December 10, 2012

23 Week Baby Belly

Profile shot

Hello!! My name is Jodie, and I have been pregnant for what seems to be two years now! My first child, James Becker will be turning one in a few short weeks (December 28)…and I’m 23 weeks pregnant with my second baby…another BOY! While carrying my first child, all day sickness struck me through 5 long months! This pregnancy has been a pleasant surprise! Baby number two will be delivered March 28, 2012! My children will be exactly 15 months apart!! Let the crazy times begin!
Jodie White

Flying 23 weeks pregnant

Thanksgiving day with James

A photo of the bump in the reflexion of the giant bean in Chicago,Il

Are you EXPECTING?  Send up to 5 photo/s of yourself (and your BUMP) to  

Include wks pregnant, boy/girl/team green, 1st/2nd/3rd baby, cravings, and/or something interesting about your pregnancy. We all enjoy reading fun pregnancy details!! If you have a blog, etsy store, or website we’d love to give you some link love!

Photographers, you can participate too! Just be sure that you have permission from clients before sending photos for use on

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Comments (2)

  1. I love how cute you look! I am NOT pregnant and don’t even look half as good!

  2. my cutie jodie – your photos – beautiful …
    the 1 – you holding james – that lil’fellow smiles and
    smiles – loves you guys …

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