November 12, 2012

2100 miles

We’ve been on the road since Saturday & just completed our ~2100 mile trip. (± a few after a detour in Ohio where we pulled up just in time for Sunday brunch with extended family.)   Around 5 pm this evening we finally pulled into my parent’s driveway in MN.

The kids were surprisingly patient and overall well behaved. I have to admit that I am surprised at being able to say that I would do this again! I have 2 days with my parents before flying out to meet my husband in Scottsdale, AZ.

A few things that kept us busy on the road: a cooler full of snacks/drinks (you can see it between the 2 kids in the backseat), the Carly Rae Jepsen CD which kept my daughter singing for HOURS, Strawberry Shortcake & Doc Mcstuffins DVDs, & 2 neon pink Magna Doodles we picked up for $4.99 each at Target on the way!

Other things to note:

* I ate a Burger King Whopper & a Mcdonald’s Double Cheeseburger meal. Mcdonald’s french fries really are sooo much better. Next time I’ll skip the Burger King fries!

* My little sis was rode along with us and she was a MAJOR helper in the passenger seat. THANKS, keli! Her schedule is super busy between her job as a doula, yoga instructor, and she is busy organizing the first Yoga Peach Belize yoga retreat. You can check her out at Yoga Peach.

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  1. Oh your trip seems fun! The kids look so sweet sleeping in the backseat. I say this now, as I am babysitting my niece, and have projectile vomit on me somewhere because I can still smell it hours after I cleaned it up. Oh kids… they seriously are a joy despite the disgusting, gag inducing effects they cause once in a while! I am proud you took such a huge trip with two little ones. You are an inspiration!

  2. oh no! i forgot about those days.

    I also forgot to mention that my sister was with me for the 3 day drive. So I am not as much of an inspiration as you may think 😉 she was incredibly helpful!!

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