January 4, 2013

Twin’s Nursery


Kelly from Westover Manor just finished up her twin’s nursery and it turned out pretty darn cute! Since they already had a black crib and matching furniture they decided on a black and white theme for the room. Black is his, white is hers.

She and hubby picked up the second crib at a garage sale. They freshened it up with a some new paint for their little girl. The crib bedding was found on a locals only Facebook page and the nightstand is from Ikea. The super cute pink humidifier showed up at their home one day from Target. It had no note, or receipt and they just assumed it was a baby shower gift! (funny, has this happened to anyone else?)

One of their good friends is a fabulous painter, & helped Kelly tape off the accent wall for stripes. Kelly used a pint of flat black paint for the ‘prison stripes!’ (I sooo want to try this in Rex’s bedroom!)

The darling pom poms are recycled from Kelly’s baby shower and double as adorable mobiles. The rocking chair was purchased from their old friend/neighbor and she was able to get it to stop squeaking with a can of 409 and a screwdriver! It has been a godsend to Kelly for middle of the night feedings. The t-shirt pillow that doubles as her lumbar support was a gift from her Aunt. She made a unique one for each twin. For more details visit



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