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March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!


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March 29, 2013

Easter ♥


I little Friday ♥ for all of you fabulous handmade businesses! You honestly make shopping for Easter a LOT more fun. Here are a few of my favorites around Etsy. Feel free to post a link to your own etsy/online store in the comments. Happy Easter, Happy Passover, & Happy Weekend!

1. toy stuffed bunny
2. crochet eggs
3. bunny banner, garland
4. bunny dress
5. crochet bunny hat
6. crochet easter bunny
7. bunny baby slippers
8. easter bunny rabbit & duck crayons
9. stripe bunny plush

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March 28, 2013

Spring Break

Hope you’re enjoying your spring vacation! I decided to take the week off to spend some quality time with my kids. It is still CHILLY & wet here, but we are trying to make the best of it. Hope you are enjoying your Passover & Easter week!

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March 28, 2013

Eggcellent Nursery Inspiration

In lieu of Easter weekend, I was inspired by all of the pastels and colorful Easter eggs.  Why not find inspiration from a colorful egg?  I remember dying eggs with my mom as a child and how much I loved to see what color combination it would take on as you pulled the egg from the colorful water.  I still love all the blues, pinks, yellows, and teals so when you put all those wonderful colors together, you can create a pretty nursery palette of eggcellence!   Happy Easter….

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 8.27.09 AM

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 8.27.34 AM

sources: crib, rabbit blanket, bumper pad, pillow, rug, bookends, rabbit, petal chandelier, rabbit mobile, glider


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March 27, 2013

Give a Personalized Blanket for a Baby Shower Gift


Hi Mamas! I’m just checking in this evening to chat about baby blankets, on behalf of

How many baby blankets does your baby have? Does he/she have a favorite blanket? Is it made of fleece, cotton, muslin, cashmere, chenille, or my personal favorite baby blanket fabric, organic cotton? You can never have too many baby blankets, don’t you think? I remember when Harper was a baby I had a rotating stack of 6 blankets. I’d often go through two or three blankets each day. She spit up on them or they’d get dirty while running errands. When I’d get behind on laundry I still (thankfully) had a few blankets left in the linen closet. How often do you wash your baby’s blanket?

Because you can never have too many, baby blankets make fabulous baby shower gifts! If you are in the mood to browse, check out They have a huge variety of baby blanket brands including patterned blankets, high-quality personalized baby blankets for boys & girls including the popular personalized fleece baby blanket. They also carry a great selection of swaddle blankets, receiving blankets, and even sleep sacks. I’ve put together a collection of my personal favorites including some of’s best selling baby blankets.

Want to know a little more about Read on… (more…)

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March 27, 2013

Vintage Heirloom Nursey Done Simply

Hello all you Spearmint Baby mamas! Denise and I have been given the honor to bring a little bit of our bloggy baby, Soph and Lulu, to you and feel so privileged to be stopping by for a visit! We are sister-in-laws and mamas, with six littles between us, who blog about finding ways to make the art of controlling chaos as lovely as possible. We share inspirational quips, DIY design projects, photography, recipes and an up close and very personal glance into our lives. With so many kiddos between us, we adore putting together spaces for each of them that not only pay homage to their individuality, but that also are visually pleasing. The most recent addition to the seemingly ever growing tribe, and partial namesake to our blog, is Lulu and this is her room…

xo. j + d  >>

Lulu’s room is a design that not only makes us smile warmly but one that beckons to our inner design loves. It is composed of heirloom pieces, vintage touches and a modern sense of simplicity.  It’s basically a blank canvas, mostly white, but with very intentionally placed pops of color.

The concept began with a crib, handed down to Miss Lulu from her cousin Soph by way of her cousin Char, and evolved from there. Elements were added over time to evoke depth, highlight textural interest and to provide much needed storage. Printed Instagrams hung via washi tape offer a hip alternative to frames, a subtle yet bold rug ties the room together, a set of thrifted wicker storage cubes and Ikea dresser stowaway random toys and clothing and a red rocking moose adds whimsy.

Lulu’s room is a space that fully captures the little one it was designed for and is not only a place that comforts a babe but also one that inspires a mama.

Lulu's nursey1


March 26, 2013

Fawn Shoppe For Spring

Good evening! We are on spring break this week which means I am home with the kids… which means it is hard to get a blog post finished while my kids are awake!

It wasn’t quite warm enough for the park today, so we kept busy with lots of puzzles! We also started going through spring wardrobes. Harper has so many beautiful new pieces for spring and I’m so anxious for the sun to shine bright so I can paint her toenails and put her pretty sandals on!

This outfit is one of my FAVORITES:
Harper’s dress is by Egg Baby from Fawn Shoppe. It is absolutely stunning! Her shoes are from Fawn Shoppe as well. They are the star sandal by Pom D’Api. (& leggings from Old Navy)


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March 26, 2013

photo of the day

Send me your favorite photo & it may be featured on (subject: “Photo of the Day”)

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