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January 11, 2017

Puj Easy Seat- Toilet Trainer

Our friends over at Puj just launched their new product the Easy Seat- Toilet trainer! The Puj Easy Seat Toilet Trainer provides your child the safety, comfort, and confidence to succeed in potty training!

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Designed as one solid piece, there are no crevices, creases, or cracks to clean! The Puj Easy Seat Toilet Trainer fits most toilet seats and has a built-in splash guard to help keep your bathroom and child clean. Light weight material allows for easy hanging and storage – your kids can even do it themselves! Compact design – perfect for storage and travel. Ultra soft material – durable, non-absorbent, non-staining, and non-slip.

  • Built in Splash Guard! Protects from misdirected spray
  • Soft, Durable, Non-staining, Non-slip, Non-toxic (BPA and PVC Free)
  • Easy to Keep Clean – No small parts
  • Hangs for easy storage and Compact for travel
  • Ages 18 plus months


Puj was founded in 2009 by Ben and Katie Richardson, a husband and wife duo who are both industrial designers by education and trade. They both worked for design firms previous to starting Puj, but had dreams to start their own company some day. At the time Puj was founded in 2009, they had three little boys and could see many opportunities in their own lives for products they knew would make life simpler as parents. They started Puj in their own garage, designing and prototyping their ideas until they were just right. Katie is extremely crafty (she knows how to sew, weld, do woodwork, and much more) and made many of the prototypes herself out of paper, cardboard and other materials before eventually creating what we now know as the Puj Tub. And here we are today, an internationally recognized brand with a full line of products that are sold in thousands of stores across the US and abroad!


We love Puj and the people that stand behind their company!

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