December 20, 2012

Merry Christmas from Floret Cadet!

I just have random tidbits today.  First of all…

Merry Christmas from 7 week old baby Daniela.  (5 weeks as shown here ; )

xmas card finalJPG

You know what else The Original Reindeer Auto Outfit looks cute on? A stroller!


And one more quick thing, more along Floret Cadet lines…I didn’t get around to much impressive Christmas decorating this year, but am liking my impromptu tree topper – although yes, I could have adorned it a little bit more nicely than with curling ribbon ; )  It’s a tillandsia, aka an air plant.  I got mine from a local grower, but they are widely available online, and they live out of soil, only needing watering via spray or soaking very occasionally- the perfect houseplant for an occasionally preoccupied new mom!


Next year, I plan to do more of a botanically decorated tree, with long lasting stuff like water picked orchids, succulents and airplants everywhere!

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