January 21, 2013

2nd Child Natural Birth Story


The whole natural birth process began when I became pregnant with my second child. My first labor and delivery were great, I had an epidural at 6cm, but not long after delivery my sons heart rate was too low for an infant and he was having some trouble breathing. My first thought was that it was because I had the epidural and did something wrong, and my second was that it had something to do with the baby sitting in the birth canal too long because I had to hold off on pushing while my doctor delivered another baby. So for my daughter I was going to do everything in my power to have her naturally! I am still 100% for the medical professionals helping me out so I decided to do it at the hospital. randi

I was just over 37 weeks and the weekend was a doozy! Friday was a big day at work but I felt terrible so i checked out early and got a mani/pedi to be ready for the weekend. Saturday I had a baby shower at my gym, immediately followed by a surprise party I was throwing for my husband at his favorite bar…at the shower I noticed I had great energy but my braxton hicks contractions were a little stronger than normal. A few hours later at the party I felt like I hit a brick wall with my body and I got extremely sluggish and had a hard time even talking throughout the party; mind you during both events I had to help chase my 2 year old wild child. That night when i went to bed at 9pm and was having a hard time sleeping, I knew I was at the beginning stages of labor (something similar happened with my son during/after a wedding). The next morning I noticed I was leaking fluid but didn’t think it was my water because it was a slow leak. I complained about it being annoying all morning to my husband so he persuaded me to call my doctor, I said yeah sure but not until I clean and go to the grocery store.

Once I finally called him he didn’t care about any of my symptoms but did ask about fetal movement. I noticed it had slowed down quite a bit so he sent me to L&D to get checked out. This was a sunday at 2pm so I thought what the heck why not! I got there and they said they would have to check my dilation which was fine (although I had declined all cervical checks at my docs prior to this) and then would test the fluid. Surprisingly I was already 3 cm and the fluid was indeed amniotic! So they checked me in and after all the paperwork and signing off on not being monitored and any other interventions, my husband and the doctor showed up. He checked me and I was now 4 cm….but he did say that if I didn’t progress any more over the next couple of hours that he was going to put me on pitocin, since my water had already been leaking for over 12 hours. I knew the risks of going down the pitocin path and the pain being too much to bare, so I begged for him not to do that and asked if I could do squats and walk the halls to help everything move faster…he said sure!

So over the next several hours we watched sunday night football while I did squats and walked the short hall of L&D as many times as I could stand it. The whole time contractions were continuing to get closer together (I kept track on my iphone) and were getting stronger, but were nothing I couldn’t focus through. I pictured each contraction like the wave thing they talk about with hypnobirthing and kept telling myself that it was just pressure, and that I was making progress with each one. I had no formal training in any laboring techniques, I just googled the heck out of anything I could find. Midnight came and went and I was now hovering around the bed and on the bed through contractions as they were much stronger. Every 15 minutes they would throw me in the bed to hear the babies heart beat and she was doing great!

At 2am I couldn’t take them anymore and asked to be checked. For some reason in my head I thought I could have a natural birth as long as it was under 12 hours and here we were. I was only 7 cm and was sad because it hurt so bad I thought I was going to cave. My husband kept reassuring me that I could do it…another excruciating hour later I asked the nurse to check me again because I was hurting so bad. At 3am she said I was a stretchy seven so she helped stretch me to 8, finally transition I thought! I was still upset because it seemed to go so slow, but it didn’t matter because I had to go to the bathroom. So I drug myself over to the bathroom thru those horrific contraction and sure enough I had to go. I got back on the bed for another 15 minutes of pain and suddenly I had to go again; I was so depressed to have to make my way over to the pot again but I did it anyway. When I got there and tried to go something felt different and nothing was coming out much to my dissapointment. So I yelled at my husband to get the nurse and she came in the bathroom and asked what was wrong.

I told her I had to poop but it wouldn’t come out and she told me that it was time! I disagreed but got on the bed anyways; she checked me and said she could feel the babies head ready to rock and roll! The doctor came in and they set up the warmer and told me to push whenever I felt like it. I didn’t want to do purple pushing (noted this on my birth plan) so they all just told me to push when needed…..I pushed when I felt a contraction because it hurt so bad and the doctor just stoically watched me and said that was great. Pushing hurt so bad! One nurse said to get ready because it is going to hurt bad, I told her holy crap she was right! I must have been right at the ring of fire because my doctor was giving me some counter pressure and all I could feel was my body ripping into quarters. Not in half, but in fourths as it felt like it was ripping from ceiling to floor and wall to wall. This felt like forever but 3 pushes later at 4:02am my 6 lb 1 oz, 19.5″ long baby girl was born with out a tear!

They put her on my chest and I just cuddled her while she looked at me. She was a little glob of white mess and they wiped her down while waiting for the cord to stop a little, then my husband cut it and they just let me hold my baby until the placenta was delivered and I was done being in shock. My lady parts were still burning and in serious pain but my baby was the best distraction. My girl made her first attempt at nursing about 45 minutes later and after that I was just hooked – this girl was mine….I didn’t know how to raise a girl yet, my privates hurt like the dickens, and I knew I was due for some serious payback from my raising but I wasn’t going to change anything in the world! Even my husband who was dead set on having no more than 2 kids said he wanted just 1 more…..crazy how things work out! I got my natural birth and it hurt, but I would do it again….


Thanks for listening…if anything I just wanted to get it out there so I don’t forget it!

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