January 28, 2013

Need A Website To Start Your Own Business?


So you have come up with the brilliant idea you need to start your own business and need to create an online presence? Everything is done online these days but what should you do if you are not a professional web designer?

Never fear as there are plenty of options open to you whereby you don’t need to know a single thing about coding in HTML in order to create a website.

Plenty of attractive offers are available in the way of pre-designed website templates. Now this may sound like you get something generic and similar to many other websites but there is such a plethora of options that you are sure to get something that is both attractive and can keep up with your high standards.

Website Builders

One example of a fantastic option is the website creator from 123 reg. They have a whole host of options available in the way of beautiful templates but they don’t just leave you there. There is also a built in system for managing your website. This is all, of course, quick, easy and affordable.

Premade Templates

There are further options available to you as well such as using free pre-designed CSS or HTML5 templates that you can edit with software like Dreamweaver and host on an FTP server which links to your web address.

Comprehensive Hosting Packages

Obviously this brings up the fact that you also need to acquire hosting and a domain name. You also will probably want to include specific e-mail addresses with your web address rather than using a Hotmail or GMail account, as well.

All these things help to promote a positive and professional image of your company online. If you hold the standards of professionalism up yourself then your customers and clients will have a greater respect for your business on the whole.

Why it’s important

The reason that having a beautiful website is important is that if you plan to conduct much of your business online, as indeed you probably should, then the website will be the first port of call for many of your prospective customers and clients.

Having the best web design available only helps to cement in their mind the quality of your company. How many times have you come across an unattractive site and considered purchasing the offers available?

When a site screams quality at the customer customers feel much more at ease. Investing in solid web design which is not only aesthetically pleasing and functional, but is easily maintained by your own staff, is therefore highly recommended and incredible beneficial.

There are many available tools to help you manage a website. There are of course many sites open to you that include the complete package of domain name, hosting and design so it is worth fully exploring your options before settling so that you can find a website that fully reflects your character and that of your business.

What are your business ideas? Let us know in the comments!

**his article was written by 123-reg

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