July 26, 2011

Ten Creative Ways to Display Children’s Art

I am so ridiculously excited for the day when Violet starts to create some artwork of her own. I absolutely love children’s art and think it is important to display it in a beautiful way your home. Not only does it show your children that their creations are valuable to you, it is also very beautiful and can really add life to any space. (Case in point):

Here are a few of my favorite ways in which to display your little one’s masterpieces:

1. Traditional frame wall:

2. Metal clips:

3. Cable system:

4.Using larger, permanent frames, but clipping or taping in the art allows you to rotate it more easily:

5. Grid collage:

There are a few different ways to do this. The first is to have someone else do it for you, but this can be very pricey.


If you have a little computer-savvy and a bit of time, you can create the same effect yourself for less:

And if you don’t get along with computers, here is a more hands-on technique:

And if that looks intimidating, a smaller, more friendly version:

6. Magnets! You can use trays like this project, or most anything made of metal:

Or, of course, there’s magnetic paint. Layer it beneath chalkboard paint or just your regular old wall color for a cleaner look.

7. Clipboards:

8. Make it into a book. Again, this is something that you could pay someone else to do, or DIY:

9. Clothespins. Go crazy with some chicken wire, or keep it simple with a bit of string:

10. Wall decals. Another, more whimsical way to have the look of a permanent frame wall but with the ability to rotate the art:

Do you have any creative ways for displaying children’s art? I’d love to hear about them!

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Comments (14)

  1. Ohhhh, I love all these ideas! I, too, love displaying children’s art. I think my favorite is the permanent frames where you can switch out the art with clips. I also like those frames that have the easy-in backs so you can easily remove one art piece and insert another.

  2. Thanks for including my chicken wire display! 🙂 It has become a very helpful way to tame the paper clutter and get to see all my son’s designs. I need to clear it off soon – before first grade begins!

  3. Wow, these are really awesome ideas! Thank you for sharing! I always have SO much of my daughter’s art laying around…clutter! But I feel guilty throwing it away!

  4. What did you use to make the grid in #2? I would love to do this but cannot tell if you used wood or ribbon. How did you get it to stick to the wall? The original link is not working… Thank you.

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  6. These are some nice ideas! I’m a framer who recently came up with my own way to display children’s art: http://www.etsy.com/listing/90329406/childrens-art-gallery

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  10. I have a toddler and the finger paint paper gets quite distorted when her work is done. So I wrap them over a cheap canvas from Michaels and apply a little glue to the back to secure the paper and hang. They make great impromptu gifts for family =)

  11. LOVE all the ideas, especially the wall decals! I have started adding her artwork to her clothing like this: http://www.theprofessionalbaby.com/artwork-pants/ She has even designed her next pair of pants. She wants to draw trees, flowers and bushes as they are all growing things.

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  14. These are great ideas. I have loved my childrens’ art so much. Some of them I re-painted in the color schemes of their rooms, and it has turned into a service I provide now with my interior design business. Kid’s imaginations are unbeatable!

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