December 5, 2012

Designer Dolls by Pottery Barn Kids

My absolute FAVORITE dolls for the holidays are the ones from the Designer Collection by Pottery Barn Kids. Pottery Barn challenged their designers to create a beautiful doll that was reminiscent of the artistry of homemade dolls from an earlier era. The ideas were so clever that they chose to make 10 of the dolls:

California Chic Girl Emmalee: Dressed in a pink cotton embroidered dress, sandals & matching pink ties in her hair.
Butterfly Ballerina: Dressed in a fluttering tulle tutu and pretty pink legwarmers.
City Girl Gigi: Dressed in a rainbow-colored tulle skirt and a white cotton top with ruffles at the neck.
Beach Girl Finley: Dressed in a Hawaiian print dress and matching blue moccasins.
Penny: Wears green lace-up boots on her long, slender limbs and a red felt hooded cape perfect for outings. She also has the most darling freckles!
Hollie: Dressed in a plaid skirt, white top and ice skates. Hollie also has felt and grosgrain ribbon details & braided yarn hair.
Jacqueline: Dressed in a boho printed dress with ribbons in her hair and a matching head scarf.
Divya: Dressed in a traditional Indian dress in a medley of pretty fabrics and golden sandals. Felt flowers adorn her hair.
Spring Princess: Dressed in an outfit stitched from an assortment of cotton, ribbon, tulle and felt. She also has yarn hair and a floral felt headband.
Snorkel Girl Manina: Sporting a red ruffled swimsuit, snorkel, mask and bright blue flippers.

I’d secretly love to have the entire collection for Harper, but I think 10 new dolls for a 4 year old is a little much! So, my top 3 favorites are Butterfly Ballerina, Snorkel Girl Manina, and City Girl Gigi. EEEK, I also LOVE Hollie & Penny. So hard to choose! Which is your favorite?

BTW, all of these dolls are 20% off right now + FREE shipping. HAPPY SHOPPING!

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  1. OMG. I have been drooling over these dolls for ages, but can’t justify the price! So…I made my own! I knitted the body, my mother in law helped sew the outfit and we’ve put her hair up in a sweet bun! I can’t wait to give it to my little girl Christmas morning!

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