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February 25, 2015

SoYoung Lunch Boxes


Lunch Boxes used to seem unimportant to me. I’d pick one up at Target at the beginning of each school year. Throughout the year it would get spills & stains, the velcro would wear down everytime I threw it in the washing machine, & I would do what I always do… just buy a new one.

This year I received 2 SoYoung Lunch Boxes, 1 for Rexy & 1 for Harper. I was lucky enough to meet the lovely founder of the company at a children’s trade show. My world of packing lunches completely changed. SoYoung Lunch Boxes are so so pretty- and they will stay pretty! They are made of coated linen which never stains. (trust me, we’ve been using our’s almost every day for 4 months now!) If your lunch box does get sticky from juice spills you can simply wipe clean with wet wipes. When you unzip the lunch box you will find a leak proof insulated insert for easy cleaning. This makes life soooo much easier for us lunch packing mamas. Again, NO stains from spills + food stays COLD!

On the weekends I love using their lunch boxes as snack containers when we go to the park, zoo, or even on road trips. They look super cute carried as backpacks or cross body which keeps your children hands free (convenient, since my kids never want to carry things!)

Find the entire SoYoung collection HERE, including their beautiful backpacks, cooler bags, diaper bags, & accessories.


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February 18, 2015

Silikids Makes Everything Easier!


Traverse City-based Silikids was founded in 2006 by two moms, Stacey Feeley and Giuliana Schwab. Silikids is the first mom-founded brand focused on creating products that are safe, modern and made entirely out of SILICONE. Silikids combines function with high design and innovation along with technological advances of silicone, making the company a pioneer in the children’s market.

A few of my favorites, or better yet “must have” items:

1. Siliskin® Sippy Top:

-Added stretch and shock absorption bands help protect glass.
-Silicone top stretches over and grips the top of a cup while air suction keeps the top in place.
-Add it to a Siliskin® Glass or a glass of your choice to make it an instant sippy.
-Dishwasher safe.
-Can be boiled to sterilize.
-Comes in 2 pack.
-Recommended use for 2.5″ or less diameter cup.

2. Silispoons™ 2pack

-Silicone spoon for young children learning to eat solids
-Encourages independent eating habits
-Textured handle stimulates tactile experience.
-Wide shovel head makes it easy to scoop up food and hold it in place.
-Dishwasher safe and can be boiled to sterilize.
-Comes in 2 pack

3. SiliBag 2pack

-Silicone sandwich / snack bag
-Stores flat.
-Gusseted bottom allows bag to stand up for easy snacking.
-Food can be warmed up directly in the microwave!
-Can be written on with washable markers and a pen!
-Replaces disposable plastic bags.
-Dishwasher safe and can be boiled to sterilize.
-Comes in 2 pack

4. Siliskin® Straw Tops

-Give Your Cup a Straw Top!
-Silicone top stretches over and grips the top of multiple size cups while air suction keeps it in place!
-Add it to a Siliskin® Glass or a glass of your choice and have an instant, no-spill cup.
-Dishwasher safe.
-Can be boiled to sterilize.
-Comes in 3 pack.
-Recommended use for cups with 3″ diameter or less.

5. Siliskin® Glass Training Cup {8oz}

-Siliskin Top and Glass come together as one making an 8oz glass training cup
-Combined with the Siliskin sleeve, the glass is completely encased in silicone
-Silicone top stretches over and covers the top of the glass
-Silicone grips glass and air suction keeps top in place
-Dishwasher safe
-Can be boiled to sterilize
-PLEASE NOTE – This product does not prevent breakage. The Siliskin Training Cup should be used at the table
under adult supervision at all times.
-Ages 24mo and up

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November 13, 2014

Boken Every Day Bag


Searching for a cool Diaper Bag that works for both you AND hubby? Check out the Boken Every Day Bag….

“As a first-time mother and a busy fashion consultant, co-founder Sawako Yamauchi faced a dilemma: Finding a diaper bag that fit her needs, fit her style, and kept up with her active, hectic schedule. After months of searching, she found the answer, but it wasn’t a diaper bag – it was a travel backpack.

Boken has created the most lightweight diaper bag on the market, made from water resistant material that easily wipes clean, to handle whatever messes the world – or your baby – throws at you.

It’s the perfect bag designed to make your life easier, whether today’s adventure is a list full of errands or a day trip to the beach. Our bags allow you to be hands-free, because you’ve got more important things to hold! And above all, it’s a bag that looks great in any setting – out to lunch in the city, to a party on the beach! ”

And best of all, with Boken, there’s finally a diaper bag Dad won’t be embarrassed to wear…or maybe own for himself.


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October 31, 2014

Hands Free with the B3 All-in-One Bra


Beautiful, Functional, and Convenient!

The B3 All-in-One Bra by Simple Wishes is a multi-functional bra that allows you to breastfeed and/or pump while still having the use of BOTH of your hands. It’s superior fit and comfort makes it wearable all day, everyday. Modern day moms are master multi-taskers and this Hands Free bra is a must have.

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October 30, 2014

Babyhome Dream


The most luxurious (& my personal favorite) of all bassinets! Perforated, buttery leather on polished black aluminum. The Dream Premium is the only cot with three easily interchangeable positions. Babyhome always creates pieces that are both functional and beautiful!


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October 27, 2014

Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bags


Looking for the perfect bag for your everyday baby needs? Ju-Ju-Be diaper bags come in pretty much every style and shape. They also have some really fun prints including tokidoki, black & white stripes and polka dots, and my absolute favorite Hello Kitty prints. All Ju-Ju-Be diaper bags are machine washable, anti- microbial and are incredibly durable yet lightweight. At Ju-Ju-Be you’ll also find all kinds of accessories to mix and match with your bag including bibs, pacifier pods, bottle storage bags, wristlets, bag tags, etc!

My personal favorite is the Be Right Back. It is a backpack style diaper bag which has all kinds storage pockets, 2 exterior insulated bottle pockets … with Thinsulate™, a Memory foam changing pad, has AgION® Antimicrobial Linings, and is made of Teflon® … so stains don’t stick!


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October 8, 2014

Puj Filla


How many times a day do your kids ask for a drink? My 4 year old is ALWAYS thirsty! & I am ALWAYS circling back to the kitchen!

I LOVE this solution by Puj!…

Introducing Filla, the first ever hangable kid cup!

Each cup is made with a friendly loop that hangs from a corresponding Nub. And since the Nubs adhere to any smooth surface using 3M adhesive and leave no permanent damage you can hang these right from your fridge, allowing your child to get a drink without the help of a parent.

The cup is made from silicone and food-safe non-leaching polypropylene and is dishwasher safe.

These are arriving in kitchens everywhere early 2015.


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October 2, 2014

Squooshi Reusable Food Pouches

I discovered Squooshi food pouches while in Vegas for ABC Kids. I thought they were pretty ingenious & will appeal to a LOT of you moms!

Squooshi is a reusable food pouch. They are adorable and refillable squeeze pouches that give you the freedom to give your babies and kids healthy food in a fun container they’ll love to use. With a sturdy zip-lock style seal located on the bottom of the pouch and a choke-proof cap, Squooshi reusable food pouches can be filled with whatever squishy wholesome goodness you and your little ones desire for a healthy, on-the go snack or meal…(applesauce, smoothies, fruit, grain and veggie purees, homemade baby food, yogurts, oatmeal – pretty much ANYTHING of a squishy consistency.) Check out this video for a 3D view of how Squooshi works:


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May 2, 2014

Custom Spearmint LOVE Blankets


This spring we are offering custom colors in our Cross & Heart blankets. For an extra $5 you may pick a color/s that will match your nursery & style. Here are just a few colors that have been popular. To purchase Mint, Yellow, or Coral visit

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March 26, 2014


I’ve had these two sleepsacks hanging in my son’s closet since before he was born and never really bothered using them until about two weeks ago. Now I’m totally hooked and am sort of kicking myself for not getting to them sooner since he’s shown signs of preferring to be arms free. I’m pretty much the worst swaddler and these sleepsacks (also known as wearable blankets) keep baby warm and ensure your baby won’t break out. Most babies are ready to transition into sleepsacks as early as 3 months. For boys, they look a bit like dresses, which also kind of cracks me up, but not to fret, they come in an array of designs and colors. Check out my favorites below.


one :: two :: three :: four :: five

How cool is the star one?

Happy Wednesday!
Irene Lovett

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March 24, 2014

Lily Jade Diaper Bags


Do you carry a diaper bag? If so, do you like it? Does it double as a purse?

When I had babies I used to carry a diaper bag AND a purse! Not sure why, but I think it had something to do with the fact that my diaper bag had a loud/ugly print and really looked like a diaper bag.

This month I had the chance to check out Lily Jade Diaper Bags. Lily Jade makes designer diaper bags that you can use during the baby years & beyond. Their bags are made from leather and lined with durable cotton canvas. Each bag has a removable and washable canvas diaper bag organizer and a washable changing pad. The diaper bag organizer has 16 usable pockets for all of those itty bitty baby items. You can also use the diaper bag organizer in larger tote bags- they are great for travel and the beach.

When you no longer need the diaper bag organizer, simply remove it & you can use your Lily Jade bag as a purse!


P.S. Lily Jade is currently having a sale on ALL of their diaper bags!

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March 20, 2014

Bunny Swaddle Blankets


Easter is exactly 1 month from today! Don’t forget to order your bunny swaddle blanket. Swaddle blankets are HUGE (47 x 47 inches) and can be used for floor time play rugs, stroller covers, nursing shields, lightweight blankets, change mats, & burp cloths!

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March 19, 2014



This month I had the opportunity to check out the Nuna SENA. It is Nuna’s foldable cot, or as we call it the pack-n-play! At first glance it is definitely easy on the eyes– has a beautiful modern design and I am LOVING this beautiful scarlet color. It also comes in navy and safari (a beige color).

The SENA only takes a few minutes to set up and then folds back up in a snap. Seriously, you can fold it back up one handed! One of the best features of the SENA is that it has an upper cot that folds with the frame. If fact, it is the ONLY cot with an upper cot that folds with the frame! This is soooo convenient especially while your baby is still in the newborn – 1 yr. stage. A few other features worth mentioning include the padded edges (that prevent finger pinches) and the quilted mattress pad which makes for a comfy sleeping!

I’d definitely recommend this for both travel, play, and nap time! If you plan on keeping your newborn close during the night the first few months this would also be a fabulous bassinet option.

For more check out the video below:

SENA DEMO VIDEO from Nuna on Vimeo.

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March 4, 2014

Eco Heart Baby Blankets


The Eco Heart Baby Blanket in Cream/Black is now available at

For International Shipping Inquiries & custom colors please email me: Shari @

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March 3, 2014

Gro Anywhere Blind


Happy Monday Morning! How was your weekend? I spent the entire weekend tearing out carpet (see some pics on Instagram: spearmintbaby!)

I also got a chance to try out my new Gro Anywhere Blind. I have to say that I get to try out a LOT of cool products for babies/mamas and this is one of my new FAVORITES! If you are pregnant add this product to your registry NOW!

I think most moms feel like a dark nursery means baby will nap better/longer. I never had blackout shades in my nurseries so when Harper was about 6 months old I decided to hang thick fleece blankets from her windows. I was desperate because the curtains still let in waaayy too much light and she had a hard time settling down for naps. The room looked ridiculous but I wasn’t going to take down the fleece blankets since I’d worked so hard getting them to stay up!

Anyway, if only the Gro Anywhere Blind had existed back then.

What is it? How does it work?
The Gro Anywhere Blind is a completely portable blackout blind that creates a dark sleep environment wherever you go. You can take this shade to Grandma’s house or on vacation because it is so lightweight and easy to transport. The Gro Anywhere Blind is completely adjustable and you just stick it to your window with the suction cups. The blind has VELCRO® brand closure tabs which allow you to adjust it to your window size. & BTW, it is super cute with a black stars and moon print!

Not convinced yet? Well check out Harper & Rex’s room below. I put the shade up during peak afternoon sun/light (took about 2 minutes). If I were to cover the other door with another shade the room would be completely dark! Now that spring is here I can keep their 7:00 bedtime and still make the bedroom dark. I am seriously amazed at how fab this is!


Want to learn more? Check out the video below:

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February 18, 2014

Gummy Lamps


I’ve wanted one of these gummy lamps pretty much forever. Seems like the perfect nightlight for your little one’s bedroom. Just squeeze the gummy bear’s tummy to turn on/off. It also has a timer in case you don’t want it on all night.

I just purchased the red one off of Zulily for $19.99. Which is your favorite?

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February 17, 2014

rockaRoo™ by 4 Moms


This past October I had the opportunity to attend the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas, NV. If you follow me on Instagram: @spearmintbaby you were flooded with a LOT of my favorite things from the show. Some of my other favorites were top secret …brand new products that are just now being released into stores.

The 4 moms rockaRoo™ is now available and it is AMAZING! A definite must have for all of you who are creating your registries. Add it NOW!

Why do you need the rockaRoo™? Why is it unique?

Well, 4 moms took a traditional swinging motion and turned it upside down. The rockaRoo™ literally rocks like a rocking horse! This motion maximizes the sensation of motion for your baby. Your fussy baby will be in rocking heaven! There is no other product like this on the market.

In addition, the rockaRoo™ is lightweight, easy to move around, & doesn’t take up as much room as a traditional swing. It is also way more beautiful than the traditional swing. I love it’s modern look, don’t you?

The rockaRoo™ has five different speeds and an MP3 hookup so you can play your own music. Download your favorites by Mozart & Bach and play them right through your rockaRoo™.

Be sure to watch the short video below to learn more:


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February 12, 2014

Baby Love

Irene here from designstiles. In celebration of the upcoming Valentine’s Day, today I thought I’d share a round-up of the top baby items I absolutely love.

babylove1. This Fisher Price Cradle ‘N Swing is the best. I can put baby in it while I pump and do work. And it allows me to sneak off and shower while he takes a quick morning nap. He just starting noticing himself in the mirror and loves gazing at the mobile. Totally keeps him entertained and looks completely comfortable. I’m actually jealous I don’t fit it in. Get one. My sister gave me hers and it’s seriously the best item we’ve received.

2. Bandana bibs – my friend made me a couple of these and I just think they’re the coolest. I didn’t realize just how much babies drool so these quickly became part of my baby’s ensemble. I’m not really into the bibs with all kinds of sayings on them so was super happy to see an alternative. The ones I have are not yet on my friend’s Etsy store but maybe this post will persuade her to update. Ha!

3. Peanut changing pad – This was the one item I wanted most off my registry. I don’t need to worry about washing changing pad covers and any accidents can be easily wiped. The no-fuss changing pad. It’s great and really dig the funky shape.

4. Ergobaby Carrier – another item handed down to us by my sister. This thing gives your arms a break. You can’t always carry your baby and we’ve got things to do so put them in this and feel the bond. You’ll need to use the insert for the first few months. We still do.

5. Gap cuffed pants – I first bought a pair of these on sale and soon went back for seconds. Then thirds and fourths. I like the variety of colors and simple patterns. They look really comfortable and there’s something about the cuffed leg I’m just really into. There’s a cute selection for girls too. Some are even gender neutral.

That’s it. The things I’m totally loving currently. I should do another round-up once my baby gets a little older and we both discover new items.

Happy Wednesday!
Irene Lovett

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February 11, 2014

Jack N’ Jill Toothpaste


I discovered Jack N’ Jill at the ABC Kids Expo this past October. I had never really thought about toothpaste choices before since we are pretty much limited to what is on the drug store shelf.

After a brief education, I learned that Jack N’ Jill is an all natural toothpaste & safe for babies, toddlers & children to swallow. This is GOOD because my kids ALWAYS swallow their toothpaste! Jack N’ Jill is also hypoallergenic with organic ingredients, and designed with recyclable and BPA Free packaging.

Harper LOVES the Blackcurrant flavor while Rexy prefers Blueberry… they have a flavor that is sure to suit your little one’s taste. & I really love that CUTE bunny rinse & storage cup!

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January 17, 2014

100% Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blankets


I’m super excited to now be offering the most beautiful & soft muslin swaddle blankets in our online store. My personal favorite is the CHEETAH Swaddle Blanket! But we have something to fit every baby personality. & they are HUGE!

Use these blankets for everything from swaddling to floortime play rugs, stroller covers, nursing shields, lightweight blankets, changing mats, burp cloths and much more.

So go check um out:

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January 10, 2014

Spearmint LOVE at West Elm

I’m really excite to announce that I’ll be selling Spearmint LOVE blankets at West Elm on Saturday January 25th! If you are local, please come on out to the FAB West Elm store at Scottsdale Quarter- I’d LOVE to meet you. We’ll also be introducing a new design just in time for Valentine’s Day.

& for those of you interested, YES there will be a discount for West Elm shoppers!

For more blanket pics and inspiration find me on INSTAGRAM: @spearmintbaby & shop at


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December 16, 2013

Storage Legos 50% Off


Looking for fun storage? I was on the hunt last month for something cute that I could slide under their new bunkbed. Since it would show, I wanted it to be cute! Enter Room Copenhagen. They make the cutest storage containers that look like legos. They can stack just like the real thing!

Anyway, they are 50% off on I purchased 2 large ones (1 black & 1 white) for only $36 with free shipping! Go check out the 1 day sale.


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November 19, 2013



I’m sharing more from the ABC Kids Expo today. Familiar with Babyhome? They design modern & very functional baby products/gear. At the ABC Kids show they were premiering some beautiful new colors: coral & a soft minty green which I LOVED!

My favorite product by Babyhome is DREAM: a portable bassinet, perfect for travel over the holidays or even to keep newborn beside your bed while you are breastfeeding throughout the night!

“DREAM is a highly designed travel cot featuring a unique adjustable leg system that provides three different uses for the same product. Its aluminium structure gives it a modern, sophisticated look complemented by removable and washable fabric in a variety of colors. A foam mattress, a honeycomb breathable pad and a fitted sheet are included.”

My other favorite by Babyhome is so-ro. It is an absolutely stunning piece of furniture and comes as either a single or a double rocker for those of you that have twins. In addition to it being beautiful, so-ro was designed by an occupational therapist and offers a rhythmic, front-to-back rocking movement that soothes and comforts your baby. For those of you that love white…the so-ro does indeed come in white as well!

Making it’s debut in the upcoming year is the Wave Lounge Chair. (lower left) It has nice clean lines and will come in several cushion color options on brown or white laminated wood. It looks like the next “must have” lounger! I believe it will retail for just under $200.

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November 11, 2013



I had the pleasure of meeting the founder, Kevin Brodwick, of thinkbaby last month at the ABC Kids EXPO. Not familiar with thinkbaby? You will be soon…

Kevin had this fabulous idea to deliver safe, functional, and sustainable products for little ones that are free of biologically harmful chemicals. Founded in 2006, thinkbaby products address the growing concern of toxic chemicals leaching from consumer products.

From baby bottles & sippy cups to sunscreen & shampoo their products are free of BPAs, phthalates, nitrosamines, lead, PVC, PET, Melamine, and biologically harmful chemicals. thinkbaby does not conduct animal testing and products are packaged without the use of clear plastic windows, which are made of PVC & PET.

My FAVORITES are the adorable feeding sets. They come in 5 colors and come with the “think” logo. So cute!


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October 28, 2013

Baby Brezza Formula Pro


I was able to get the lowdown on some of the most fabulous & innovative new products at the ABC KIDS EXPO a few weeks ago… & this is one of them! The Baby Brezza Formula Pro is a MUST have for formula feeding moms. It allows you to dispense and mix water and powdered formula to the perfect temperature and consistency with the push of a button! Bottles turn out perfectly prepared (with no air bubbles) every single time. You can also store your water and formula powder right in the machine, so it’s always ready for your hungry baby. Don’t you love that?

*The machine works with all bottle sizes and all formula brands and types.
*You can also choose the amount of formula you want to make: 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 ounces.
*Hassle free formula preparation: no measuring, no mixing, no fuss
*Patent-pending mixing technology: mixes formula powder and water to perfect consistency without air bubbles
*Temperature control: heats water to 98 degrees, the optimal temperature for feeding baby
*Airtight formula storage: holds 700g of formula powder to prepare 20 8-ounce bottles
*Removable water tank: easy to fill and clean


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October 21, 2013 Blankets


All blanket styles are now available at Apples, Trees, & Pink Crosses currently have a wait time of 3 weeks, so order in advance!

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October 4, 2013

Angelcare® Digital Video, Movement and Sound Monitor

Being a new parent means constantly worrying about the safety and security of your baby, especially when you aren’t right there hovering above them. Avoiding the temptation to run into your sleeping baby’s room to check on them every 5 minutes can be a hard, right? I remember when Harper was a newborn I would have to stop myself from running down the hall to check on her. I was paranoid, what new mom isn’t? We had a really simple baby monitor that mostly just played loud static noise when it was turned on. It was pretty useless and about a month after Harper was born I pretty much gave up trying!

Last month the folks from Angelcare® sent over the new Digital Video, Movement and Sound Monitor for me to try out. GOSH, I wish I had this monitor when Harper was a newborn. I think I would have had complete peace of mind!

The monitor features a digital color video LCD screen, an infrared camera for dark conditions, a sound monitor with two-way communication capability, and a motion sensor pad. It uses 2.4 GHz digital transmission to reduce interference and provide maximum privacy. It also offers convenient features such as battery backup during power failure, temperature display, and a night-light. For babies under 24 months, whether awake or asleep, Angelcare’s world-renowned under-the-mattress sensor pad alerts parents at 20 seconds if no movement is detected. That feature would have made me so much more comfortable!

Each Digital Video, Movement and Sound Monitor is also equipped with an optional ‘tic’ feature that clicks to let parents know the sensor is working even when baby is sound asleep. From infant to toddler, Angelcare monitors can grow with your family by simply disconnecting the sensor pad feature.

Hopefully this info is helpful to all of you that are going through the exhausting planning process. I think for a brand new mom, this is definitely a good investment. Getting your rest is so important when you have a new baby and having this monitor by your side will help you do so!

P.S. the Angelcare Video, Movement and Sound Baby Monitor System is currently on special at Babies R Us for $259.99.

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September 18, 2013

Cross Blankets by Spearmint ♥


Cross Blankets (in both baby & mama size) now available. If you already purchased one, please share photos of your blanket in your home, on your picnic, with your baby… can’t wait to see!


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September 4, 2013

Stylish Cribs

Hi again, Irene from designstiles sharing stylish cribs today.

The crib is such a focal point in the baby’s room, I’m sure all moms-to-be want something cute yet functional enough to last through a possible second or more babies. I tend to gravitate towards simple, clean lines. And recently, the gray options are a perfect way to add a bit of color suitable for boys and girls.

Below are a few of my recent favorite cribs, ranging in styles and price points.


one // two // three // four // five // six

Happy Wednesday!
Irene Lovett

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August 23, 2013

Swiss Cross Blankets


FRIDAY! (blanket now available at

So sorry for the lack of posts lately. We are getting ready for the launch of our new online store, If you aren’t already, feel free to follow along on INSTAGRAM: @thespearmintblogs. You’ll get a sneak peek of some of the beautiful items we will be selling in our store.

Pictured above is our Cross Blanket in cream on black. We will have this blanket available in both baby + full size. It will also come in black on cream. It is a soft & thick blanket…perfect for cuddling up this winter!

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August 12, 2013

Inertia Car Seat


Shopping for infant car seats? It feels like yesterday that I was pregnant with Harper and the choices seemed endless. I had no idea where to begin!

Today I wanted to share some news about a new carseat available. It is made by Baby Trend and called the Inertia Infant Car Seat. Not only does the Inertia Car Seat install in the blink-of-an-eye, but it features a controlled motion base that responds to crash forces with a reclining mechanism for low-impact force distribution. Baby Trend is leading the car seat revolution with it’s Inertia Infant Car Seat by redefining safety and using their patented technology for easy installation.

Though I have not tried the new Car Seat by Baby Trend (my babies aren’t babies anymore!), Baby Trend was kind enough to send me a TrendZ FastBack 3-in-1 Car Seat for Rex. (it is pretty fab if your baby has outgrown their infant seat!

A bit more about the Inertia Infant Car Seat
“Features such as their standard five-point safety harness and EPS energy-absorbing foam work together with Baby Trend’s all new technology. The controlled motion base is engineered with a deceleration mechanism. This allows a child to ride comfortably, in a more reclined position. In the unlikely event of a car accident, it responds instantly to crash forces by rotating more upright to better distribute impact. For the easiest and fastest installation with maximum safety, the Inertia Infant Car Seat also features push-button RIGID LATCH connectors making installation virtually error-free.

The Inertia Infant Car Seat was also created with the parent in mind. By improving their Delta multi-grip carrying handle, Baby Trend makes ergonomic transport a priority so parents can comfortably carry their child from the car to the park and back. In addition, the Inertia Infant Car Seat’s ergonomic features include the stylist yet functional smooth-curved sides, designed to not bump into legs when the car seat is being carried.”

As of March, you can now find the Inertia Infant Car seat sold at Babies R Us. So go check it out for yourself!

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July 18, 2013

Baby J Play Mats

Baby Play Mats…

Do you have one? When Harper was little, I had a really flimsy play mat. You know, the kind with toys hanging from it. I would sit it on top of a thick comforter on our hard would floors so she would have a cushy place to lay/play. I had never even thought of looking for a pretty, COLORFUL, & plush play mat for my little girl to do her tummy time!

Jennifer, founder of, contacted me a few weeks ago to share a play mat she has created after seeing a need for this product. After going to many support groups with her newborn, she noticed that most moms had flimsy blankets to lay their babies down on. Her idea was to create a designer fabric, plush minky, foldable, padded baby play mat with a velcro closure. One side is always on the floor, and the other side never touches the floor. This way, baby will always have a clean surface for tummy time and mommy doesn’t have to continually wash baby’s blanket.

Jennifer let me choose my favorite play mat to check out her product. I chose the yellow chevron pattern. Isn’t it beautiful? It measures 29”x35” – the perfect size for a newborn to nap in the park and eventually practice tummy time! Plus, I love the velcro closure that ensures one side stays clean and sanitary… how convenient to throw in your stroller!

P.S. I also love the idea of having a beautiful patterned play mat for photography purposes! Wouldn’t it be fun to photograph/instagram your newborn on this cute patterned blanket? Which pattern is your favorite?

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July 16, 2013

BabyList Registry

Have you heard about BabyList?…

Creator, Natalie Gordon, was pregnant with her son and couldn’t find a baby registry that suited her needs. She wanted a place where she could register for frozen meals, pet sitting for her German Shepherd, & an eco-friendly diaper service… along with all other things baby.

So, she took things into her own hands and created a better online baby registry. I LOVE the idea of being able register for everything from a carseat, to your favorite Etsy accessories, to a day at the spa!

How does it work? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1) Go to BabyList and create a user profile.
2) Add a BabyList button to your Bookmark bar (This is just like the Pinterest ‘Pin it’ button).
3) Start adding items to your list from anywhere online.

Want some BabyList inspiration? Check out some sample registries created by your favorite companies & bloggers.  You can find my “think pink” registry items HERE.

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July 10, 2013

Stylish Diaper Bags

Hi there, Irene here from designstiles. On Monday I revealed on my blog that I’m pregnant.  And actually I have been since I started guest posting here on Spearmint Baby, but now that it’s out in the open, I feel even more like I’m relatable to you ladies.

On my mind yesterday were diaper bags. I love purses so I’m seeing the diaper bag as a treat and want to get something practical and stylish. I asked the moms in my circle for their recquirements and these seem to meet the standards. If this bag will be at your hip for months to come, and again if you have a second or third baby, I say make the splurge and buy something you love.

My personal favorite is no.6 –  appropriately named knocked up. Clever.


one  //  two  //  three  //  four  //  five  //   six
Irene Lovett

decor . styling . consulting

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June 26, 2013

BAGGU Weekend Bag

Do you have a favorite summertime activity? Summers in the southwest are HOT! You learn quickly that being outdoors with the kids for more than 30 minutes requires a swimming pool. Our rental house does not have a pool, so we’ve joined a few swim clubs for the summer.

A few weeks ago after lugging towels, pool toys, suits/goggles, & sunblock back and forth to the pool I realized I needed a better solution than 3 separate pool bags. So I started googling… I wanted a bag that was REALLY large, had a sturdy zipper, a simple/clean look, and was preferably canvas/cotton. During an afternoon of online shopping I discovered BAGGU. The Baggu Weekend Bag looked perfect!

As a blogger I am always trying to network with cool companies, so I decided to write to BAGGU about my search for the perfect/kid friendly pool bag. They were soooo nice and sent over this beautiful Weekend Bag in sea for me to try out. Isn’t it gorgeous? I love the simplicity of the bag + the fact that I can finally fit all of my stuff in my bag! Added Bonus: it also matches my towel perfectly.

Do you own any BAGGU products? I am so in love with their stuff and I think my next purchase is going to be the DUCK BAG in Sailor Stripe. Isn’t it cute? & $26 = such a bargain!


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June 19, 2013

Unique Baby Blankets

When it comes to getting all the right gear for your littlest one… there are so many options for just about anything you might need. And when it comes to blankets… there are about a million and a half different ones out there. But you want to find THE ONE right?

You know, the one blanket that just speaks to you. The one that has something a little special to it because you know its going to be part of your little one’s life for the next few years. If your lucky too, it will be one of those things that your little one just can’t live with out. You’ll be running frantically through the house each night looking for it so your tired toddler will go to sleep. So why not make that blanket something super special and fun right? These are some of my favorite, new, unique blankets, each one with something super fun and exciting about it!

// 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

1 // Muny
Block printed light weight cotton… I love how lightweight, soft, and warm these blankets are! Plus aren’t those colors and patterns just so… bohemian and ethnic!

2 // Vintage Kandy
Handmade out of vintage sheets and fabrics… how fabulous right? The mix of florals and colors. Definitely something unique you won’t find a duplicate of! Something totally special for your little ones!

3 // Iviebaby
A trendy triangle quilt in amazing colors for less than half the price?! Sign me up my friends!! This is a steal! I think I totally need one… for myself! Does this come in a king size maybe?

4 // Rikshaw Designs
Block printed by hand… and elephants! I have a thing for elephants these days. Plus this blanket comes in like six different colors! How super cute!! and it is that lightweight cotton again…

5 // Haptic Lab
I need this one… preferably with Philly on it but hey, there are plenty of other cities that would work too! But really, how unique and totally super amazing are these?? They come in three different color ways and are a serious piece I don’t think anyone would EVER regret!

6 // Milk and Soda
Oh those little cats… I’m not a big cat person but I can not get over those adorable little faces. I am loving the colors too!! How unique are they??

Be sure to stop by and say hi over on my personal blog, Just Dawnelle. I’d love to have you!! Don’t forget to introduce yourself so we can be friends!!

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May 15, 2013

Oh diaper bags… a love hate relationship…

Oh diaper bags… I have a love-hate relationship with them. They carry all kinds of very useful things. They are the perfect excuse to hide snacks at all times of the day. But at the same time they are bulky and sometimes end up so stinking full you wonder if you’re actually leaving anything at home when you leave the house.

Not only that… but I have issues sometimes with the way they look…

Let’s be real for a second. When you have children it is awful hard to keep your swag going. Spit up on the shoulder, peanut butter smeared on your pants… shoot sometimes I feel lucky to have remembered to get dressed. Throw a diaper bag into that mix and my personal style and swag has completely gone out the window!!

How do I remedy this? I don’t use diaper bags as diaper bags… I use a bag that I love, a bag that represents me, a bag that I will feel excited about carrying around.

Now I know that diaper bags are made with specific pockets and waterproof linings. Shoot, I’ve seen bags with a special pocket that unzips into a changing pad! But when it really comes down to it, I personally don’t use that stuff. I take the essentials and that’s it. I want simple and something I love.

So here are the bags that I am currently LOVING and would be excited to carry around everyday as my diaper bag. Best part? All under $100! I’m all about spending less on a bag so I can switch it out for a new one in a few months…

1. Mad Pax
How adorable are these things? I actually have one of these… half size… perfect to be passed onto my little boy when he is ready for his own bag to carry around his treasures. I get the best compliments about this bag too… people are always trying to touch it or ask about it. Plus it is a super wonderful plaything for my ten month old. She loves the texture and spikes!

2. Ecote Geo Mini Backpack
Check out that texture! Love backpacks for diaper bags… they keep your hands free and can always be used for other things after their life as a diaper bag has ended!

3. Kanken
Oh the Kanken… I actually like to think of this as the PERFECT diaper bag! Made out of waterproof material, the front zips all the way down so you are able to easily find anything in the bag. They come in tons of different colors and have two different ways to carry it… handles or on the back! I adore my Kanken. Plus… I know it is going to last FOREVER!

4. Guatemala Tribal Print Backpack
Again with the patterns! Easy, small, bright backpack with a super easy opening… plus a thick textured, colorful fabric makes it super durable against the kiddie whirlwind!

5. Water Warz Tote
I’m completely in love with this pattern… and color… The silhouette is perfect to carry anything you might need. Super easy to stuff full of diapers, toys, blankets… you could probably fit any and everything in this gorgeous thing! Who wouldn’t want to be carrying this around?

6. Cereal Box Tote
Leather making it durable and soft… big to store just about anything… and a long strap to throw over your shoulder keeping your hands free without having to wear a backpack. Plus that price? Can you beat it??

7. Trip to Thailand Messenger Bag
So I know this isn’t so kid friendly but how can you beat that pattern and color? This is a bag that will stand out in a crowd. It is the type of bag people will be asking about… I’m completely in love with it.

8. Hudson Colorblock Handbag
The simplicity of this bag is beautiful. The colors make it super versatile. The leather keeps it durable. The strap makes it hands-free… what more could you ask for? Great price? Of course! This bag is basically just perfect for any wardrobe or style…

Be sure to come check out more of my fabulous opinions over here on my personal blog… Just Dawnelle. You know I’m always there and always LOVE to hear from you!! Because you guys are the best!



April 10, 2013

The Mini Social

Anyone else do most of their shopping online these days? I often wonder how moms of little ones used to shop when there were no computers/internet!

Do you have a favorite site to shop for your baby/kids? Today I want to introduce The Mini Social. Every weekday The Mini Social launches new sales for babies, kids and moms. Sales last for a limited time (typically 72 hours) and sell out quickly, so you have to act fast. Membership is absolutely free, and all you need is your name and email to access the site.

The Mini Social currently has one of my favorite brands, Little Society on sale! & remember Harpers cute easter outfit by Rayil? Well, Rayil is going on sale TODAY! So join now to get access to the best prices.

Happy Shopping!

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March 27, 2013

Give a Personalized Blanket for a Baby Shower Gift


Hi Mamas! I’m just checking in this evening to chat about baby blankets, on behalf of

How many baby blankets does your baby have? Does he/she have a favorite blanket? Is it made of fleece, cotton, muslin, cashmere, chenille, or my personal favorite baby blanket fabric, organic cotton? You can never have too many baby blankets, don’t you think? I remember when Harper was a baby I had a rotating stack of 6 blankets. I’d often go through two or three blankets each day. She spit up on them or they’d get dirty while running errands. When I’d get behind on laundry I still (thankfully) had a few blankets left in the linen closet. How often do you wash your baby’s blanket?

Because you can never have too many, baby blankets make fabulous baby shower gifts! If you are in the mood to browse, check out They have a huge variety of baby blanket brands including patterned blankets, high-quality personalized baby blankets for boys & girls including the popular personalized fleece baby blanket. They also carry a great selection of swaddle blankets, receiving blankets, and even sleep sacks. I’ve put together a collection of my personal favorites including some of’s best selling baby blankets.

Want to know a little more about Read on… (more…)

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March 14, 2013

The Perfect Nursery Rocker

I am expecting my first baby this fall and I am researching everything!  There are so many products and things you need, it can be kind of overwhelming.  As an interior designer, I am very picky about one thing in particular the nursery rocker!   It may sound silly but I feel like I will be spending numerous hours feeding and rocking this precious newborn to sleep.  So I have done some research on not only comfortable rockers but well designed rockers to share with you today.



1. Mid Century Rocker

2. Stanyan Glider

3. Vintage Rocker

4. Savoy Glider

5. Shay Swivel Glider

6. Kennedy Rocker



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February 28, 2013

Secure Beginnings Heaven Sent Sleep Surface

secure beginnings breathable sleep surface

I had so much fun researching baby products while I was pregnant, and am having even more fun these days trying them all out with Daniela.   I picked a crib mattress (actually not a mattress, but a ‘sleep surface’) that I was really excited about, but it wasn’t until this past week, when she got evicted from her Rock ‘N Play sleeper and her swing, that it got much use.

So now I can finally fully review the Secure Beginnings sleep surface, and I absolutely love it! First of all, I love any product that replaces several, and this replaces a mattress, mattress pad, sheet set, and bumper.  It’s also the safest sleep surface option out there, backed by tons of research.  It is completely breathable, made of a trampoline like mesh that suspends baby over a bed of air.  This reduces the potential for babies to breathe in carbon dioxide, and regulates body temperature because air is constantly circulating around them (both are risk factors for SIDS and each of the companies founders were personally affected by SIDS).  Even if they wind up on their stomach, babies can breathe freely through the surface – I tested it myself and could still breathe no matter how firmly I pushed my face against the surface. (The bolster in these pics doesn’t stay in there with her, of course – it was just there for the photo ; )

The sleep surface also addresses a lot of other shortcomings of other crib mattresses.  It’s extremely hygenic as the whole thing is easily machine washable, and if a diaper leaks or the baby spits up, the liquid doesn’t soak into the surface but is simply collected in the base below, which is easy to wipe up.

The fabric is not made with toxic chemicals either.  There is tons of info about the non-toxic materials and all of the eco friendly practices the company has employed here and here.

Another plus is that because the fabric gives under their bodies and conforms to them, babies are at far less risk of developing flat spots on their heads.

The surfaces come in fabulous colors, and you pair them with a hardwood maple base.  They make some very cool, modern looking combinations.  We have the sleep surface in Fuschia, and the circle base in white. 

Last but not least, they are made in America, which is a nice bonus as far as I’m concerned.





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February 22, 2013


I’m not a traditional diaper bag gal. I don’t want to run around town with something that screams I have kids any more than I want spit up on my shoulder. Somethings are beyond our control – insert spit up covered shoulder here – and others are 100% with-in our control. And thank heaven for that!

When I found out I was pregnant with the twins one of the things that worried me was finding the diaper bag. It had to be big enough to carry diapers and items for three kids plus meet my style requirements, and I am super picky. So when I found this bag I knew it was a match made in heaven!

These are my top picks for stylish diaper bags, right now.

top diaper bags right now | spearmint baby

 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

happy shopping!
just love // kelly

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January 23, 2013




It’s sometimes hard knowing what to buy for that new baby. Beside the obvious, clothes, blankets and more adorable clothes. What else do they need?

We had friends visit us over the holidays who were in this same predicament. Without knowing what size our twins were currently wearing they were faced with the dreaded question. What do you get a 4 month old baby?

They took some sound advice from a mama friend and ended up bringing us our now fave toys – a taggie and a rattle blanket – which have become my go-to toys when I’m heading out the door. As long as I have a taggie, a rattle and a sock monkey I know my babies will be happy little chunker-oos.

What are your infant’s fave toys?

  1. // Squishy blocks
  2. // O-ball Rattle
  3. // Taggie Cube
  4. // Rattle blanket
  5. // Baby Sock Monkey
  6. // Crocheted Giraffe


Are we connected?



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January 9, 2013


westover manor | the mom of multiples ultimate survival guide

Hi, I’m Kelly. Mom to buddy roo + two, designer, project manager & blogger at Westover Manor. Where I share my style, show off my little ones and talk a bit about life and design.

We didn’t go all out with Quinn, our oldest, and baby toys. We had one bouncer seat and one play mat. Plus a small smattering of various tactile toys and plushies. That was basically it, and that was all we needed. He was super active and determined.
Crawling at 4 months, even though he couldn’t sit-up yet. He would literally prop himself up on his arm when he stopped for a break. Walking at 9 months and into, onto and around everything. He was happy with a stroller walk and a few crackers and I loved being able to keep active.

But it is 100% different now having twins. Not only twins, but twins plus Quinn.
I no longer have plenty of time to spend bathing my little bundle or nursing or anything really.
Everything is done at warp speed in multiples with little to no mom time and smaller doses of one on one mom and baby time.

My time is spend much more intentionally.
The best piece of advice I was given before the twins came was to make a schedule and stick to it.
Well, I want to amend that advice before I pass it along to you.
I would say make a schedule that works for you and then stick to the schedule that works for your babies.
I had this very romanticized vision in my mind that I would have them on identical schedules and it would revolutionize our lives. We would simply do every twice all at once and then have plenty of ‘extra’ time to do other things.
Well reality is dish best served cold. And my reality came with some frozen ice chunks and that nasty freezer burn smell.
So after I got over my romantic notion I quickly came to realize that the twins were really good at telling me what they needed as long as I was willing to listen. And the result is a perfectly off-set schedule that bounces back and forth between the two as needed.

For example, Rhys – our twin boy – was always the first one to wake up in the morning. I would get him up, fed and changed and then Avery – our twin girl – would wake up and I would repeat the process. But recently they’ve switched schedules. Now, Avery wakes up first and Rhys is second.

Whatever schedule you end up on strap in, gear up and enjoy the ride. ‘Cuz its a wild one!
Here are a few items that help us survive…

Survival Guide 1 | westover manor


1. A vibrating chair – There were literally nights that one or both of our twins slept in their little lamb chairs. They are simply the best for quick naps, long naps, feeding swaps or a mom moment.
2. A really good nursing pillow – I used the EZ Nurser pillow and loved it. The lumbar support and the strap keep this bad boy in place so you can focus on the babies and not worry about the pillow shifting. It was too large for the small hospital rocking chairs, but it was my BFF when the twins came home.


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December 14, 2012

Aden + Anais

Still shopping? GOOD! I have a few more suggestions for the littlest member of your family. Baby may be too little to have a Christmas toy list, but will really appreciate these things that will keep him cozy and comfortable during his first year in the world!

* Bamboo Swaddles & Bamboo Crib Sheets are made of silky rayon from bamboo fiber muslin. Keep baby cozy all winter with something that is soft on his/her skin. (you can use the swaddles as lightweight blankets & keep one in your diaper bag too!)

* The Serenity Star is the all in one nursery accessory. It’s the first system to combine an electronic feeding diary, room temperature indicator, sound machine, nightlight and clock—all in one. Simplify baby’s room with just one pretty white star that does it all!

* The mum + bub™ skin care line is gentle enough for baby, yet sophisticated enough for you. mum + bub™ is infused with fresh, fermented pawpaw fruit which is known in Australia to relieve, cleanse, and protect that baby soft skin!

It is also free of the following:
phytoestrogen + parabens + added hormone disrupters + petroleum oils + phthalates + dioxanes from sulfates + gluten and soy + petrochemicals + DEA + artificial colors


December 6, 2012

My favorite non baby products for baby

Mr. Floret Cadet and I have discovered lots of great baby products since having Daniela (more blog posts on some of those to follow) – but some products that aren’t intended for babies have also turned out to be lifesavers for us.  Here are a few of them!

#1 – Homedics Soundspa Alarm Clock with Projector – This is a cheesy alarm clock that I bought at Bed, Bath and Beyond years ago on a whim and it hadn’t seen the light of day in our house, until Daniela was born.  What makes it so great now is first the variety of white noise settings- from ocean to rain to crickets. She’s sleeping in our room, and these sounds are far more pleasing to me than the Sleep Sheep or other white noise makers geared specifically towards babies (*what* is up with that terrifying, evil sounding “heartbeat” setting on the Sleep Sheep?!)  They can also stay on all night vs being on a timer.  I also love the projector feature.  New parents wake up every time the baby grunts or stirs, and it’s so nice not to have to roll over or strain to see what time it is.  I can open my eyes for just a second any time, and the time is projected onto the ceiling- I stay almost fully asleep and still have some grasp over what time it is and how long until the next feeding.  Also, the projection casts just enough light into the room that I can feed her without turning on any additional light.  It’s not a distraction for sleeping and is a pleasant blue color.

#2 –  Boppy Pregnancy Wedge- This is a pregnancy product, intended to prop up pregnant bellies while side sleeping at night, but I’ve used it more since having her than I did when I was pregnant I think! I use it to prop up my elbow when I breastfeed her in the cradle position, and since I have overactive letdown issues with feeding, I also use it to prop her up and angle her body on top of the My Breast Friend pillow, so she can better control the flow.  It’s also the perfect size, shape and firmness to use under her for Tummy Time, and makes a cute photo prop when she’s holding her head up off of it.

#3- I have always loved these little liquid dispenser bottles at Sephora, and was excited to find them online.  I ordered one for each diaper station.  When you first come home from the hospital, you are supposed to just use gauze wipes with water for the first few weeks.  We are also cloth diapering and using cloth wipes, so I am continuing to use these indefinitely to wet my wipes, either with solution or just water.  But even just for the first few weeks, I would much prefer to use one of these to dispense water than to keep an open dish of water that could get kicked over at the changing station.

#4 – Clip on reading light – We have one of these clipped onto our bedroom changing station, so that whoever changes her doesn’t have to turn on a full bedside lamp and wake her or the other adult up during midnight changings.  It’s working out well- the light stays very localized.

#5 – This is the furthest removed from a baby product, but it’s still saving my life.  Why? It’s a soft indoor version of the famous Chuck It dog toys, and I can use it to entertain our extremely high spirited dog while nursing or holding the baby – the handle is long enough for me to reach the toy on the ground and not have to bend over to pick it up, and I never touch the toy, so I don’t have to constantly sanitize my hands in between dog time and baby time.

Oh and also – it’s not a product but a service, so not listed here, but Amazon Prime has been the biggest life saver of all! In the first 2 weeks of her life I think we placed at least one and usually two orders per day.  It was so nice to get things so quickly, not have to rack our brains for $25 worth of stuff to order so we could get free shipping, and to not have to try to get one of us out to the (germ infested) baby store during those early weeks!

Until next time…

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November 25, 2012

Mini Piccolini: In My Diaper Bag

Mini Piccolini - In my diaper bag

Since I last shared the contents of my diaper bag (and stroller), we’ve added another mini (and with him, a ton of baby stuff) to our little family, and Little A has started nursery school and isn’t out and about with me in the same way as before. We’ve also switched from our old single stroller to our new double stroller. So our set-up has changed a little.

Here’s what I’m carrying around these days (two children, 23 and 3,5 months old):

Mini Piccolini - In My Diaper Bag (more…)

Posted by:
November 13, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide Sneak Peek + a Big Giveaway!

Hi there! I’m Lauren from A Lovely Lark and I’m guest posting for Shari while she’s on her road trip. I thought it would be fun to share one of my gift guides here on Spearmint Baby with all of you today. I’ll be posting one or two gift guides each day up until Thanksgiving over on my blog, A Lovely Lark. Here’s an exclusive sneak peek of one that I’ll be posting later today for the babes:

 1. Teething Rings (win this by entering here!)
3. Personalized Embroidery Hoop (win this by entering here!)
4. Chickadee Booties (discount code here!)
5. Wooly the Sheep (discount code here!)
8. Ergobaby Organic Carrier (win an organic Ergobaby carrier by entering here!)
I’m also running a holiday giveaway with over $750 in prizes that will go to one lucky reader! There are goodies from Ergobaby (an Organic Bundle of Joy Carrier and Infant Insert!), Uncommon Goods, Colette Bream, Pretty Little Things by Lori Marie, Magpie Lovely, Bungalow Kids, and many more as well as a ton of discount codes on vendors like blabla kids, Twig Creative, Magpie Lovely, and Ergobaby! All you have to do to win is visit your favorite vendors and leave a comment over on the post on A Lovely Lark. Good luck!
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