June 24, 2013

Modern Baby Nursery

The The Animal Print Shop designed this absolutely stunning nursery for photographers Max & Margaux Wanger.

The room was designed around this baby elephant print. Gorgeous, isn’t he? I love the modern, white room with all of the pops of bright color.


keep reading for all of the sources…


Crib: Ouef
Baby Elephant Art: Right here at The Animal Print Shop! 
Tassel Garland (these are decor–Max and Margaux take them off when baby Dash sleeps): The Minimalist
Blanket: The Minimalist 
Circle Pillow: The Minimalist
Rocking Chair: OneFortyThree
Mobile: OneFortyThree
Brass Swing Arm Lamp: OneFortyThree
Whale Pillow: Ferm Living
Sheets: Little Auggie
Book Ledge: Ikea
Floating Storage unit: See Morgans’s DIY here (we used 24″ depth)
Curtains: Ikea 
Yellow Hang-It-All: Beat up old hang-it-all brought back to life with yellow spray paint
Leather Cabinet Pulls: CAMP

Photos by Joe Schmelzer for The Animal Print Shop.

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  1. I cannot get enough of the animal print shop for my nursery design projects! They are so gender neutral and perfect for children’s rooms. You can check out a nursery design I completed using the animal print shop here;

  2. This room is beautifully designed and decorated. I can tell a lot of thought was put into it. I noticed the rug is not listed under the room sources as well as the changing table attachment on the credenza. I would love to know where both were found. My husband and I are thinking of doing a similar credenza for our nursery and I was curious at what height the credenza was hung at to be at the appropriate height for the changing table use. Answers to any or all of the question asked would be greatly appreciated! Can’t get over how sleek and modern the credenza is. Love!

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