December 13, 2012

Little Pim Sale

Are you raising your children bilingual? Harper & Rexford have a fabulous babysitter (born in Mexico) that teaches them spanish. She has been with us since Rexy was 7 months old. we love her very much!!

To aid in our efforts, we use Little Pim language tools. We love the DVDS and we’ve been listening to the Spanish Bop Music CD NONSTOP lately! It is a really great mix of children’s spanish songs. I’d been looking for a good children’s mix forever! I really hope they make more CDs. We’ve also recently added the Chinese (Mandarin) DVDS to our routine. It is crazy how little kids repeat and try out new words!

Little Pim is having a HUGE holiday sale between now and Friday. 30% off of EVERYTHING with the promo code Holiday30 at checkout. There’s also free shipping for any order over $75. HAPPY SHOPPING!

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