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July 31, 2013

Blush Pink, Grey, and Mint Nursery


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of sharing french beauty Chloé Fleury’s fab maternity style. She is flawless in every way… & so is her little girl’s nursery!

You will find lots of details about her nursery design on her blog, but we’ve summarized the source list for you below!

wall bunnies
baby booties
pink knitted crown
Muji CD player
baby tandem bikes blanket
bunny doll by Maiwenn Philouze
triangle wall stickers
cloud pillow
multi color stripe blanket (hand knit)
mint and white zig zag rug
faux sheepskin rug
cloud wooden hooks (handmade)
hand knitted fringed sweater
cloud maternity bag
little moccasins


Photo credit:  Photos by Modern Kids Co. and Chloé Fleury


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July 31, 2013

photo of the day



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July 31, 2013

Creative activities for your family car trip

Summer is well and truly here so it’s time to pack your bags and get away with the family! If you’re planning a family road trip, you’re probably trying to find ways to keep the kids happy in the back whilst you concentrate on the road.

In this guide, Izzy from Pass Smart shares a few creative ideas which the little ones can work on during the journey, meaning they’ll be entertained and you don’t have to worry about them asking “are we nearly there yet!?” every five minutes.

Summer bugs

Why not make the most of the sun and get the kids to make some fun summer bugs? They could try their hand at making some bumble bees and ladybugs using pipe cleaners, small pom poms and felt. They can accessorise their bee or ladybug with googly eyes and felt spots before attaching them to a pipe cleaner.

They can be used as pen toppers, drink toppers (using straws instead of pipe cleaners), or just simply summery decorations for the car!

You’ll need:
• Red and yellow small pom poms
• Pipe cleaners and straws
• Googly eyes
• Felt
• Glue

Tissue Paper wind surfer

They’re colourful, great fun to play with and easy to make. The kids will love making their tissue paper wind suffers, and the materials you need won’t cost much at all.

Simply rip up strips of different colored tissue paper, tying or taping them around a long wooden or plastic stick. The kids can use all of their favourite summery colors, or can even go patriotic with red, white and blue!

Once they’re made, and you get a chance to get out of the car and stretch your legs, they’ll be able to run around in the sun with their colourful creations. Once they’re tired of all of the running about, you’ll be able to rip the tissue paper off and recycle them for your next colorful creation!

You’ll need:
• Different colored tissue paper sheets
• A stick or pole. Don’t use wood which is likely to splinter
• Selotape

Flower fans

You can use your recycled tissue paper for these. Use a pom pom for the centre of the flower and stick the multi-colored tissue paper around the outside as petals.

They might even want to create their own little fan to keep the sun at bay, by using cardboard as a base to stick your tissue paper on to. Glue it all down, and you’ve got yourself a very simple-to-make homemade fan!

You’ll need:
• Cardboard cut into circles
• Tissue paper
• Pom poms
• Glue

Car decor

No summer road trip is complete without some in-car accessories and decorations. The perfect way to accessorize your ride is with some awesome window shades. We all know the dangers of overheated cars at this time of year, so window shades are ideal if you want to keep the summer heat off of the kids.

You can buy these in stores and online, but why do that when the kids can make and design them themselves? Buy some dark translucent fabric, some fabric glue and some fun accessories to decorate them with.

You might want to create the shade yourself before you leave for your car trip, leaving the kids to do the decorating whilst you’re on the move. To do this, you’ll need a long piece of wire which you can fit to the shape of the window, and the dark fabric to wrap around the wire. Glue it all in place with some superglue, and the canvas will be ready for the kids to get creative on.

You’ll need:
• Bendy wire
• Dark translucent fabric
• Superglue/fabric glue
• Decorations – sequins, fabric pens, feathers, felt, pom poms (anything you can find!)
• Suction cups to attach it to the window

Personalised crafts

The great thing about doing crafts during a long car trip is that the kids can make something personal. Encourage them to make something which will remind them of the trip or which they can have as a souvenir or a gift. Who said you need DVD players and iPads to keep the kids happy!?

The PassSmart team wish you a very safe and fun-filled trip!

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July 30, 2013

Sprinkles Prince of Cambridge Cupcakes


Any Sprinkles Cupcake fans out there? Now that we live in AZ we have a Sprinkles store that is about 5 minutes away!

Last week Sprinkles invited us over to check out their commemorative ‎Prince of Cambridge gender reveal cupcakes. Harper & Rex helped me taste test them & then we got to bring a box home. They LOVED that the cupcakes are filled with blue frosting! They also thought it was cool that you could eat the sugary name disk on top!


P.S. check out Sprinkles Gender Reveal Cupcakes. They would be so much fun to surprise family with your baby’s gender!

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July 30, 2013

photo of the day


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July 30, 2013

My Frugal Finds!


JustFab is having a Summer Clearance Sale, offering 100’s of shoes, handbags, and denim for as low as $9.95! Shipping is FREE on orders of $40 or more too!

When you sign up for Mom365, a site that caters to Moms and offers up need-to-knows and fun-to-knows about your baby, you’ll receive $60 FREE in gifts:

This offer is still available!

Text SCHICK to 24444 to get a FREE Schick Hydro Silk Razor!

When you create a new ScoreBig account you will get $10 off any purchase with no minimum required!

ScoreBig is the place to save on sports, concert and theater tickets without paying any fees or shipping charges for the privilege. ScoreBig’s tickets are below box office price and 100% guaranteed. In exchange for great tickets at great prices, at ScoreBig , you do things a little differently. They don’t tell you what to pay, you decide…how much you save is up to you. So check out ScoreBig to save up to 60% on tickets!


CLICK HERE to check out One Frugal Chick! I’m on twitter, facebook & have a daily newsletter subscription too!


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July 29, 2013

A new site is coming… stay tuned for details. We cannot wait to share!

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July 29, 2013

photo of the day

tracyparker5Tracy Parker Photography

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