November 8, 2012

One Heart World-Wide

I’m a mama! I can’t make time this week to post my birth story (though it was an awesome experience and I’m working on getting it down) or even for a proper baby photo post – but wanted to share something quickly.

Two days after Daniela was born, the most wonderful gift arrived in the mail from my midwife, Deborah Frank of Midwives With Women.  It was a donation made in my honor to One Heart World-Wide, which protects mothers and infants in third world areas with a mission to reduce mortality rates for unattended home births.  The donation covered one birth kit which gives a woman in rural China, Nepal or Mexico prenatal vitamins, a sterile sheet and gloves for the birth, a sterile razor blade to cut the cord, medication to prevent maternal bleeding, soap and sterile clothes for the infant, and a baby hat and blanket.  Overall, the organization uses culturally sensitive programs and teaches simple home based life-saving skills to indigenous community health workers.

You can read more about One Heart World-Wide here, or see the various donation options here.

It was the most touching baby gift, especially appropriate from my midwife but I also think it would be such a nice gift to give in any woman’s honor after she gives birth.

I will be back next week with the goods – either a long detailed birth story, a journal of our first week, a round up of the baby products that have saved our lives so far, or at least some cute pics of my little nugget!

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