October 31, 2011

Flying with Toddlers

Sleepy toddler = uncomfortable mommy!

We are back home! AHHH, it is always good to be back but this freezing weather is not quite the fall I was hoping to return to. Saturday night we flew into Newark airport and with some kind of amazing LUCK on our side we were allowed to land. The pilot kept reminding us that 54 flights in the air had just been diverted to Baltimore because of the storm. That would have been exhausting with 2 toddlers!

If you have flown with toddlers, you already know that it is NOT easy. Harper is just 2 months shy of 3 yrs old and Rexford is 17 months. My husband & I flew with Harper several times when she was 2-4 months old and THAT was easy! She would sleep for hours at a time and nothing seemed to disturb her.

A few things I did to prepare for the flights with toddlers:

I packed 2 sticker activity books for Harper to play with on the airplane. I get them from Costco and they are THE.BEST.THINGS.EVER! They are around $7.50 each and entertain her hours upon hours! Harper sat & played her Dora sticker book the entire airplane ride out to the Bahamas (3 hrs)..she never even asked for anything else! On the way back to the US she played with another sticker book, and then fell asleep.

(you can see her little feet hanging out beside me!)…

Rexford was NOT excited to sit still for so long. The only thing to really occupy him was eating! Good thing that I packed LOTS of snacks. Plain/7 grain crackers are my favorite for the kids because they are not sticky or cheesy which means cleaner hands & cleaner clothes.
Rex had a hard time getting comfortable on the airplane. He was a lap child so my husband and I took turns during his outbursts. On the way back home he was soooo exhausted and fussy and the only thing that calmed him down eventually was the big cheese/meat/fruit plate that they served on the airplane. After eating for 20 minutes he fell asleep on my lap with a cracker half eaten in his mouth.

Rex is a big/HEAVY boy as you can see & once he fell asleep I was stuck in a super uncomfortable position, careful not to move & desperate to keep him sleeping as long as possible!

Overall the flight travel was OK, and I would definitely do a 3 hour trip again (but not longer than this until Rex gets a little older!)

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  1. We are flying from New Mexico to Georgia for a week at Christmas. We have never flown with the twins…this will be a first and they will be almost 15 mths old when we take our trip. I am so nervous…I hope all goes well for us! Any additional hints would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much for sharing!!

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