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April 16, 2014

Nursery Mood Board, Mixing Unconventional Colors


Favorite colors for the nursery? Obviously pink is a frontrunner for girls while blue seems to dominate in boy nurseries. Black and white has become quite a popular combination in modern nurseries over the past few years. What about RED? or LIME GREEN? What are your favorite unconventional color combos for the nursery?

1. Caravan Crib by Kalon Studios
2. Assembly Home Contrast Interior Pendant
3. 4040 Locust 9-Drawer Console
4. Fraises Poster
5. Ladies of the Carnival Pillow Cover
6. Eiffel Kid’s Stool White
7. Eco Heart Baby Blanket
8. Studio Alpi Wooden Pull Toys

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April 16, 2014

photo of the day


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April 15, 2014

Harper & Rex’s Shared Bedroom + Painting Concrete

Although it is always changing, I’ve pretty much finished Harper & Rex’s shared room. We moved from a 3 bedroom in NJ to a 2.5 bedroom rental home in Scottsdale, AZ last May. This fall I decided to turn the tiny extra room that Rex was using into an office and move Rex into Harper’s bedroom. We went with bunk beds to give them more floor space for playing. The room is incredibly functional and they don’t even notice (or care) about the size of their room.

Most of the decor in the room is bright/colorful and pretty unisex. I used a lot of primary colors and patterns since the room is like a white canvas.

For the Painted Floors:

The carpet was torn out & lacquer thinner was applied to the carpet glue that stuck to the concrete. I let it sit for 10 minutes then scraped off the carpet glue with a metal scraper. (Use proper safety equipment including rubber/latex gloves and a mask.)

The concrete was filled in where necessary with Quikrete fast setting concrete mix. It was mostly used on the edges of the floor- where the floor meets the walls. There were lots of holes on the edges of the floor from pulling out the carpet nails. The great thing about Quikrete is that is dries overnight and is ready to be sanded the following day!

The floor was then sanded with a fine grain sandpaper, and then vacuumed, swept, and washed. I painted the floor with Sherwin Williams Porch & Floor Enamel. It took about 3 coats. I highly recommend a pole extender for your roller frame. You can easily reach far corners and kind of paint yourself out of the room.

After waiting about 2 days for the paint to dry completely, I sealed with H&C Wet Look Concrete Sealer

See results below:



Perch Bunk Bed in White & Birch by Oeuf
Marvel Comics Wall Art/Tin Signs, these were purchased in the store (I do not see them on the website)
Blue & Yellow Knit Mini Poufs
20″ Miffy Lamp, I purchased on during a 30% off sale. The lamp was $84.
Cream/Black Cross Blanket, by Spearmint LOVE
Nesting Dolls, Bear Family
White Ukelele
White/Green Square Mini Shelf
Baby Acapulco Chair, Red/White
Balthazar, Lucky Boy Sunday
White Curtain Rod, IKEA RÄCKA
Curtain Rod Finials, IKEA VÄSENTLIG
White Curtains, IKEA VIVAN
The Puppet Company Ostrich Giant Bird Puppet
Pillowcases and Sheet Sets by Little Auggie
Gold Mushroom Lamp, Heico
Jess Brown Wovenplay Circus Doll, Chartreuse
Rug Found on Ebay
“YAY” mini print was from a greeting card found at Target
Lapin and Me Woodland Doll
Lucky Boy Sunday Dolls: Mrs. White, Fancy Nulle, Jealous Baby
Mini and Maximus Bandit Pillow Cover
Mini Faux Sheepskin Rugs, IKEA
White Room Essentials Pendant Lamp
Dip Dyed Cobalt Stool, Serena & Lily
An Apple Poster, Miniwilla
Giant crochet Chocolate Hare by Anne-Claire Petit.
Young Buck & Doe A Deer 8×10 Prints
Wally Whale Wood Bank by Pearhead
White/Black Heart Flower Vase + Fabric Flowers, from the dollar section of Target
Rast Pine Nightstand, it was too yellow for the room so I whitewashed it HERE
White/Red Floor Pillowcase, I don’t see this for sale at IKEA anymore, but you may want to check in store. I purchased 2 for $6.99 and stuffed one of them with 2 standard pillows.
House Wall Hook, MINT
Normal Is Boring Cushion Cover by La Cerise Sur Le Gateau
Yellow Clock and Brown Dinosaur (on nightstand) from Goodwill
Gummy Bear Red Nightlight
White/Black Polka Dot Stool DIY Makeover
Union Jack Flag Tea Towel (purchased from @janesaysvintage IG shop)
Western Bull Wall Art, purchased on clearance

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April 14, 2014

Easter Basket Idea


Tomorrow is the last day to order the Pineapple Blanket in time for Easter delivery! It is a perfect accessory for your little one’s Easter basket. Photo above is by @pwee16. The blanket comes in both cream/black & pastels.


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April 10, 2014

Wren & James


This morning I’m sharing a peak at the Spring/Summer ’14 Wren & James collection. I love cheerful colors, and especially the gingham! The collection feels perfectly vintage & yet somehow very modern at the same time.   Wren & James has created very wearable pieces that are beautiful for family photos this summer or just a play date at the park.

Below, Harper is wearing the Gingham Pinafore:


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April 8, 2014

Modern Nursery


I can appreciate all styles of good nursery design and my taste changes a little bit every year. This year I’ve been drawn to modern design. Anne Hill, author of The Hills are Alive blog, recently shared her cheerful little guy’s nursery. It feels modern, but still very warm…

“…I had so much fun creating this room for my little guy! I wanted to create a bright and light space for us to spend time in during the day. I decided to go with mostly white and pops of color to accent the room. I also wanted to add some personal touches to remind of us of our home back in Alaska which we love so much. The Alaska print and teether, the moose rocker and mounted head, and the snow mobile added those touches for us. Lastly, my favorite part of his room is the fun triangle accent wall! We rent our home and cannot paint or change things too much, so removable decals were the perfect way to add a fun pop to the room that isn’t permanent.”

Thanks for letting us share our space with you!

Dresser: IKEA
Bookshelf: IKEA
Triangle Wall Decals: Urban Walls
Letter ‘E’: Michaels
Rocking Chair: IKEA
Moose Rocker: IKEA
Mountain pillow: DIY Project
Faux Fur rug: IKEA
Snowflake mobile: DIY Project
Crib: IKEA
Frog Plush Toy: BlaBla Kids
Moose Trophy Head: Cardboard Safari
Alaska State Teether: Little Sapling Toys


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April 4, 2014

Jonas Paul Eyewear


We all want glasses & sunglasses that frame our face and make us feel stylish. Why shouldn’t our children have stylish choices too? Enter Jonas Paul Eyewear

I just about died when I saw the selection of frames. Go take a look! In the pics below, Harper is wearing the Albert/Ainsley Sunglass Frame & Rex is in the Benjamin/Barbara Frame. All Jonas Paul frames are unisex so Harper and Rex can trade glasses for a different look.

The frames fit most children ages 4 – 12 yrs. Order multiple Jonas Paul Frames to find the perfect style for your child’s face. They’ll ship free to your home! Then, send the other frames back at no charge. Keep the non-prescription lenses in the frames if your child is wearing his/her glasses as an accessory, or take them to any lens provider to be fit for prescription lenses.

Learn about the inspiration for Jonas Paul Eyewear (might tear you up!) + their mission below:


Story Behind Jonas Paul Eyewear from sprout: visual storytelling on Vimeo.


Buy Sight, Give Sight – Jonas Paul Eyewear from sprout: visual storytelling on Vimeo.

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April 2, 2014

Pineapple Blanket Now Available


Our newest baby blanket is now available at It is super soft, eco friendly, and will be available for a limited time!


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