February 6, 2013

Failed to Write File To Disk Error While Uploading Images in WordPress

Has anyone ever had this happen while trying to upload photos to WordPress?

If you ever do, it turns out that the solution may be really simple….

I always shy away from these technical issues. After almost 4 years of blogging I am still really un-savvy when it comes to blog maintenance. I spent the majority of my morning waiting patiently & thinking that this issue would resolve itself. It didn’t.

It turns out this was a hosting issue and I really should not have spent so much time trying to figure it out on my own! After contacting Dreamhost I was made aware that my server’s /tmp directory was at it’s max capacity. (whatever that means?!) It took the folks at Dreamhost 5 minutes to switch /tmp from memory to disk which will give me a lot more room.

Just an FYI to anyone that may encounter this in the future. Back to blogging this evening!

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  2. Hi there!!!

    I´m having this same issue.

    After looking everywhere, the error was a server side problem.

    The hosting cleaning the temp directory has worked for me.


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