January 9, 2013


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Hi, I’m Kelly. Mom to buddy roo + two, designer, project manager & blogger at Westover Manor. Where I share my style, show off my little ones and talk a bit about life and design.

We didn’t go all out with Quinn, our oldest, and baby toys. We had one bouncer seat and one play mat. Plus a small smattering of various tactile toys and plushies. That was basically it, and that was all we needed. He was super active and determined.
Crawling at 4 months, even though he couldn’t sit-up yet. He would literally prop himself up on his arm when he stopped for a break. Walking at 9 months and into, onto and around everything. He was happy with a stroller walk and a few crackers and I loved being able to keep active.

But it is 100% different now having twins. Not only twins, but twins plus Quinn.
I no longer have plenty of time to spend bathing my little bundle or nursing or anything really.
Everything is done at warp speed in multiples with little to no mom time and smaller doses of one on one mom and baby time.

My time is spend much more intentionally.
The best piece of advice I was given before the twins came was to make a schedule and stick to it.
Well, I want to amend that advice before I pass it along to you.
I would say make a schedule that works for you and then stick to the schedule that works for your babies.
I had this very romanticized vision in my mind that I would have them on identical schedules and it would revolutionize our lives. We would simply do every twice all at once and then have plenty of ‘extra’ time to do other things.
Well reality is dish best served cold. And my reality came with some frozen ice chunks and that nasty freezer burn smell.
So after I got over my romantic notion I quickly came to realize that the twins were really good at telling me what they needed as long as I was willing to listen. And the result is a perfectly off-set schedule that bounces back and forth between the two as needed.

For example, Rhys – our twin boy – was always the first one to wake up in the morning. I would get him up, fed and changed and then Avery – our twin girl – would wake up and I would repeat the process. But recently they’ve switched schedules. Now, Avery wakes up first and Rhys is second.

Whatever schedule you end up on strap in, gear up and enjoy the ride. ‘Cuz its a wild one!
Here are a few items that help us survive…

Survival Guide 1 | westover manor


1. A vibrating chair – There were literally nights that one or both of our twins slept in their little lamb chairs. They are simply the best for quick naps, long naps, feeding swaps or a mom moment.
2. A really good nursing pillow – I used the EZ Nurser pillow and loved it. The lumbar support and the strap keep this bad boy in place so you can focus on the babies and not worry about the pillow shifting. It was too large for the small hospital rocking chairs, but it was my BFF when the twins came home.

Survival Guide | westover manor

3. A baby tub – I didn’t think I would need this, but I found myself daydreaming about it after a few days. The kitchen sink is great if you have time to clean it properly, which you don’t as a mom of multiples. So a baby tub that can be filled and raised to a non back-breaking level is AMAZING.
4. A great baby wrap or carrier – I love my Maya wrap and recommend it to anyone who asks. But seriously ANY baby carrier is great. Carry one, put the other(s) in a vibrating chair and take a breath.

Survival Guide 3 | westover manor

5. A baby swing. Like I said we never had this with our first, but it has been a life SAVER with our twins. We borrowed one from our friends after the twins had been home for almost a month and it revolutionized our lives.
6. A great jogging stroller – We were very blessed to receive an offer from a friend of a friend to buy their Valco stroller for dirt cheap, and it has been the best purchase hands down. This specific model has a toddler seat attachment that ‘floats’ in front of and above the other two seats. It helps me gain some calm moments when everyone is crying just to cry. I strap them in this bad boy and we walk the trail until everyone has calmed down – myself included.

Survival Guide 4 | westover manor

7. A baby bouncer – Between this and the baby swing our house is generally calm. It’s that good.
8. A clip and go stroller – We chose the Kolcraft Contours stroller because it serves as a clip and go as well as a simple double stroller. Grocery shopping? Easy-peezy.

Other necessary gear // dishwasher, washing machine in good working order – because you know it’s gunna get a serious work-out! –  a car seat bottle strap, a superstar support system and a very comfortable bed that you will rarely see.


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  1. all I can say is amen to this list (and thank god for that fisher price vibrating chair!). I have 6 month twin girls, and there is a need to limit yourself to essentials due to space. The only thing I might add is a play gym/mat. Ours have loved theirs from 3 months till now. I love my Citi Mini double stroller, as an alternative to the Valcro, and I use the My Breast Friend twin nursing pillow as an alternative to the EZ nurser. I have a double snap and go when out and about.

    • Yes! A play-mat is an absolute must. Thanks for the alternatives, there are many options out there for us hip mama’s. 😉

  2. We have a daughter (2 years, 8 months) and twin boys (9 months) and yes it was stressful. All my three kids have been very fussy for the first three months. Only carrying would settle them. So I was carrying the boys around in the WEEGO twin carrier for about 80 % of their day time for the first three months. It was a lifesaver! We also had two Babybjorn bouncing chairs which also calmed them down and allowed me and our daughter to sit next to them and read books (the babies loved to listen). The MacLaren Twin Triumph foldable stroller completes my list. Now we don’t need to carry them anymore and they are playing with each other a lot and also with their big sister. I think from now on it will be more of a blessing than the nightmare of the early days. Oh there is one more thing I wanted to add – my boys were very much on the same rythm. But I basically forced them into it. When one was waking up for feeding I was waking the other one up too. I also set up a very strict feeding schedule during the day to force them into a routine (although I had to feed them every two hours for the first six months because they were not gaining a lot of weight).

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