February 16, 2013

What to Bring for a Long Flight with Toddler

what to take for a long flight by vivat veritas 570


This week my husband and I took our first from Japan to his hometown, NY – 12 hour flight with our two-year old daughter. It was really a nerve racking event since our first flight with our daughter didn’t go all that well. I wrote more about it here, if you are interested, check it out 🙂

Here is a list of things we packed for our flight and thought was helpful:

1. Two extra set of clothes. I didn’t think I would need two sets, but I ended up needing them both. My daughter threw up twice during the flight while watching TV, so I was glad I packed this.

2. New toys and snacks to occupy the child. It’s better to be over prepared than under prepared.

3. Eye mask. This was surprisingly helpful. I didn’t realize how bright it was on the plane while they are serving meals. My daughter was asleep when the light was on, and it was helpful to have something to cover her eyes. She resisted wearing the mask at first, but eventually she got used to it. Also having her favorite stuffed animal had helped her relaxed.

4. Extra diapers and wipes. Same as #1, you never know what will happen. Kids have amazing timing. She has a very regular schedule…except for this day My daughter pooped twice on the plane, so having spare diapers in hand was so helpful. I packed 10 diapers and 1 pack of diaper wipes.

5. Gummy candies to for ear discomfort during take off/landing. I gave them to her in the beginning and end of the flight and she did not cry at all during those times.

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  1. iPad!!! I seriously could not travel without my iPad. I definitely agree with you about the 2 sets of clothes and keep and extra top in there for me too. My husband and I were both puked on one journey so lesson learned there.

    Fab tips! xoxo

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