March 19, 2012

Contest – Eat High Chair by Babyhome

Attention all readers… In this contest you have a chance to win an Eat High Chair from Babyhome. (An exciting line new to the U.S. that is based in Spain.)

To purchase visit

The Eat High Chair is a light, simple, and safe high chair with a polished aluminum structure and features a large and comfortable seat with a quilted inside. A five-point safety harness is included that can be adjusted as baby grows and the chair’s dinner tray can be fully removed for versatility to use the chair with or without a table. Available in Orange, Red, Lime, Black, Sand, Purple, Navy and Brown. Retails for $149.

The Babyhome collection includes five other fabulous products:
Emotion (stroller)
Dream (little cot)
SweetKit (high chair & bouncer)
Onfour (bouncer)
Side (bed barrier).

Ways to ENTER:

*Leave a comment for each entry (on this post or on our Facebook page:

1. “Like” or Tweet this post (up at the top of the post, on right side)

2. Follow Babyhome on Facebook. (for news of special promotions, new product introductions and more.)

* Contest is open to US residents only. The winner will be randomly selected (from and announced Monday, March 26th. All winners will now be announced only on Spearmintbaby FACEBOOK & Twitter! Please check there to see if you won, or leave an email address in your comment so we can contact you. The winner will need to respond to within 4 days to provide name and shipping address.

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  12. Did all the steps! Hope I win…it’s so cute!

  13. holy moly this highchair is sleek-looking! i love it!! preparing for baby #3 and our old chair has bit the dust…looking for a replacement and this could be it!

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  24. This is a great looking high chair! It would be hard to choose just one color!

  25. Love this!! Did all 3, fingers crossed:)

  26. Love this chair! If I win, I’ll only need to purchase one – twins on the way!

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  45. What a sleek chair, love it!

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  51. Love this giveaway!

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  52. I hope I win! Looks like a cool high chair !

  53. Love this high chair- My baby is 12 weeks old and I have been trying to decide what high chair to buy! Thanks for sharing this giveaway 🙂
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  55. liked photo!

  56. I am an aunt to two nieces and one has a three year old and another on the way – so great auntie coco…the other niece is a baby doctor and delivers babies almost every day. we need the highchair for so many reasons.




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  67. this is faaantastic! i know a lot of babies that would love coming over to use this bad boy! 

  68. I like the post, hope I win!

  69. neat design! I liked the photo 🙂

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  72. LOVE this high chair!

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  109. I love this! So simple and it reminds me a lot of my valcobaby high chair, which just broke!! This could be put to use in my house 😉

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