December 19, 2012

Baby Sling Picks

While carrying your baby around is always a pleasure, having the convenience and flexibility of using your hands is a major plus. You want to keep your baby safe and close, but you can be practical about it and stylish too. Carriers and slings are two great options that allow for comfort and ease of movement. Both are available in a variety of styles that both look and work differently. Choosing the right carrier for you is key, here are some popular baby slings:


1) Sakura Bloom
Available in several shades, the Sakura Bloom linen wrap is ideal for both moms and dads. Linen is naturally antibacterial and becomes both softer and stronger over time. This wrap is incredibly versatile and adjusts to several holding positions. This one size fits all carrier can support babies up to 40 pounds and is a perfect choice for all climates.

2) Dolcino Wrap
The Dolcino wrap is cool, colorful and organic. A great choice for ‘green’ moms and dads the wrap is available in several striped shades and can handle your bundle of joy, big or small. Available in two sizes and capable of supporting up to 44 pounds, the Dolcino wrap is also adjustable and an ideal choice for nursing moms. The durable, lightweight fabric provides the comfort and coverage you’ll need, all while keeping you looking chic.

3) Cat Bird Baby
This colorblock mei tai style carrier is made of organic cotton canvas and can support newborn babies and toddlers alike. Simple yet innovative, these carriers are adjustable to both your size and baby’s size. Is daddy just a little bit bigger than mommy? That’s not a problem with this one size fits all carrier.

4) Beco Baby Carrier
The Beco baby carrier features soft, organic cotton and an ergonomic design for added comfort. Designed for babies aged 4 months to 24 months, the carrier can support up to 44 pounds. The stylish carrier also features padded straps and adjusts to four unique wearing positions.

5) Scootababy Hip Carrier
Though this carrier is designed only to hold baby at the hip, it balances weight evenly and is incredibly comfortable for both mommy and baby. The Scootababy carrier is also very easy to use and can support infants up to 40 pounds.

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