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February 28, 2013

Nursery Decor for Little Boys


1. blue striped cloud shaped pillow
2. yellow star garland
3. blue knit crown
4. ABC house
5. 24 carat gold leaf sign letter Q
6. grey/white star storage boxes
7. BOBO CHOSES knit stripes blanket
8. retro high top children’s sneaker, ZARA
9. bloom alma papa crib

Before I had a boy I never really thought it would be as much fun decorating a boy’s nursery. I’m not the pink -obsessed-girly-girl mama, however my eye does gravitate more towards girly things.

After having my darling little boy, my eyes suddenly opened up to the wonderful design/accessory/clothing world of the BOY! I’ve picked some of my current favorites and put them into a mood board this morning. One of my favorite color combos: BLUE, NAVY, BLACK, GOLD, & WHITE.

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February 28, 2013

photo of the day

potdd4 months

Send me your favorite photo & it may be featured on (subject: “Photo of the Day”)

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February 28, 2013

Secure Beginnings Heaven Sent Sleep Surface

secure beginnings breathable sleep surface

I had so much fun researching baby products while I was pregnant, and am having even more fun these days trying them all out with Daniela.   I picked a crib mattress (actually not a mattress, but a ‘sleep surface’) that I was really excited about, but it wasn’t until this past week, when she got evicted from her Rock ‘N Play sleeper and her swing, that it got much use.

So now I can finally fully review the Secure Beginnings sleep surface, and I absolutely love it! First of all, I love any product that replaces several, and this replaces a mattress, mattress pad, sheet set, and bumper.  It’s also the safest sleep surface option out there, backed by tons of research.  It is completely breathable, made of a trampoline like mesh that suspends baby over a bed of air.  This reduces the potential for babies to breathe in carbon dioxide, and regulates body temperature because air is constantly circulating around them (both are risk factors for SIDS and each of the companies founders were personally affected by SIDS).  Even if they wind up on their stomach, babies can breathe freely through the surface – I tested it myself and could still breathe no matter how firmly I pushed my face against the surface. (The bolster in these pics doesn’t stay in there with her, of course – it was just there for the photo ; )

The sleep surface also addresses a lot of other shortcomings of other crib mattresses.  It’s extremely hygenic as the whole thing is easily machine washable, and if a diaper leaks or the baby spits up, the liquid doesn’t soak into the surface but is simply collected in the base below, which is easy to wipe up.

The fabric is not made with toxic chemicals either.  There is tons of info about the non-toxic materials and all of the eco friendly practices the company has employed here and here.

Another plus is that because the fabric gives under their bodies and conforms to them, babies are at far less risk of developing flat spots on their heads.

The surfaces come in fabulous colors, and you pair them with a hardwood maple base.  They make some very cool, modern looking combinations.  We have the sleep surface in Fuschia, and the circle base in white. 

Last but not least, they are made in America, which is a nice bonus as far as I’m concerned.





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February 27, 2013

Trending Now // Bright Colors + Denim

California is beautiful right now. Sorry to rub that in, but it totally is. With sunny days in the high sixties there is little to complain about. You could of course find something… hay fever, allergies, a winter cold that you just can’t seem to kick…
But with this awesome weather comes Spring biting at our heels. Here are some of my fave finds from this years Spring trends.

Trending Now // brights and denim

1 / A bright denim jacket from Old Navy will certainly get you in the spring mood. // $25

2 / These adorable Mustache blankets from Little Hip Squeaks for the occasional chilly day. // $58

3 / This giant lemon graphic onsie from Bobo Chooses makes me want lemon aid, real bad. // $43

4 / Denim, denim and more denim is on sale at H&M. // $10 and up

5 / Zara’s studded flats for your mini me are seriously killer. // $39

6 / Every girl needs a floral sun dress for the season and Old Navy has it going on. // $19.94

7 / Lemon colored saltwater sandals from Tea Collection are simply adorable. // $34


// kelly

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February 27, 2013

Shopping Online & Gilt


What is your “go to” place to shop online for your children? I am currently obsessed with Gilt Baby & Kids. I’m lucky to get shopping credits from referrals through my blog and facebook.

I currently have my eye on these things for Harper… which is your favorite?


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February 27, 2013

Sprinkles Gender Reveal Cupcakes


SPRINKLES CUPCAKES recently introduced GENDER REVEAL CUPCAKES. Wouldn’t it be fun for everyone to bite into one of these at the same time at your gender reveal party? I can just imagine how giddy everyone would be!

The cupcakes are available in chocolate and vanilla flavors & include a hidden surprise filling… pink or blue! Find a location near you here.


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February 27, 2013

photo of the day

ballerThe Australian Ballet’s 50th Anniversary is being celebrated with this wonderful collection by Collette Dinnigan.  photographed by Jez Smith

Send me your favorite photo & it may be featured on (subject: “Photo of the Day”)

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February 25, 2013

Show Your Bump!


Hi Spearmint Baby!

My name is Emily and I am currently 33 weeks pregnant! My husband Adam and I are expecting our first baby and he is a boy. We are naming him Chico after my husband’s favorite little stuffed dog toy from his childhood. Might sound crazy, but when he suggested it, it just made sense!

I started a Tumblr out of sheer frustration one night. I tried Googling, “Maternity Style Blogs,” “Maternity Fashion,” and everything close & in-between and couldn’t find ANYTHING that was even close to what I consider to be fashionable or cool. I don’t think I’m that unique or different – just your typical LA native (tattoos, leggings, rocker tees, skinny jeans, cardigans, oversized tanks, ombre hair & lots of accessories).

Keeping a blog focused on pregnancy style has really helped me not fall into the laziness of maternity fashion (don’t get it twisted I love my sweats and yoga pants as much as the next preggo).




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