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November 30, 2012

Christmas Wishlist:: Coats, Hats and Wooden Toys

Knitted Toddlers Hat by Sweet Meadow Street, $25
Blue eyed cat A4 print by lukaluka, $16.06
Wild Grey Wolf Coat by Little Good All, $165 
Girl’s Dress Coat PDF pattern by BurdaStyle, $5.40 
Children’s Puzzle, Rocking Horse Toy by Berkshire Bowls, $19.99
Children’s Neighborhood Chair by Paloma’s Nest, $228
Zu cloud cushion by Petit Home, UK 35

 Even though my husband is a grinch who hates holidays, I can’t stop browsing the internet for cute Christmas stuff for kids. I post my favorites on Pinterest (here is my “baby” board) to organize, and revisit the board later to see what I really want to buy. Etsy is also a great place to search for gifts for your little one. I like browsing their treasuries, which are small collections of items curated by etsy sellers each having different themes. For instance, if I’m looking for something pink to decorate my daughter’s room, I would search the treasuries by typing “pink, girl, room”.

I thought this girl’s dress coat pattern by BurdaStyle was a great gift for yourself or your craftsy friends. I can’t imagine how expensive it would be to buy a dressy coat like this at a store. With less than two yards of wool fabric and some sewing skills, you can make this on your own!

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November 30, 2012

A few of my favorite things…

I survived my first month of motherhood! Mr. Floret Cadet and I rang in Daniela’s one month milestone yesterday – I can’t believe how quickly she’s growing. We got really excited the other day that she was able to focus her eyes on toys hanging from her play gym – and then laughed at ourselves that this seems like such a major achievement.  “Our baby is a genius! Did you see that?! She *looked* at something!”

So in celebration, I wanted to post three products that have come in so handy and made our first month as parents just a little bit easier.  Before she was born, I was wondering if all of them weren’t a little bit gimmicky – but I quickly learned how welcome any product is that can save you a few minutes of time, buy you a few minutes of sleep, or spare you a few minutes of stress!

#1 – Magnificent Baby clothing fastens with magnets.  They also come in really cute prints, like this Moroccan print and this pink Elephant print, both of which Daniela has added to her collection.  They make daytime changes more pleasant, and I’m convinced they buy us some extra sleep during the nights – they are so easy to get on that you don’t really have to turn on lights, and they disturb her a lot less, so sometimes we can do a change without completely waking her.

#2 – Zoli’s Buzz B nail trimmer is sort of like that crazy Pedi Paws thing for dogs, but for babies’ tiny nails.  It’s a little buffer that is completely gentle, but with strong enough buffing action to smooth down her jagged little nails.  Daniela has never protested when I use it on her, in fact, it almost seems to relax her.  And I don’t have to stress about possibly clipping her skin.  Win!

#3 – Babyletto’s Snuggle Wrap – OK disclaimer – this one came as a free gift with our crib which is made by Babyletto, and I had no idea it cost almost $60, which seems steep to me.  But now that I’ve used it, I might even venture to say it could be worth the price tag.  We’ve used it every day, it’s so handy and cozy.  It’s super soft quilted fabric, sort of a combo mat, wrap, blankie, and stroller / car seat bunting.  I wrap it around her lower half when she’s chilling out in one of her various seats at home, stretch the curved lower part over her car seat, wrap her up in it if I’m  holding her and it is chilly, and take it in the diaper bag for an on the go changing or tummy time mat.

Until next time!


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November 30, 2012

Babatude Boutique

1., 2., 3., 4., 5., 6., 7., 8., 9., 10., 11., 12., 13., 14.

Happy Friday! Here are 14 adorable gift ideas from Babatude Boutique. My absolute favorite is #5- BEAUTIFUL & PURE merino wool hoodies from New Zealand. Baby would be so cute and cozy this winter!

Babatude Boutique ships worldwide and you’ll find something unique for all your little ones for the holidays. Happy shopping and have a great weekend, shari

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November 30, 2012

photo of the day

Hi Shari!

You featured our wedding on your blog a loooong time ago, and now I have something to share with you for one of your baby “photo of the day” posts.

This is Desmond Colm-Taecyeon our little, ten-month-old cutie waiting for us in Seoul, South Korea. After battling infertility for two years, we are delighted to finally have a son! We absolutely fell in love the moment we saw his photo and can’t wait to bring him back to his forever home.

Right now, we are fund-raising to pay the country fee to bring him home. You can read more here:

Thanks so much for the opportunity to show him off; we cannot wait to FINALLY be parents. We are over-the-moon excited!

“The Beautifully Broken”

To share your favorite photo on email it to (subject: “Photo of the Day”)

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November 29, 2012

Milk & Masuki

There are so many beautiful handmade gifts for baby this year. On my list of favorites are Milk & Masuki blankets. Each blanket is designed and hand printed in Australia. They have gorgeous geometric patterns & are made from 100% organic cotton. Blankets also have a generous double layer for snugness.

Milk & Masuki blankets are perfect for the stroller & so soft for tummy time. I think they’d also be perfect to include in your baby’s portrait session. My pick = the Billy Blanket in APPLE. Happy Shopping!

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November 29, 2012

Burt’s Bees Baby

For those of you with brand new little ones this holiday season, I wanted to share some of my favorites from the Burt’s Bees Baby holiday collection. Dress your baby up in something soft and cozy + 100% organic cotton!

I love the holiday collection because it is festive, but still very wearable after the holidays. My FAVORITE holiday outfit is the Bee Festive Tee Set. I loved it so much that I purchased it for my girlfriend’s brand new baby boy, Nolan. Check out how delicious it is on baby below:

P.S. Get 20% off & free shipping on your order of $85 or more! Enter BBBSANTA at checkout. TODAY only!

November 29, 2012

photo of the day

Hi! I took this photo recently of my nephew at 6 months old discovering fresh cut grass for the first time. His expressions are priceless!
Thanks so much!

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November 28, 2012

Fjällräven Kånken Mini

My favorite toddler backback, the Kånken Mini!

Not only the perfect size for your outdoorsy guy/girl, but the Kånken has a classic look & comes in pretty much any color. It was originally designed for Swedish school children in 1978 and the iconic backpack has become a favorite around the world. I love it’s vintage shape and the fact that it is made from durable, moisture repellent fabric. (BTW, you may also want one because they are the perfect size for your iPad!)

This Forest Green Kånken Mini will be under the tree for Rexy on Christmas morning:

If you are a true outdoorsman then you are probably already familiar with Fjällräven. If not, here is a brief synopsis:

In 1950 Åke Nordin, a 14-year-old boy from Örnsköldsvik in Northern Sweden, was about to go for a trek in the mountains. Åke, who spent more time outdoors than indoors, did not like the backpacks that were available at that time. He decided to take matters into his own hands and built a wooden frame. The frame improved the distribution of weight across the back. It was not only more comfortable to carry, but he could also carry more weight. This innovation gradually helped the outdoors become more accessible to a wider range of people.

The backpack frame & the support principles which still apply today, was the start of Åke’s company, Fjällräven, in 1960. The name Fjällräven means Arctic Fox in Swedish and the name is honoring the small predator which lives in the Swedish mountains in the harshest of climates. From a small room in the basement in Örnsköldsvik, Fjällräven has now expanded to almost all corners of the world.

…& lastly, stay tuned for Fjällräven Polar 2013. (or submit your application!) Fjällräven Polar is an approximately 300 km long winter adventure across the arctic tundra. The participants will steer a dog sled all the way from Signaldalen, Norway, to the forests around Jukkasjärvi, Swedish Lapland. Check out the video:

Fjällräven Polar Trailer 2013 from Fjällräven on Vimeo.

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