extra diapers, a plastic bag for dirty clothes, hat, headband, sun screen, one extra onesie and two extra bibs.

Besides the diaper bag, I have in my bag an iPod shuffle, wallet (seriously need a new one! I’ve been using this wallet since I was 19), keys, pen, a note pad to jot down some ideas for new designs, and iPhone (can’t live without it now!). I just realized that I don’t carry any make-up with me. After putting  makeup on in the morning, I don’t really re-touch it afterwards.

What’s in your baby/diaper bag? Did you get anything special once you become a mom?

Chie  {find me elsewhere: blogshopfacebooketsytwitter}

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July 23, 2012

Mini Piccolini: In My Diaper Bag

Baby #2 is due to arrive in a few weeks so so many things are going to be changing around here. Next week we pick up our double stroller and soon it will be time to reorganize my diaper bag to suit two little ones. But for now I’m only carrying what I need for Little A, who is now just past 18 months old.

Here is what is in my diaper bag right now:

  1. Diaper BagKate by MZ Wallace. I’ve raved about it here.
  2. JJ Cole Stroller Clips. These sit on the handle bars of our stroller and I just clip my diaper bag on and off.
  3. Changing Pad. I use the one that came with my bag.
  4. Diaper Cream. I like Desitin‘s creams and tend to carry one of their maximum strength ones in my diaper bag.
  5. Diapers. I usually just carry three Pampers Cruisers/Active Fit Diapers. It’s overkill since we rarely even need to change diapers when we’re out and about lately, and almost never need to change more than once.
  6. Wet Ones Antibacterial Wipes. Especially convenient for changes on the go. I like to use one before and one after each diaper change.
  7. Baby Wipes. We use Natusan. I like that they are mild enough to use on Little A’s hands and face as well.
  8. Boogie Wipes. I’ve raved about them earlier here. I hope we are at the end of this year’s cold season, but until now they have been very good to carry along.
  9. Pacifier. We haven’t succeeded in transitioning Alec from his Wubbanub pacifiers to a more age-appropriate/tooth-friendly pacifier, so I usually have one of his little monkeys in my bag.
  10. Take & Toss spoons. Spoons are good to have and I like that it doesn’t matter if these don’t make it home with us.
  11. Snack Trap and Snacks. Usually Alec has cheerios and oat cereal in his Munchkin Snack Catcher.
  12. Snacks for Mum. I try to keep a little bag of nuts/dried fruit (the snack pouches you can get at Trader Joe’s are perfect) or a bar in case of emergency munchies. I love the Two Degrees bars since every bar bought also means a meal goes to someone who needs it badly.
  13. Fruit. Alec and I usually share an apple on the way home from the park and a banana is such a great go-to snack if we miss a proper meal at home.
  14. Squeezies. We mostly use Ella’s Kitchen right now. I like the squeezies that are mixed veggies and fruit and sometimes give Alec one of those with something else as a snack on the go.
  15. Water in a Sippy Cup.
  16. A Pashmina Sjal. I keep one rolled up in one of the side pockets as a stroller cover or extra cover-up/blanket for Little A or me.
  17. Sunglasses. For Mum and Baby.
  18. Mobile Phone. I have a Sony Xperia Arc S with a huge touch screen and all the fixings that I LOVE.
  19. Wallet and Spare Change for Coffee. At our wonderful playground you can actually buy coffee, fruit, yogurt and other snacks for kids and parents.

I also keep a nylon bag in the bottom “basket” of our stroller, full of “back-up” stuff that is often good to have when we’re out and about but that I don’t need to drag up and down to our apartment with me every time (our stroller lives in the stroller room in the foyer of our building). Here is what is in that bag right now:

  1. Bag. Longchamp. I have a million of these and always bring one along when we travel since you can fold them up so they take no space at all and then bring them out if you over-shop. Which happens.
  2. Blankets. A sun cover by ROSKmuslin swaddling blankets by Aden & Anais, and a thicker cotton blanket from Polarn O. Pyret.
  3. Sun screen. I am kind of a maniac about sun protection. We are using Neutrogena Pure & Free right now. I keep a tube of it by the changing table so that we can slather it on before we go out and then I keep a stick in our parent console on the stroller for touch-ups.
  4. An assortment of hats. Usually from Polarn O. Pyret. Again, I am pretty obsessed with sun protection so Alec is pretty much always wearing a hat when we are outside. Either to keep him warm if there is a chill, or to protect him from the sun.
  5. Shopping Cart/High Chair Cover. We have one from Balboa Baby. We don’t use it a ton, but every time we do, I am so glad that we have it.
  6. Rain Pants & Rubber Boots. As I mentioned here, Swedish weather isn’t always the best, but children play outside daily regardless. We keep these fabulous rain pants and a pair of rubber boots in our stroller in case of wet mucky weather. If the sandbox is more of a mud bath, we just pull these over Alec’s pants and jacket and everything and then pull them off again when we’ve finished playing. Fab!
  7. Snack Pack. I keep a Smitten Baby Wet Tote packed with back-up snacks, pre-mixed “välling“, a bottle, some take and toss spoons and a sippy, a few squeezies, cereal and a snack trap, and a bottle of water. Just in case.
  8. Bucket and spade. Our playground at the park is actually staffed (two full time positions, 9-5, seven days a week!) so there are buckets and spades and a ton of other toys available all day long. But sometimes we end up staying past 5 when everything is removed and Alec usually throws a fit when “his” bucket is taken away. So we keep a back-up set in the stroller.
  9. Change of clothes. It’s a given with babies that the one time you are not carrying a back-up change of clothes, that is the time your baby will puke all over himself or your toddler will beat you to the mud puddle. I don’t think we’ve almost ever had to use our emergency change, but I always carry it anyway.

What’s in your diaper bag?

Choosing a Double Stroller was an adventure – click here to read all about it!

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June 25, 2012

Mini Piccolini: Dressing a Baby Bump for Summer Receptions

I am now well into my third trimester with baby #2 and still struggling to find my fashion groove! On Friday I had two highly-anticipated packages arrive. One from J. Crew with three pair of Cece ballet flats and one from Hatch Collection with two dresses and a jumpsuit. Five of the six pieces have moved into my closet and I’m hoping they will save my summer from a pregnancy-fashion perspective!

I have two pairs of J. Crew Cece ballet flats from before and I always get compliments on them (especially the suede ones in “flame”). I have problems with SPD (symphysis pubic dysfunction) so I’m completely banned from high heels for the duration of my pregnancy and only get to wear anything other than proper running shoes for special occasions. I’m short so my (fairly extensive) shoe collection is mostly made up of really high heels so I needed a few pairs of flats to dress up some outfits for summer. I got the Cece ballet flats in sapphire suede, tawny sand leather, and gold brocade.

I couldn’t resist Hatch Collection’s gorgeous pieces, and I ended up ordering three of them, partly hoping that not all would work out as they are definitely not cheap. I’ll be keeping The Jumper in charcoal silk and The Slouch Dress in cobalt silk. I think (but it’s hard to be sure) that both of these will work even post-pregnancy (though definitely not while breastfeeding which is such a shame).

I have at least two events to attend this week and a couple next week and I am hoping that the Hatch pieces will work for all of these. This evening I’ll be wearing the slouch dress (to a very un-slouchy reception). The dress code is summer elegant but I’m not sure the weather will cooperate. I’ll probably pair it with a double-front blazer from 5th Avenue Shoe Repair, Jeffrey Campbell patent fleur de lis flats (or the new gold ballet flats to make things feel a little more summery), a chunky gold necklace made out of gold chains from my mother’s family or dangly gold earrings, and a Madonna for H&M black patent leather clutch.

And tomorrow I think I will debut the jumper at a less formal family reception. I’ll probably pair it with a cute little cream Club Monaco blazer with asymmetrical zipper and shoulder pads that I’ve had since right before Little A was born and maybe the new blue ballet flats. I’ll have Little A with me (what will he wear??) so I’ll be carrying my diaper bag

Click here for more pregnancy style inspiration.

Mini PiccoliniClick here to visit Mini Piccolini – all the best stuff for Moms, Babies, Kids & Families!

September 20, 2011

New Leather Pouch :)

Do you carry a large diaper bag or handbag? My favorite bag to carry with my toddlers is my Larch Bag. It is big enough for diapers & wipes, a tupperware container with snacks, and of course a lot of my own personal items.

The only problem with this bag is that lipglosses, perfumes, sunglasses, etc always end up somewhere at the bottom of the bag and I am always digging around forever trying to find what I need!

Problem is solved!…I found this adorable purple leather pouch by Rebecca Minkoff. I’d been looking forever for something that I would love and ended up purchasing this off of eBay. What did anyone do before eBay?

I ALWAYS have roll on perfumes in my handbag. They are easy to carry and can freshen you up in a jiffy after chasing your toddlers at the park! My favorite scent is pink grapfruit. You can find a lot of fun scents on Etsy.

& here is my cute new pouch peeking out of my Larch bag. I love the splash of purple next to the dark brown leather!

October 13, 2010

Mom Purse

my birthday is coming up and i decided that i really wanted a big purse with a long strap (something that i could wear cross body)…i looked long and hard and could not find anything i liked (accept the Chloe Paraty and i was not going to spend that kind of money for a mom purse!)
i decided to try looking on Etsy (since i buy everything else there) and i found the Larch bag in brown buffalo hide. it just arrived yesterday and i couldn’t be happier! not only did i stay within my budget, but i can fit all my baby supplies in it when i don’t feel like lugging around a big diaper bag! from Valhalla Brooklyn

what do you carry as your MOM PURSE?

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