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August 14, 2013

Riudavets’ Avarcas

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably noticed Harper wearing these beautiful sandals all summer. They are GOLD Riudavets’ Avarcas and they have quickly become one of her favorite pairs of shoes! I love them for children because they slip on so fast and support feet enough for walks in the city as well as the beachside!

Riudavets’ Avarcas come in pretty much every color as well as men & women’s sizes too! What color is your favorite? …I am thinking about getting myself some white ones.

If you don’t know the history of Riudavets, it is super interesting…

The first Avarca has its origins in the Menorcan countryside. Menorca is a small island in the Spanish Mediterranean, where the land is dry and hard. Given these conditions, the Menorcan villagers needed shoes that were strong and flexible, yet simple in design. They soon found that Avarcas were the ideal shoes for this purpose, as Avarcas kept the villagers’ feet cool and comfortable.

Over time, Menorca’s economy changed. As farm tasks were mechanized, many laborers moved to the island’s towns in search of new trades. Bep de Binixems was one of these laborers. He is the grandfather of the third generation of José Riudavets SL, a family business and one of the key names in the history of Menorcan Avarcas. Binixems worked for many years on the farm before leaving the countryside to learn the trade of shoemaking.

Established in the late 1920s, and currently run by the third generation, this family business has always guaranteed authenticity, durability and a proper fit. The authentic Avarcas Riudavets of today still carry many characteristics of those worn yesterday: a classic tire sole, a fine suede inner lining, greased leather and a hidden border stitch.


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February 24, 2011

show us your BABY BUMP

Hi Shari!

My name is Kellie and my husband Jeremy and I are expecting our first baby, a girl, on April 26th! This is a picture of my bump taken at 30 weeks. We’re planning to name her Isla Harper. Isla is a lovely Scottish name we fell in love with and is pronounced “eye-la”. Harper (like your baby girl!) is after the author of my favorite book, Harper Lee, who wrote To Kill a Mockingbird. I have been so blessed with such a great pregnancy and haven’t been sick one day. Can’t believe it! The only things I really crave are fresh fruit, especially mangos and nectarines. I guess that’s a lucky craving to have! Don’t get my wrong, I definitely hear the occasional call of double stuffed oreos or the late night drive to Sonic for an ice cream blast!

We are busy getting little Isla’s room ready and my friends tell me I’ve gone a little crafting crazy! Nesting is definitely in full effect so I have lots of DIY projects going on! I document most of my projects on my blog that I’d love for you to check out.

I love Spearmint Baby and read it daily! Thanks for the inspiration!

Thanks, Kellie- i LOVE your little girl’s name! so glad you are you are having a relatively easy pregnancy. hopefully your labor will be equally smooth. be sure to share your birth store. can’t wait to see pics of Isla!
xoxo, Shari

are you PREGNANT?

send a photo/s of yourself (and your BUMP) to!

feel free to include wks pregnant, boy or girl, 1st/2nd/3rd baby, cravings, and/or something interesting about your pregnancy. we all enjoy reading fun pregnancy details!! if you have a blog, etsy store, or website we would love to give you some link love!

p.s. i have received sooo many adorable pregnancy photos….and will be featuring one of you every Thursday so check back!! if you want to be featured send your photos and pregnancy details to

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February 4, 2011

your weekend

are you a coffee drinker? i am pretty loyal to Dunkin Doughnuts. i can actually walk there from my house. i just drink regular coffee with a lot of cream & sugar. this week i was at Starbucks twice. there are always long lines and i like to listen to the fancy drinks people get. when it is my turn i am almost embarrassed to tell them that i just want a plain coffee with some room left on top so that i can add half & half and a few packages of equal. i think i need a new drink. what is your Starbucks drink?

is anyone else still working on losing baby weight? i worked out this morning while Harper was at preschool. it was my only day this week, but i managed to lose another pound due to healthy eating. at the beginning of the week i roasted 2 lbs of brussel sprouts and have been reheating them with all of my meals. i would still like to lose 10-11 lbs more.

on another note, i am really craving a double cheeseburger from Mcdonalds. i’m going to see if my husband will pick one up on his drive home from New York tonight. he usually gets home around 8:30-9:00 pm Friday nights.

this week i found out another one of my friends is having a girl. it will be her 3rd girl! i have 6 pregnant friends all expecting girls. i swear the next friend that gets pregnant will be having a boy. if i had 3 girls i think i would run out of name ideas….here is one of my lists before Rexford was born. and here is a fun name game i played a while back

a few more tidbits:

i stopped in at Homegoods this week and picked up a few things for my office.

i’m loving this pink pillow from Jonathon Adler. (& it’s on sale…hmmmmm)

isn’t Heidi Klum stunning in this video with Elmo?

my weekend recipe.

my older sister and brother in law are on an exotic island vacation. it looks spectacular!

love this DIY pinata.

do you have blogs that you read everyday? i LOVE discovering new blogs. i could literally read blogs all day long if i had the time. this week i found tales of a junkaholic. Artemis blogs about her charming life in London. her blog literally takes me to another place. (and i want her shed!)

spearmint wedding updates were lacking this week, however i did discover tree slice cake stands which I absolutely adore.

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December 10, 2010

your weekend


have you finished shopping yet? i am pretty much done shopping for Harper and Rexford. on Wednesday i wrapped 4 presents and i am just waiting for the rest of the things to come. i got all but 1 toy online this year. free shipping is a good enough reason for me to stay out of the stores.

Harper got a Tickle Me Elmo, Grover and Big Bird Puppets, 3 Sesame Street DVDs for the car, a Sesame Street potty attachment, a toy map of the United States that says the name of each state out loud, and a new convertible carseat. (i spent $130 because i had a credit from CSN stores for the carseat and potty attachment)

Rexford got a hand me down convertible carseat from Harper. i am going to get him a few little toys as stocking stuffers, and put some money into his college fund! (he is only 7 months so not aware of Christmas yet!)

a few posts you may have missed this week:

i’ve been trying new soups almost every weekend. this weekend i am making this one. (i cannot wait to use the acorn squash that has been sitting on my kitchen counter for the last month!)

i’m tempted to make this on Sunday morning, but it will really kill my diet. (i decided to start back up since i STILL have 12 lbs to lose :(

the perfect gift with personality for your best friend!

on Wednesday i made my tree skirt. (and i love these clothespins to display holiday cards!)

a Maldives photoshoot to drool over! check out this amazing hotel…the definition of paradise!

…and something about this winter wedding feels so cozy and wonderful to me.

a pretty treat for your Christmas party!

a wintry photo of The Great Wall since my husband is in China right now. it will be a lonely weekend without him!


have a wonderful, relaxing weekend! xo, shari

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