January 30, 2013

DIY – 1st Birthday Party Hat

In the run up to my daughters 1st Birthday I will be sharing some tutorials with you all. With only a few months to go, I’d better my craft on! Today I will be showing you how to make your very own super cute party hat. These are perfect for any birthday party and also for adorable cake smash photos!

How to make your own party hats:

Supplies Needed:
-Glitter cardstock (or your choice of colour)
-Glue gun and sticks
-Paper Party Hat template
– Marabou Fur Feather Trim
-Decorations of your choice

Step 1. Lay out your paper hat template and trace around it onto the back of your choice of card stock. I used a pink glitter as I’m doing a pink theme.

Step 2. Reassemble the card the same way of the template and using your hot glue gun glue the edges together. Also take off the elastic from the party hat and attach it to your new one. You can also use ribbon here if you wish.

Step 3. Now glue on your Marabou fur around the bottom and make a ball at the top. (or any other trimmings your are using)

Step 4. Using some other card stock cut out the number 1 and glue that down on the center of the hat. You could also print out a template to use if you don’t have steady hands.


And there you have it! Easy peasy! Now go and take some adorable photos!

I’ll be back soon with another tutorial. In the meantime – are you planning a birthday party or baby shower?

I’d love to know!


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