November 1, 2012

What Is The Best Month For A Baby To Be Born In & Why?

What month should a baby be born in? For many, that’ll be a completely individual answer, relevant to the mother and father and no one else. A lot of people won’t give it a lot of thought either way but if a couple did take the time to plan their pregnancy, there are certain aspects that can provide a family with advantages based on when their child was born.

There are a collection of whimsical theories on when a child is born and the effect it will have on them in later life. Those born in October and November will apparently live longer whilst those born in August will be less academically successful than their September counterparts. But at the end of the day, a pregnancy will have its toll on both the mother and the father and whenever you plan for the child, it’s important that you prepare beforehand.

Avoiding Summer
This may be a strange suggestion, but giving birth in August can be largely unsatisfying for all those involved. Considering the mother will be at her biggest in June and July, the hottest months of the year, eating and drinking for two, it’s likely that the heat will take an extra strain on the expectant mother and so perhaps it’s better to plan around the summer months. However, being born in this time means the mother will have soaked up a lot of Vitamin D from the sun and could prove to be beneficial for the child in the long-run in terms of their general health, although they’ll be more likely to suffer from asthma and have different allergies.

Spring Months
With the previous argument against August and indeed all the summer months, many mothers decide that the spring months, such as April, are the ideal months to have their baby. This means that they miss out the summer months completely and need not worry about the excessive sweating and discomfort. They’ll be able to keep warmer through the winter and by the time spring comes, everything will be looking beautiful and may just contribute to the perfect time of having a baby. Also, the flu and cold season is over by March/April so if the child is born in May then they’re less likely to get ill during their first few weeks.

Potential Illness
Scientifically speaking, it’s also claimed that women pregnant during the winter months are less exposed to the sunlight, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere, which could manifest itself as certain illnesses such as eating disorders and MS when the child is born. Most scientists agree that it’s good for a mother to expose herself to Vitamin D levels provided by the sun’s light. Babies born in this time of the year also seem to get more colds and flu-like symptoms whereas those born in the Spring/Summer months are far more likely to have certain allergies. At the same time, it’s difficult to pinpoint the time of birth to this as much of it will be down to lifestyle and surroundings.

In conclusion, having a baby requires a lot of thought between the parents and decisions will have to be made. For those that do care when their child is born, there are a lot of factors to take in. Overall, it’s different for everybody and for every disadvantage of a certain time of year, there will be a collection of advantages as well. At the end of the day, a family is going to be started and perhaps that will be all that matters.

About this article: This article has been written by Mary Murphy, the communications manager for Irish based website – Ireland’s largest online community website for mothers with over 100,000 members. The website publishes regular articles and guides on pregnancy and articles about parenting. Feel free to visit the website and join our happy community –

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  1. Wouldn’t it be so nice if it was just as easy as picking the month during which you want your baby born?? =) My husband and I are thinking about starting to try for kids soon and I am so very concerned about the month in which the baby will ultimately be born. I try to think about when it will be easiest for us to get the maximum amount of time off work. I also think about when kids are permitted to enroll in preschool type classes. The minimum age must be met by September 1. My sister, who has a one year old with a September 8 bithday is already worried about this predicament. But alas, I will be happy with a healthy baby any day of the month. And I am an October baby and I am virtually never sick. Knock on wood.

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