July 5, 2011

For Your Wee Ones: A Place to Play

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Every little one needs a place to play. Here are a few fun takes on the traditional fort:

one . two . three

I love the idea of using a table or doorway as a base for a fort – great for OCD parents who don’t like to have their furniture pushed all over the place too šŸ˜‰


one . two . three

Some of these would be fun and easy DIY projects, like the fort kit, orĀ  puppet theatre. And of courseĀ  you could always go the traditional route and drape a bunch of sheets over a few pieces of furniture or bit of twine.

one . two . three

Even a cozy corner or pillow-filled hatchback can suffice for a fort. Or if you’re really ambitious, you could create a pillow palace like Miss James.

one . two . three

What’s your favorite type of fort?



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Comments (2)

  1. nowadays, i am obsessed with the teepees!

    when little we pushed 2 couches together and draped a sheet over the top. when really ambitious we used old cardboard boxes to create something much more elaborate. oh to be young again!

  2. I second the teepee comment! I love them. I bought this teepee for my little girl for Christmas and so far it’s been a fun decorative addition to the room in addition to keeping her occupied =)

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