November 27, 2012

Beds for Children

Buying beds for children has never been so much fun! There’s so much available and these days you can find the exact bed to match your child’s personality. You may have more than one child, and therefore each room is decorated differently with its own theme; the interests of each child need to be catered to accordingly. Bunk beds are a fantastic way of saving space, and can be very age-appropriate as there are so many different styles that can take you from young children right up to teenagers. Beds to consider when your little one grows up are Futon style bunk beds which are fantastic for teenagers, or even for rooms where you just need to save space. This style is where the bottom bed folds into a sofa, giving you much needed extra room, and also gives a more mature spin to the bunk bed; making it much cooler for teenagers when they have their friends to visit. It turns into a great relaxing space for day time too.

For younger kids there are fantastic options to keep them occupied. One such example is the kinder Mid-sleeper which combines the regular bunk bed with a colourful tent; making the whole sleep station look like a den. This could be hours of fun for your child! The Hampshire children’s bed is great for the child that has homework; it includes a pull out desk and chair, and also shelving for storing this away. This all tucks away at the end of the day, making this a fantastic all-in-one solution to smaller bedrooms for girls and boys alike.

If you are in the process of creating a magical, imaginative room for your child, visit Dreams to find a fun and practical beds for your little ones.

**this is a guest post brought to you by Dreams

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