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July 24, 2013

Children’s Art

Hi, it’s Irene from designstiles. I’ve been on the hunt for wall art for a few projects and there are some sources that never fail.

Land of Nod and Etsy always seem to carry the perfect pieces and most recently I’ve started scoping and hayneedle as well.

One thing I’ve picked up along the way, children’s art and animals are pretty synonymous.

Today I’m sharing some pieces I’ve been considering.


one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight

Happy Wednesday!
Irene Lovett

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July 18, 2013

Throwing a Gender Reveal Party!

June was such a busy month I didn’t even have the chance to sit down and blog!

Besides being 7 months pregnant and busy nesting, we were also busy planning our gender reveal party for close friends and family.  It was such a huge success, I thought I would share some of my favorite ideas and inspiration with you.  There were lots of great ideas out there from creative invites, fun girl/boy themes and lots of easy DIY projects.  How do you decide without going over board?

First off Invites and a Theme.

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 4.09.53 PM

Boy or Girl InvitesBee Invites

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 4.34.18 PM

Bee Theme, other ideas look here

I think the biggest decision was how do you present the gender reveal?  A cake, a box of balloons or as we choose a piñata!

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 4.58.01 PM

Cupcake Reveal ImageCustom Pinata, other images via pinterest

Of course you can’t skip the dessert table!

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 6.58.36 PM

images : top, candy jars, bird or bee, his or hers cake


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June 22, 2013


A little decor inspiration for you today via Anyone else dying over that driftwood frame? I’d love to try and make one for my daughter’s room. & I love how the little kitten and cloud sit inside it!


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June 21, 2013

Have a great weekend!

Just a few things I ❤:

Lindsay Letters Olive You Print
crochet goodies by 2 Cute 2 Be True

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June 5, 2013

DIY // Personalized Dyed Noodle Garland

With the summer break practically here (already here for many of you) thoughts of… what in the world am I going to do with my kids all day are crossing many minds around these parts. Well, here is a fun, super easy, inexpensive DIY project perfect for any age, a dyed noodle garland complete with their name! It can be completed in less than a day, needs little supervision (depending on your child’s age), and is able to be hung by the child afterward giving it a wonderful function! What more could you ask for in a children’s project right??

I won’t lie, it was rather interesting helping my boy string the noodles since he is only two but he was able to get the hang of it. But seeing the excitement in his face and hearing him giggle when he crawled into bed and saw his garland hanging there in his room made all the work totally worth it!!

The garland was unbelievably easy to make… There are two different parts to the project but really if you keep at it you totally could do the entire thing in a day.

 I used these instructions to dye the noodles. I used rigatoni noodles because they are large, columnar, and have a huge hole allowing my two year old to string them very easily. A few other tips you might want to remember… the longer you let the noodles sit in the food coloring the darker and more intense the colors get. I let mine sit for probably 30 minutes or so in the dye, flipping and shaking the bag every so often to make sure the color was evenly spread. PS… they dry quite quickly too since it is rubbing alcohol not water they’re soaking in.

Once you have you colored noodles, it is time to string your garland! Are you ready??


Dyed noodles (you could totally use really big beads honestly… the noodles are just fun because they’re super cheap! We’re talking like $2 for more than enough for a garland)
Hole Punch
Letters to spell your desired word (I don’t have anything to cut the letters out for me so I simply printed them and cut them out by hand.)

Punch holes in each of your letters. You want each letter to have two holes so that they will hang straight and flat.

Cut your string so it is the length you would like the garland to be.

Begin stringing your letters onto the string. I would recommend stringing the letters from the front down and then back up through the second hole. This makes the string along the letter in the back not the front. Trust me… you’ll want it that way…

Center your letters so they spell your word on the center of your string.

String your noodles onto the garland on either side of the word keeping the number of noodles even on both sides.

Once you have strung your desired amount of noodles, hang it up!! Enjoy it!! Let your baby feel proud of his hard work!

And there you have it!! Super easy right?? So… is this super cute or just super tacky? I can’t decide… Christopher loves it though so I think it will stay up for awhile for him. There is something special in letting your child see his work and be proud of creating something I think.

For more super fun DIY projects to keep you and your kiddies busy this summer be sure to drop by and visit me over on Just Dawnelle!

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May 29, 2013

Baby Girl

Hi! Irene here again from designstiles.

I’m at the age now where everyone I know seems to be having babies. Friends, friends of friends, sister’s friends, mom’s friends. Okay maybe not mom’s friends, but you get the point. I have a few clients too who are having baby girls. And while I spend some time searching for their baby’s nurseries, I can’t help but save some items that draw my attention.

Here’s a collection of baby girl items that I think are just kind of cool. Like this crib, with an acrylic front. Sleek and modern.

Baby Girl _edited-1

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven

Happy Wednesday!
Irene Lovett

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May 15, 2013

Target Animal Friends

Hi there, Irene again from designstiles. I stumbled upon this adorable pink dachshund figural from Target and quickly decided it would serve as inspiration for this week’s post. Turns out Target has a variety of cute animal decorative objects and today I’ve gathered my favorite. Perfect for nurseries or playrooms, here are a few art pieces, storage boxes, piggy banks and bookends.

Target Finds

raccoon print // bear storage bin // alligator bank // fox storage bin

tricerotops print // whale bank // pink dachshund figurine // giraffe bookends

These make great gifts too.

Happy Wednesday!
Irene Lovett

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May 9, 2013

Fabulous Tween Room

I came across this girl’s room recently on one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love and instantly fell in love with color combo.  Maybe because when I was young my favorite colors were black and pink too.  This room was created for an 11 year old girl and I thought, what a cool yet sophisticated room for that age.  Most importantly she can grow into her teen years with the same design.

I think as parents you want to give your kids the opportunity to express themselves and create their own space at that age but yet you do not want to redo it every 2-3 years.  In my design experience and assisting clients with their kids rooms, I try and be aware of that especially from a cost stand point.  I created a little inspiration board and some suggested products on how to re-create the look.  Enjoy!

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 8.23.27 AM

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 8.21.58 AM


inspiration images, ottoman, desk, drapery fabric, paint, chair, chandelier, bedding, carpet, wardrobe


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April 17, 2013

Navy For The Nursery

I received a collection of prints from Lindsay Letters earlier in the week. (if you follow me on INSTAGRAM) you already got a sneak peak!) I was so inspired by this bold/NAVY Adventure print. I want to repeat this message OUT LOUD to Harper & Rex every day!

Anyone using NAVY in their nursery? NAVY is a fab color for boys, but would work really well for a gender neutral room as well. If I was using a lot of Navy I’d paint the walls crisp white for an amazing contrast. Here are a few of my current NAVY faves:

1. Be Brave Print
2. Navy & White Stripe Cylinder Light
3. Oliver B Crib Sheet, White/Navy
4. Navy Moon Pillow
5. Appaman Hockey Jersey – Galaxy
6. Navy Kånken Mini
7. Blue Dress w/ Neon Yellow Bow (not exactly NAVY, but this dress is on clearance at Target for $8 & I just LOVE it!)
8. Blue Wooden Bead Teether
9. Navy Greek Key Blanket
10. Navy Striped Tube Socks for Baby (i’m loving that tube socks are back in style!)
11. Polka Dot Bear

April 15, 2013

Coming Kids Nursery Inspiration

I wanted to share some cute kids’ room styling this morning by Dutch shop Coming Kids. If you like Scandinavian design/decor, this may be a great site to browse if you are getting ready to decorate your nursery.

I love this crib + the styling of all of the wall shelves!


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April 10, 2013

Parisian Chic Shared Bedroom

Designing for my family is a passion of mine. I thrive on making a space special for each of them… To see their faces light up in a room that reflects their individuality, decoratively. Redesigning Soph and Charlotte’s room was no exception. It began with a brilliant Craig’s List find of two mint condition Jenny Lind beds and evolved into an eclectic mixture representing both of the girl’s personalities. By blending newer elements like an Ikea desk spray painted hot pink and older relics like the industrial sign letters above each bed, a naturally delicate balance was achieved. Without hesitation, both girls have settled into their new stomping grounds flawlessly, which in turn makes for a very happy mommy.

xo.j >>








*Design by J + Photography by D >>

Source List >>

Beds: Craig’s List / Paint color = Graceful Grey by BEHR, Bedding: Target, Pillows: Target, Urban Outfitters + Home Goods, Industrial Letter ‘S’ and ‘C': Etsy, Vintage Dresser: Ebay, Floral Rug: Target, Wall Lamps: Ikea, Chandelier: Ikea, Eifel Tower Vinyl Decal: Etsy, Curtains: Ikea, Armoire: Shabby Chic for Target,  Yellow Rug: Home Goods, Desk and Chair: Ikea, Wall Color: African Violet by BEHR

March 28, 2013

Eggcellent Nursery Inspiration

In lieu of Easter weekend, I was inspired by all of the pastels and colorful Easter eggs.  Why not find inspiration from a colorful egg?  I remember dying eggs with my mom as a child and how much I loved to see what color combination it would take on as you pulled the egg from the colorful water.  I still love all the blues, pinks, yellows, and teals so when you put all those wonderful colors together, you can create a pretty nursery palette of eggcellence!   Happy Easter….

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 8.27.09 AM

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 8.27.34 AM

sources: crib, rabbit blanket, bumper pad, pillow, rug, bookends, rabbit, petal chandelier, rabbit mobile, glider


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March 21, 2013

Nursery Color Palette


Where do you begin when decorating a new room? Do you choose a paint color that has completely inspired you? Or do you pick a favorite accessory for the room and decorate around that. Something as simple as throw pillow or crocheted blanket may be the perfect inspiration.

The mood board I’ve created this morning was inspired 1 particular accessory… the Triangle Felt Garland. It felt like the right place to begin. I just love the color combination: CHARCOAL, YELLOW, BLUE, & PINK!

What are the standout colors in your nursery or child’s bedroom?

half moon blanket in grey/yellow
senegalese storage basket – pink, small
triangle felt garland
fat cat watercolor print
grey & pink knit owl plush
iceberg natural stacking toy
yellow ruffle throw pillow

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March 19, 2013

Rain Rain Go Away…

rain&clouds3I’m at home with my little pumpkins today- another cold & R A I N Y day! I’m not one to claim boredom, but seriously wishing we could get outside. My kids do so much better after an hour of fresh air!

On another note, have you noticed the cute rain and cloud trend in children’s decor/accessories? Raindrop decals & plush cloud pillows somehow make rainy days a bit more cheerful, NO?

1. raindrop house mobile
2. Rain & Cloud Tote Bag
3. rain drops rubber stamp
4. rain cloud wall art – 7 inch embroidery hoop
5. wooden cloud + 3 wooden rain drops
6. colorful raindrops 8″x10″ print
7. cat in the rain blanket
8. charcoal & white clouds fitted crib sheet
9. raindrop pants

Does anyone else have a pinterest board for rainy days? Here is MINE.

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March 1, 2013

MINT- LICIOUS This Spring!


Happy Friday & happy 1st day of MARCH! I don’t know about you, but after this brutal winter I am hopeful for an early spring. To get in the spring mood I’ve picked out some pretty things in one of my favorite colors, MINT!

What is your favorite spring color?

1. mint painted hearts
2. mint crochet baby sandals
3. mint & coral tutu dress
4. mint chevron blanket
5. muslin baby sleeping bag, mint/grey stars
6. mint/gold cloud mobile
7. mint/coral/pink baby headband
8. mint faux deer head
9. mint/aqua crib sheet
10. mint/gold ballet flats
11. summer snow mint/coral/yellow throw pillow
12. polka dot chambray skirt
13. mr. small plush robot

P.S. I have the same faux deer head in my entry. I’m thinking of painting it MINT & adding some glitter to the antlers like the one above. My deer was only $25 plus paint. See the BEFORE HERE


P.P.S Polka dot MINTY tape strips in the collage created with Mint Green Digital Paper Pack

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February 21, 2013

Black & White in Children’s Rooms


Black & White seems to be the hottest trend in Scandinavian children’s bedrooms. What do you think of this trend? Will you be adding any black/white to your nursery or toddler’s bedroom? Here are just a few of my current favorite accessories. & some decorating inspiration…

1. black & white stripe diaper cover
2. black stripe baby wrap
3. screen printed pillow case with black firs on white base
4. unfold pendant lamp
5. black & white clouds blanket
6. egmont black rabbit lamp
7. black star garland
8. black eames style rocker
9. little ozzie rabbit
10. black & white chevron receiving blanket
11. white/black polka dot fabric storage bin (link for similar swiss cross blanket)

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February 8, 2013

Colorful Circus Theme Handmade Nursery

circus-gender-neutral-room-1 copy

I don’t remember when I found Joy‘s blog, but I have been following her for a while. Her creativity and DIY skills always amaze me. She made many things for her baby’s nursery, including the elephant lamp and and hot air balloon mobile. She generously shares tutorials on her blog

joymadetheseClick here to see more.

Photos from How Joyful

Chie  {find me elsewhere: blogshopfacebooketsytwitter}

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February 7, 2013

Kitty Cat Trend

Have you noticed the kitty cat trend? I have to admit, I’ve always been a dog person but all of a sudden I have this OBSESSION with cats! (I even added a coool cat background on my Twitter page!)

I’ve been seeing quirky cat faces everywhere and wanted to share some of my favorite kitty cat dolls, pillows, artwork, etc. Do you have any cat inspired decor/accessories in your home/child’s room? Harper has this pink kitten print in her room.

1. kitty cat mask & tail
2. cat sweater, bobo choses
3. pretty kitty
4. cat ears headband
5. cat cushion
6. cat art
7. party cat greeting card (frame it!)
8. coco the cat
9. wood painted striped tailed cat
10. puffy sleeve kitty cat tee
11. kitty cat baby hat & booties set
12. cat hats
13. neon pink kitty baseball tee
14. mog cushion, donna wilson
15. grey hand made cat with embroidered face
16. kitten cloth bag

P.S. check out my new KITTY CAT pinterest board

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January 16, 2013

Decorate Your Plates


Super fun idea! Imagine a collection of these cute faces decorating your child’s nursery/bedroom…

Decorate ceramic tableware using cure-on decorative film. The film is easy to use, so even the youngest family members can cut out decorations. Cut the film into the desired shapes, let them soak in water for a while and then remove the backing paper. Let the plate dry for 24 hours. Harden by curing in the oven in 180 degrees for 30 minutes. Please note that the decorated tableware must be hand-washed.

Susanna Vento / photo Kristiina Kurronen / via

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January 4, 2013

DIY Lace Flag Garland

DIY lace garland by vivat veritas 570Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Since I had some time off from work, I worked on some craft projects during the holiday. One of them was this lace garland. It’s easy to make, and is a great addition to a nursery. I made one with cotton lace, a left over fabric of making this casual wedding dress. I decoarated my daughter’s ceiling with it.

what you need to make lace garlands by vivat veritas 570step one of making lace garland by vivat veritas 570step two of making lace garland by vivat veritas 570Depending on the length of the garland, cut as many triangle pieces as you want. I cut 12 to make a little over a meter of the garland.

needle foot by vivat veritas 570

Now you attach the triangles pieces to the string. If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can handsew each triangle. If you are using a sewing machine, use the piping foot.

sewing the lace triangle by vivat veritas 570step three of making lace garland by vivat veritas 570DIY lace garland by vivat veritas 2 570Chie  {find me elsewhere: blogshopfacebooketsytwitterpinterest}


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December 21, 2012

Handmade Polk-a-dot Curtain

DIY polkadot curtain by vivat veritas 570

Decorating my daughter’s nursery has been a challenge since we live in a small Japanese rental town house. Her room is a Japanese room with tatami mat floor and low ceiling. On top of that, the ceiling is in wood pattern paper, so when I taped something on the ceiling and pealed it off later, the wood pattern came off!

Anyway to brighten up her small room, I made a curtain in pink polk-a-dot pattern fabric the other day. I bought 5 meters of the fabric in Nippori, the wholesale fabric district in Tokyo. It was 100 yen (about 1.20 USD) a meter.

I just hemmed the both top and bottom of the fabric, and added the tie strings on top to tie the curtain on the curtain rail. With the left over fabric, I made the curtain straps.

handmade curtain by vivat veritas 3 570 handmade curtain by vivat veritas 2 570 handmade curtain by vivat veritas 4 570 handmade curtain by vivat veritas 570

P.S. Having a giveaway on my blog! Check out here.

Chie  {find me elsewhere: blogshopfacebooketsytwitterpinterest}


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December 11, 2012

Alphabet Wall

My girlfriend and her hubby hosted a Hanukkah party over the weekend and I got the tour of her new home! She made an alphabet wall in her son’s room. Her goal was to spend no more than $1 on each letter. The only letters that she spent more on were the “S” & the “Z” which are the initials of her son. (She plans to use these later once he outgrows his alphabet wall!)

More alphabet wall inspiration via Pinterest

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December 7, 2012

Modern Lights For Your Nursery

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Did you use a modern, or unusual light fixture in the nursery? I LOVE modern pendant lights, and these are just a few of my favorite choices for your little guy/girl.

I really wanted to use a modern chandelier in Harper’s new room, but we have recessed lighting in her room & throughout our house. UGGH, it is kind of unnecessary to have a light fixture when there is already lots of light in her room. I swear in my next house we will have NO recessed lighting! & LOTs of unique fixtures…

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November 28, 2012

Paint the nursery red! From Here Comes Baby

Red Nursery Idea from Colora Belgium

With Christmas coming closer we found this red nursery inspirational photo from a Belgium paint company called Colora. I love the creature on the wall although I am not sure if it is a aardvark or reindeer, who knows! The painted white dots break up the bright red colour and match with the bright white nursery furniture. The idea to hang the sleep sack on the wall when not in use is a nice touch as well as a few red accessories and toys to tie it together.

Red nursery – love it or hate it? Let us know what your thoughts…

Want to see more European style then why not pop on over to our blog: Here Comes Baby

Kirsty xxx

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November 16, 2012

Christmas Wishlist:: Little Girl’s Edition

1. SALE hello acrylic sign, $10

2. Custom Initial with a Floral Wreath- hand embroidered 3 inch hoop, $30

3Butterfly Garland Spring/Summer Palate Yellow Thread, $7.50

4. Wall Decals Horses (Reusable and removable fabric stickers, not vinyl) – Pretty Horses, $105

5. Dollhouse pdf pattern/tutorial, $18.50

Clip art courtesy of A Lovely Lark, free download here.

Hello! It’s Chie from Vivat Veritas again. Since we don’t have Thanksgiving holiday in Japan, as soon as the Halloween is over, the stores are all about selling Christmas items. Many Christmas decorations and light-ups are all over Tokyo now.

For Christmas, I’ve started to compile a list of items I want for my 18 month old daughter, Kiko’s room. Her room is a Japanese style room with tatami floor, and I personally find it very hard to decorate. It also has very low ceiling and the ceiling is made out of fake wood, and it’s very ugly…sign. Since we are renting, we can’t do a drastic makeover, so I found small decoration that’s friendly to renters, like removable decals, light weight paper bunting (don’t need to make a hole in a wall) etc.

Chie  {find me elsewhere: blogshopfacebooketsytwitter}


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November 15, 2012

Baby No. 2 Nursery Ideas

Hi all! Lauren here again from A Lovely Lark! We’re currently pregnant with baby number two, and I’ve gotten a lot of questions about if we are a) finding out the gender of baby number two and b) if we will be changing the nursery decor. Yes, we are definitely finding out if this little bean is a guy or gal (December 6th is our ultrasound date!) I think we may have the ultrasound technician write down the gender on a card like we did the last time with Violet and open it at a later date. There’s just something about that moment that I want to be personal, and I don’t want to share it with a stranger. We may even have a very small gender reveal party with family afterward. Since we won’t be having a shower this time around I thought it could be a fun way to celebrate together :)

As far as the nursery I would like to change the decor a bit but keep the main pieces (crib, dresser, etc.). The only piece of furniture I’d be thrilled to change out is the glider, but I doubt that will happen because we are pinching our pennies so that I can stay home for a while with the baby and Violet. If the babe is a girl I’m really loving the items above. (If you’d like sources, you can check them out here) I thought it was kind of funny that after putting the idea board together I realized the color scheme is very similar to the current nursery. Of course we won’t be able to afford many of the above items but in a dream world this is a favorite look of mine. I’m still thinking on the boy thing – that’s so different for me I don’t have a vision in my mind of what it might look like yet. Stay tuned! xo, Lauren

P.S. Don’t forget to enter the holiday giveaway – win an Ergobaby carrier and over $700 in other loot for your little ones! And more holiday gift guides are up – you can check them out here.

November 13, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide Sneak Peek + a Big Giveaway!

Hi there! I’m Lauren from A Lovely Lark and I’m guest posting for Shari while she’s on her road trip. I thought it would be fun to share one of my gift guides here on Spearmint Baby with all of you today. I’ll be posting one or two gift guides each day up until Thanksgiving over on my blog, A Lovely Lark. Here’s an exclusive sneak peek of one that I’ll be posting later today for the babes:

 1. Teething Rings (win this by entering here!)
3. Personalized Embroidery Hoop (win this by entering here!)
4. Chickadee Booties (discount code here!)
5. Wooly the Sheep (discount code here!)
8. Ergobaby Organic Carrier (win an organic Ergobaby carrier by entering here!)
I’m also running a holiday giveaway with over $750 in prizes that will go to one lucky reader! There are goodies from Ergobaby (an Organic Bundle of Joy Carrier and Infant Insert!), Uncommon Goods, Colette Bream, Pretty Little Things by Lori Marie, Magpie Lovely, Bungalow Kids, and many more as well as a ton of discount codes on vendors like blabla kids, Twig Creative, Magpie Lovely, and Ergobaby! All you have to do to win is visit your favorite vendors and leave a comment over on the post on A Lovely Lark. Good luck!
October 5, 2012


This printable has always been my favorite for baby/kids rooms.  The illustrations and colors has a vintage appeal.  I’m planning to print these out on card-stock  paper and make customized clips to go with it as a gift for an expecting friend.

To download and print, go here.  Enjoy! -ijinku

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September 24, 2012

Inspired by Painting

Painting by Me, All Lovely Stuff Animal Hook, heart cotton bag, Pink Bertoia Baby Wire Chair, Bamboo Throw in Aqua, grey linen + neon YELLOW pillow coverHEMNES 8-Drawer Dresser, Punch Basics Diaper Changing Cover, Mint Fitted Crib Sheet, Between a Rock Lamp Base (Silver), Aqua-Lee Blabla Doll, Sparrow Crib in Birch, Mint Green Bubble Glass Knobs

Good morning! It finally feels like fall here in southern NJ & it is so refreshing.

Last night I put together this nursery mood board inspired by the pastels in one of my new paintings. This is definitely a modern girl’s room, but there is no shortage of color. I think one of my favorite finds for the room is the solid mint crib sheet. I just love the look of a solid colored crib sheet in a modern crib. (no bumper or crib skirt needed.) Just a pretty blanky hand made by Grandma!

P.S. Most of the items in this room are pretty budget friendly. The only really expensive piece is the crib. The GULLIVER Crib in Birch would be my budget friendly alternative.

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September 22, 2012


I’m helping my friend decorate her nursery and was searching for inspiration to get an idea of her style.  Along the way, I found these gorgeous nurseries. The striped ceiling makes the room pop and the black walls balance it off.  Which of these styles would you try? I think I’ll have to make a branch hanger for my self.  Hope your weekend is off to a great start!  ☺ – ijinku

source: 1, 2, 3, 4

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September 17, 2012

What’s New at Serena & Lily

Good morning! Hope you all had a nice weekend. This morning I want to share some of the new things at Serena & Lily for FALL. Have you ever shopped there? They have beautiful things for your nursery, child’s room…& even your own bedroom/home.

My favorite accessory at Serena & Lily has always been their beautiful selection of bedding. My picks would be the Sprout Penny Dot Crib Sheet for the nursery & the Border Frame Duvet & Shams for the Master bedroom. The Border Duvet would also be super cute in a little girl’s room. It has such a luxurious look!

Two of my other faves in the fall collection include the Pewter River Rock Rug & the Navy Laurel Lamp. I love the idea of using nursery accessories that can grow with your child. Both of these items could easily transition to a big girl/big boy room. The lamp is also the perfect scale for a child’s night stand.

Now that Harper’s room is almost finished, I’ve been accessorizing A LOT! Serena & Lily was kind enough to send over my FAVORITE accessory for her dresser…the Menagerie Bookends. Stay tuned to see her new giraffes holding some of our FAVORITE bedtime stories!

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September 13, 2012

Julien Fernandez Photography – Children’s Bedrooms

I wanted to share some photography by Julien Fernandez this morning. These photos may inspire those of you decorating a baby nursery or those designing a new look for your child’s room.

Some of my favorite ideas in this group of photos include:

*Washi tape stripes on the wall.
*A grouping of COLORFUL, or polkadot paper lanterns.
*A soft color on an accent wall, or even a color block shape on the wall. I LOVE that mint rectangle on the white wall.
*Painted furniture. The pink color on the desk and chair is just beautiful. Have you ever tried painting your furniture?

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September 5, 2012

Here Comes Baby: Top 10 Nursery Decor Styling Tips

Are you searching for inspiration for your nursery decor? Melissa Fiendell shares with us her top ten nursery decor styling tips from her book ‘No Mom Jeans':

  • Nursery Decor Styling Tip 1 – Don’t be afraid to shop for nursery decor outside of the baby stores

There is no reason you can’t find wonderful pieces for your nursery at your favourite shops. Beyond a crib and sheets, most everything else can be found at traditional furniture stores – curtains, dressers, wallpaper, shelving, rugs, recliner, even a throw blanket for over the crib. As a bonus, you may actually use the pieces again once you baby outgrows the nursery if they aren’t totally “baby”. You can still make the nursery age appropriate with adorable infant accessories like a baby photo montage, mobile, throw pillows, sheets, or alphabet art.

  • Nursery Decor Styling Tip 2 – Think outside the baby store box

While it is tempting and easy to simply order a matching set of baby furniture and linens from your favourite national baby retailer, super savvy mummies know that this is only one of your many options. Baby décor does not have to come from a baby store! Scour your favourite shops to look for pieces that you love and that fit with your nursery décor and colour scheme.Your dresser might be Crate & Barrel, your shelving IKEA, and your rug West Elm. Mixing and matching complementary items is a great way to up your nursery’s style and acquire some new pieces that might get a second life outside the nursery as baby grows up.

  • Nursery Decor Styling Tip 3 – Stick to a neutral colour pallet for the walls & furniture

Then accent with colourful accessories. This will help the nursery decor blend with the rest of your home and make transitioning the nursery to a future space (big kid room, nursery for a future boy/girl etc.) easier.


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September 5, 2012

Nursery Color Palettes Inspired By Art Work

I am a huge sucker for Etsy. Obsessed, addicted and all of the above. I just like to browse the oh-so-pretty site. It’s beyond inspiring. And well, last week I realize how inspiring it really can be when I was browsing art work for my nursery in progress. So many of the beautiful prints can really help you create the perfect focal point and color palette for your nursery. Don’t believe me? Check out a few of my favorite pieces of art I found for the gallery wall or just to hang over the bed and see just how the colors come alive. Just add art. 

{etsy find:: sweet dreams print :: mateo +tobias}

{etsy find:: custom nursery print :: zeppi prints}


September 4, 2012

IKEA Yesterday

Labor day weekend was super dreary here, but we made good use of the rainy days. LOTS of work around the house, a few DIY projects, and a trip to IKEA yesterday. We were mostly shopping for office supplies. My husband & I are both redoing our offices. (A peek at my new office HERE.)

We spent an hour shopping with Rex while Harper went to the IKEA playroom. Have you ever dropped your kids at the playroom? Harper LOVES it! It is FREE for potty trained kids & you get an hour to shop, have a snack, or you could probably even bring a magazine and relax in the restaurant if you are having just one of those days!! shhh, don’t tell!

While we shopped I took some pics as visual bookmarks of things I like. When I finish Harper’s bedroom, I hope to redo Rex’s room. He is ready to move to a big boy bed (even though I am NOT!) We have a full sized mattress in the basement & I am hoping to buy a simple bed frame that does not need a box spring.

The photo above is my FAVORITE new bedding at IKEA. It is linen with colorful polka dots. $49.99 for the twin duvet & pillowcase. Isn’t it adorable? It also comes in FULL/QUEEN for $59.99. I just love the natural color, but if that is not your style it also comes in crisp white. IKEA PS 2012 polka dot duvet

Mix n’ match red bedding (more…)

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September 3, 2012

DIY Peg Rack Hook

Our old, rotting, broken deck gate… We never got around to throwing it out! (& I knew there was a reason why.) After putting together this Pinterest board last week, I was ready to do something crafty. So, I got started on a DIY peg rack for Harper’s room. The inspiration for the project was the peg rack hook on the left. (found via

Total cost of project = $14.08. Most of the supplies were already in my basement.

Wood Plank from Home Depot (or recycled wood from an old project or deck!)
Paint or spray paint
Paint brush
Painters Tape/Duck Tape
Measuring Tape

Keep reading to see the entire DIY project… (more…)

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August 31, 2012

10 Hook Ideas for Children’s Rooms

1. All Lovely Stuff Wooden Animal Hook. Oh, how I love this wall hook! $40

2. Shiny Peg Hooks via RK Design. Get a similar look by painting these Oak Screw-on Shaker Pegs An 8 pack is only $11.19!

3. This painted peg rack is one of my FAVES…it looks like it is DIY’d with a 2 X 4 and some painted/wooden knobs.


August 24, 2012

DIY Flag Ornament for Nursery

Today I want to show you a super easy DIY – flag ornament for nurseries. It’s easy, quick and instantly brightens up the room. It is also a great idea for using up your fabric scraps as well!

Materials needed:
– Cord
– 2-5 different fabrics of your choice
– Thread
– Quilt batting

1. Cut the cord in the length of your choice. Cut fabrics in a triangle shape. Mine is 4″ each side, and I cut out 10 of them since I wanted to hang 5 flags. Place two triangles of the same fabric with right side facing together, and sew one side of the triangle. Turn inside out and iron. Then sandwich the cord with the triangle pieces you just made. Sew the edge to secure the triangles on the cord. I used pipping foot to make it easier to sew this.

2. Cut the quilt batting in triangles that are slightly smaller than your fabric triangles. I stuffed this quilt batting between two fabrics to make the flags look puffier, but you can skip this process if you want a cleaner look.

3. Insert the quilt batting triangle piece between the fabric triangles. Then zigzag stitch around the two sides of the triangles.

Chie  {find me elsewhere: blog, shop, facebook, etsytwitter}

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August 24, 2012

Birthday Parade Printables

I saw these printables on hwtm and had to share! How fun would it be to have these cut out animals for children’s birthday parties.  After you’re done using it as birthday decorations, turn it into kids bedroom decor-so many uses for this fun animal circus theme.  Go here for more printables from this party.

To download:

Animal Cutouts (6 cut-outs total): click here to download
Happy Birthday Water Bottle Labels: click here to download
Miniature Birthday Number Flags. Select your age:  1 /  2 /  3 /  4 /  5

Have a great weekend all! ~Ijin    Find me elsewhere: site, blog

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August 22, 2012

Here Comes Baby – Bunny Rabbit Nursery Inspiration

Bunny Rabbit Nursery Style Board Sources:
(1) Belle Hugs Boo (Pink) Print: Belle & Boo (2) Maileg Flower Sisters Bell Bunny (Small): Sisters Guild (3) The Zoo Rabbit Money Box: The Modern Baby
(4) The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams: Amazon(5) Rabbit Lamp: White Rabbit England (6) Bunny Berry Bowl in Eggshell White: A. Speer Ceramic Studio (7) Zelda Nursing Chair in Grey Velvet: Graham & Green (8) Boo Cushion: Belle & Boo (9) Purple Cot: Amazon UK

A rabbit nursery theme is utterly heart warming with little fluffy bunny rabbits with their sweet cotton floss tails hopping all over the place! That’s what inspired me today to create this bunny rabbit nursery style board. This nursery has a warm and feminine feel perfect for a baby girl.

Belle & Boo inspired me with Belle, a bob haired little girl and her adorable bunny rabbit friend Boo. Mandy Sutcliffe creares a charming world of innocence, warmth and adventure and I feel this is also reflected in my rabbit nursery style board. The nursing chair from Graham & Green has me immediately thinking of bygone times and it looks so comfy. The characterful ceramic bunny bowl is lovingly handmade by Adrienne in her home studio and I can imagine Maileg’s bell bunny being dragged around the house by her endearingly large ears!

Of course a bunny rabbit nursery wouldn’t be complete without a well read copy of ‘The Velvetine Rabbit’ by Margery Williams. It is a story about a stuffed toy rabbit (with real thread whiskers) who comes to life in this timeless and sentimental tale of the transformational power of love.

Do you have a nursery theme you would like Here Comes Baby to create into a style board ? Add you idea to the comments below.

Click here to visit Here Comes Baby Blog UK. A dedicated resource for mum & baby inspiration & style.

Kirsty xxx

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August 21, 2012

Currently Obsessing Over Exposed Closets

Ah, a pretty closet. Pretty clothes. What more could a girl ask for? Lately, thanks to Pinterest and my last cupcakeMAG project I’m obsessing over one thing: exposed closets. Forget the nursery or my Littles room! I kinda wanna show off my goods to, ya know?

I’ve spotted some really amazing exposed closets out there and really, they aren’t hard to re-create at all! Not only are they great for a wall that you just don’t know what to do with but you can make an exposed closet even if you have a closet. Why?  because than you can turn the “real” closet into a beautiful reading nook! I know, the possibilities are endless. And really, it’s a pretty budget friendly weekend project too! I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite to give you some inspiration. Gotta get those creative juices flowing! 

1. cupcakeMAG orange + pink room


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August 14, 2012

Grey + Yellow Nursery Inspiration

Well hello darlings! I am so super-thrilled to be joining the Spearmint blogs fam. When the lovely founder, Shari gave me the good news I was thrilled to find out I would be contributing to Spearmint Baby and Spearmint Decor. Can I get a yahhh-ooooo?! Needless to say, I am super-excited. 

With 4 Littles, all girls, I am currently 29 weeks preggers with my first boy {and last child!} due in October and have lots of knowledge in baby land. Not to mention I am the Founder + Editor of cupcakeMAG + cupcakeMAG Littles. And you can also find me on Babble + The Party Dress too. Oh, and you may remember from Spearmint Baby too! It was just a few weeks ago I showed off my bump here. 

Well enough about me! Let’s get on with my first post.

With just a few weeks to go, thanks to a complicated pregnancy, I am just NOW starting my nursery. I know, ahhh! But, don’t fret. I’ve been working on this baby in my head for months. I am going for a little vintage, a little eclectic. If that makes any sense. Main hues of choice? Grey and Yellow. And for now, here’s a little peek!


LOVE Pillow | Faux Antlers Stokke Sleepi Crib in Grey | Anywhere Map Print  | Blabla Kids Sheep Mobile | Insignia Rug | Blabla Doll | Owl Figurine 

What color combo did you go with for your nursery?

– lots of love, casi
{find me elsewhere: cupcakeMAG, cupcakeMAG Littles, Facebook, Twitter, Babble, and oh, Pinterest too!}

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August 13, 2012

Japanese Balloons

Japanese paper balloons are cuter than ever. The come in all kinds of colorful characters & shapes. (I especially love the strawberries!)

Balloons are made of thin, crispy, lightly waxed paper. They come flat and if you are careful they can be deflated and reused. Has anyone used these at a birthday party? Wouldn’t they be a fun/festive detail?


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August 2, 2012

Guest blogger introduction and nursery in progress

Hi, my name is Kate and I’m so excited to start guest blogging for Spearmint Baby on Thursdays!  I work a full time corporate job and have a passion for floral design with a business and blog on the side – but since learning that I was pregnant with our first child, I’ve had baby things on the brain in a pretty all-consuming way (ok, that’s putting it politely and mildly ; ) I’m so excited to have a new outlet to share it, because I think even my mom is going to burn out on discussing the minutia of nursery décor with me pretty soon here (speaking of which, we need to know: is there a name for that color exactly halfway between coral and watermelon?!)

Since I’m introducing myself, I should also introduce my bump – here it was a week ago at 25 weeks- it’s growing pretty aggressively now!

25 weeks pregnant bump photo

I’ll aim for about half of my posts to be about pregnancy and baby style (nursery décor, maternity/baby photo ideas, cute maternity/baby clothes and accessories, birth announcements and shower invites), and the other half to be of more substance (wellness, fitness, preparation for labor and motherhood, etc.)

Today I wanted to kick off by posting about our budget friendly nursery décor project – it’s about halfway there now, with most things chosen and ordered, but not all installed. I always love chronicling a project from inspiration to fruition!  Here’s the board with all of the various components of our nursery, and there is an explanation of our choices after the jump:

Coral and blue nursery inspiration moroccan shabby chic

coral blue moroccan shabby chic nursery decor inspiration design


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August 1, 2012

Here Comes Baby: Dotty Elephant Nursery Inspiration

Dotty elephant nursery style board

Dotty Elephant Nursery Style Board Sources:
(1)Elephant Mobile: Bebemoda (2)Elephant Print: Redbubble (3)Elephant Toy: Miga de Pan (4)Elephant Stool: Dennis & McGregor
(5)Cot Quilt & Playmat: Baby Concierge (6)Armchair: John Lewis

Hi Spearmint readers, my name is Kirsty from Here Comes Baby. Shari has kindly let me become a contributor to Spearmint Baby and I am excited to share mum and baby inspiration & style from the UK.

I made this nursery inspiration style board after finding the adorable elephant toy handmade by the talented Miga de Pan. I want one! Once I started searching there was so much elephant theme nursery inspiration that I am sure I will be making another elephant related style board in the future!

Click here to visit Here Comes Baby – A dedicated resource for mum & baby inspiration & style from the UK

Kirsty xxx

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July 27, 2012

Hot Air Balloon Ideas + Printable

{balloon chandelier, centerpiece, dessert table, DIY mobile}

Hello all! Ijin of ijinku here – first time contributing to Spearmint Baby and couldn’t be more excited-Thanks Shari! Now onto the post,  it all started with the movie, “Up”, back in 09 and over the years, hot air balloon theme has become quite popular among weddings and events, and it’s perfect for baby events.  The chandelier channeling balloon decor on top was from photographer, Jessica Claire’s workshop. A group of talented folks came up with this theme for a wedding shoot, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to add this for baby showers, birthday parties, or even gender announcements?! The centerpiece is from a wedding too, but easily a hit for a children’s party.  The dessert table was made by an event company for a shoot and I first discovered it on the Amy Atlas blog-I like the organic/vintage feel to it. You must check out this DIY paper mobile, such a cute mobile to hang over your baby’s crib-so simple, anyone can do it.   All this balloon talk inspired me to make a few whimsical printables. ☺  See below.

As you can see, I made two options-one for birth announcement and one for birthday.  You can print them out and write by hand-simple! Links below.

To download them (5×7) in pdf format, just click here and here. More free printables are available on my blog. We also provide blog design services. What do you think readers? Let me know if you like these and I shall make more.  Enjoy and have a great weekend! ♥ ~ijin

July 9, 2012

Petit Collage

Some darling decor inspiration this Monday morning by Petit Collage at Fawn & Forest. I love those confetti fabric wall decals!

In the 2nd room it looks like they used Washi tape to make the house outline. So clever!

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July 9, 2012

Mini Piccolini’s DIY Changing Station Bins

I’m a messy crafter but I have to share this project because it’s the easiest DIY you’ll ever do. For just few dollars, these fabric-covered storage bins are such an easy upgrade for your changing station. I keep diapers in one, Bummas in another, and a few creams etc in a third.

We have a ton of IKEA Skubb storage boxes. They come flat, zipper into boxes in several sizes, and are perfect for storing baby changing essentials. I’m also going to be using them to organize Baby #2‘s clothes in the dresser we bought. Baby clothes are so teeny and things get cluttered quickly, so using these boxes makes everything a little more organized. In a drawer or cupboard, they are fine as they are, but we have three of them at our bathroom changing station that I wanted to pretty up. So I covered them in fabric.

This is a super easy project – it’s just like wrapping a present. I used a cute fabric that I bought while living in India, and a glue gun. I’m sure you could use fabric glue but I like how quickly glue gun glue dries, making it easy to stretch the fabric to cover the box without wrinkles. Click here for full instructions.

You can also use these storage bins to hold baby toys. However, when things get out of control consider storing baby things in self storage. It is a good idea especially if one is planning another baby!

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