February 7, 2013

Kitty Cat Trend

Have you noticed the kitty cat trend? I have to admit, I’ve always been a dog person but all of a sudden I have this OBSESSION with cats! (I even added a coool cat background on my Twitter page!)

I’ve been seeing quirky cat faces everywhere and wanted to share some of my favorite kitty cat dolls, pillows, artwork, etc. Do you have any cat inspired decor/accessories in your home/child’s room? Harper has this pink kitten print in her room.

1. kitty cat mask & tail
2. cat sweater, bobo choses
3. pretty kitty
4. cat ears headband
5. cat cushion
6. cat art
7. party cat greeting card (frame it!)
8. coco the cat
9. wood painted striped tailed cat
10. puffy sleeve kitty cat tee
11. kitty cat baby hat & booties set
12. cat hats
13. neon pink kitty baseball tee
14. mog cushion, donna wilson
15. grey hand made cat with embroidered face
16. kitten cloth bag

P.S. check out my new KITTY CAT pinterest board

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