November 30, 2012

A few of my favorite things…

I survived my first month of motherhood! Mr. Floret Cadet and I rang in Daniela’s one month milestone yesterday – I can’t believe how quickly she’s growing. We got really excited the other day that she was able to focus her eyes on toys hanging from her play gym – and then laughed at ourselves that this seems like such a major achievement.  “Our baby is a genius! Did you see that?! She *looked* at something!”

So in celebration, I wanted to post three products that have come in so handy and made our first month as parents just a little bit easier.  Before she was born, I was wondering if all of them weren’t a little bit gimmicky – but I quickly learned how welcome any product is that can save you a few minutes of time, buy you a few minutes of sleep, or spare you a few minutes of stress!

#1 – Magnificent Baby clothing fastens with magnets.  They also come in really cute prints, like this Moroccan print and this pink Elephant print, both of which Daniela has added to her collection.  They make daytime changes more pleasant, and I’m convinced they buy us some extra sleep during the nights – they are so easy to get on that you don’t really have to turn on lights, and they disturb her a lot less, so sometimes we can do a change without completely waking her.

#2 – Zoli’s Buzz B nail trimmer is sort of like that crazy Pedi Paws thing for dogs, but for babies’ tiny nails.  It’s a little buffer that is completely gentle, but with strong enough buffing action to smooth down her jagged little nails.  Daniela has never protested when I use it on her, in fact, it almost seems to relax her.  And I don’t have to stress about possibly clipping her skin.  Win!

#3 – Babyletto’s Snuggle Wrap – OK disclaimer – this one came as a free gift with our crib which is made by Babyletto, and I had no idea it cost almost $60, which seems steep to me.  But now that I’ve used it, I might even venture to say it could be worth the price tag.  We’ve used it every day, it’s so handy and cozy.  It’s super soft quilted fabric, sort of a combo mat, wrap, blankie, and stroller / car seat bunting.  I wrap it around her lower half when she’s chilling out in one of her various seats at home, stretch the curved lower part over her car seat, wrap her up in it if I’m  holding her and it is chilly, and take it in the diaper bag for an on the go changing or tummy time mat.

Until next time!


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