December 3, 2012

Crane USA Humidifiers

Don’t forget about the necessities this time of year! Whenever one of my children gets the sniffles, we turn on our Crane USA Drop Humidifier. Humidifiers are effective in relieving cough, cold, and flu symptoms which unfortunately come with the season. They are also VERY helpful in relieving stuffy noses/congestion, dry coughs, sinus irritation, & dry skin

Crane USA makes some of the best humidifiers. In addition to them being extremely effective, they are pretty cute! Choose one of their modern Drop designs, or pick out one of their adorable animal humidifiers for the nursery. HAPPY SHOPPING!

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  1. These are too cute! I used to have a cow-themed kitchen so someone bought the cow humidifier (or one similar) and I loved it. My baby’s nursery has an animal theme to it so I just might have to pick another one out someday!

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