December 21, 2012

Handmade Polk-a-dot Curtain

DIY polkadot curtain by vivat veritas 570

Decorating my daughter’s nursery has been a challenge since we live in a small Japanese rental town house. Her room is a Japanese room with tatami mat floor and low ceiling. On top of that, the ceiling is in wood pattern paper, so when I taped something on the ceiling and pealed it off later, the wood pattern came off!

Anyway to brighten up her small room, I made a curtain in pink polk-a-dot pattern fabric the other day. I bought 5 meters of the fabric in Nippori, the wholesale fabric district in Tokyo. It was 100 yen (about 1.20 USD) a meter.

I just hemmed the both top and bottom of the fabric, and added the tie strings on top to tie the curtain on the curtain rail. With the left over fabric, I made the curtain straps.

handmade curtain by vivat veritas 3 570 handmade curtain by vivat veritas 2 570 handmade curtain by vivat veritas 4 570 handmade curtain by vivat veritas 570

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  1. Love the curtains!! I am definitely trying this.

    Happy Holidays!

    – Talia

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