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May 31, 2011

Children’s Artwork

One of my favorite ideas for the nursery…
Let older brothers & sisters create one of a kind artwork for new baby’s room. A cluster of modern, white frames above the crib is so sweet! via Lonny Mag

May 31, 2011

Contest – $25 Gift Certificate to Coco & Bubbles

Attention all readers… In this Contest you have a chance to win a $25 Gift Certificate from Coco & Bubbles.

Coco & Bubbles is a boutique specializing in hand-crafted children’s accessories. They offer headbands and hats for babies, toddlers and girls as well as nursery wall art, and stationary/invitations.  In addition they are able to customize almost all products to suit your need.


* Ways to enter (leave a comment for each entry):

1. “Like” Coco & Bubbles on Facebook.

2. Follow Coco & Bubbles on Twitter.

3. Follow Spearmint Baby on GFC, “Like” Spearmint Baby on Facebook or Follow on Twitter.

* Contest will be open until Midnight EST on Monday, June 6th.

* The winner will be randomly selected (from and announced on Tuesday, June 7th. All winners will now be announced only on FACEBOOK & Twitter! Please check there to see if you won, or leave your email address with comment so we can easily contact you. The winner will need to contact within 4 days to provide name and shipping address.

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May 31, 2011

Vintage Nursery



I am a huge fan of vintage decor so I fell in love with this baby boy’s nursery. It was inspired by the vintage photos above.

The first thing Krystal purchased for the nursery was the collection of vintage suitcases – a steal for $27 at the annual antique show! The most expensive item in the room is the vintage dresser that Krystal purchased for $70 at a consignment shop. It really is beautiful! She made the curtains, bedskirt, & decorative pillows herself. My absolute favorite detail in the nursery is the vintage map hanging above the crib. This came from an estate sale and Krystal mounted it on a thick foam core and used old rope to hang it. How genius!

Visit for more details.

photography by Kate Jennings

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May 31, 2011

photo of the day

This is my heart, Lennon. I have to admit, when I found out I was having a girl, I was probably the least excited mom. When she was born, another surprise… she has Down Syndrome. When she was 5 weeks old, Lennon had open heart surgery. While Lennon was in recovery, I google’d the meaning of her name, Lennon Vale. It means, “Dear One, Healthy & Strong”. It could not have fit her more perfectly. She is a fighter and is overcoming so many obstacles. Now, I cannot imagine “not” having a baby girl! She has been so much fun… all the clothes, accessories and shoes! Lennon was the perfect addition to our family! She steals my heart with her smile!
I love your blog and I hope you post this on your site:)

do you have a photo you would like featured for “Photo of the Day?”
please email it to (subject: Photo of the Day)

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May 31, 2011

Spring Harvest

Hope you had a nice LONG weekend! We enjoyed ours with good friends and lots of time outdoors. On Sunday we went to the strawberry festival at a farm near our house. They were harvesting strawberries, cherries, and sugar snap peas.  We spent a few hours in the fields picking fresh produce.  Harper and John filled a quart with juicy, red cherries.  Rexford was very serious about his strawberry picking! Harper and I filled another quart with sweet sugar peas. I am thinking of making a yummy stir fry tonight.

p.s. I love 4 day work weeks!

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May 27, 2011

your weekend


Happy memorial day weekend! Do you have plans? We’ll be spending Saturday in northern NJ with friends, and Sunday we’ll go to a local festival with a yummy BBQ and live music. Hopefully I’ll get some good photos!

a few more tidbits:

Apple Cats

square watermelons

a darling baby head

summer dresses

who am i

just little things

I’m thinking that it may be time for a new diaper bag – hmmmm…


housewarming gift idea

a day after shoot

i love this download

& blogging to pay the bills…are you?? if so, don’t forget to join in the Alexa Hop!

Have a LONG weekend!  xo, shari

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May 27, 2011

Green & Blue Nursery

The thing that first caught my attention in this nursery is the blue chicken wire DIY frame. It really is a fantastic piece of wall art that anyone can make. I also love the cute bunting that is draped over it as well as the mini clothespins that hold sweet photos of Levi.

Other favorites include the colorful curtains that frame the closet, all of the fluffy throw pillows, and the oversized wall letters (I love that she spelled out “MOO” over that adorable cow print.)

There are also sweet memories of big sister Cora in the nursery. She is indeed the sweet angel watching over Levi.

For all of the details visit

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May 27, 2011

Birth Story

On October 28th, 2010 when I had left my doctor’s office, I was 3 cm dilated, 80% effaced, head fully engaged, and doc had just stripped my membranes.

She was SURE I would not be seeing her again the following week. {We would soon find out how very wrong she, and we really were}. As soon as I had left the office I started cramping. A lot more than just my regular braxton hicks that I had been having for weeks now. Right away, we thought “yes, it’s going to be tonight!”

When we got home, I decided to take a long walk with Carson. By the time I got back, the cramping started to become stronger and closer together, but nothing to get overly excited about (yet I still couldn’t help myself to be). Andrew went ahead and went to work that day and I sat on the couch just waiting… waiting…. counting contractions… and waiting. He came back from work and we were still… waiting. We decided to call it a night and said, “well I guess it will be tomorrow then”. They do say that it takes 24-48 hours for the stripping of the membranes to work. Ahem.

I woke up Friday morning with the “cramping” contractions completely gone. I was pretty bummed out that morning but still had hope and truly believed it would be happening soon. And sure enough… around noon, the contractions started again…. nothing exciting, again, but still there.As evening approached I had noticed that they were getting closer together, but not exactly stronger. Hubby asked if it was okay for him to go to work, and of course I said yes, and sent him on his way. At this point, I started begging my uterus to start giving me some hard contractions, cause me pain, whatever it takes. Yes, I was begging. HA! Instead, the contractions just started to get closer and closer together, eventually being consistently 3-4 minutes apart for hours, but I was still talking, walking, and breathing through them. But because I had heard of stories of women not realizing they were in labor and barely making it to the hospital, I thought I should at least call the on-call doc and run it by them.

In the back of my mind, I was hoping that the doc would just tell me I’m fine and stay home, just to put me at ease. Instead, she said the opposite, “go ahead come on in to get checked out. because of your recent cervical exam and the distance to the hospital from your home, I don’t want you to wait too long.”

Well, great. I just knew in my heart that this wasn’t it, but I didn’t want to go against what the doc wanted me to do. So hubby got the call and immediately came home. Before he left, his boss said…. “now you do know that the first one is always a dry run.” Ha. We laugh about this now.

When we get to the hospital, I explain to the nurse all my symptoms and what is going on, and even say to her “I’m going to be one of those people sent home.False alarm.” She just smiled. On the screen baby was doing great, and sure enough, my contractions were 3-4 minutes apart..She then checks me and tells me the awful news… “3 cm dilated, 90% effaced.”

Aka…. no change from appointment.

She then calls the doctor who instructs her to have me go on a walk. And a walking we did…..walk walk walk. The contractions did get more painful,,,,,butagain, in my heart, I just knew this was not it.

And I turned out to be right. After the walking, the nurse rechecked me and said that there was no change. In order for them to keep me, there had to have been change in my cervix. Great. The nurse said, “I believe you are in that early stage of labor and you will feel more comfortable being at home. But I am here tomorrow night and I’m sure I will be seeing you then!” And so I shed tears…. and off we went back home. I felt like a failure, not sure why, but I just did. It didn’t help the fact that the contractions continued throughout the night and I kept asking myself, “why is my body playing these tricks on me.” Eventually I dozed off, and by morning, the contractions had seized.

That weekend flew by and sure enough, no more labor signs. I went ahead and went into work on Monday, which was basically torture, because everyoneswore they would not be seeing me again, yet here I am, very much pregnant and still working.

The only thing that helped me make it through the week was knowing that I would be seeing my beloved doc (whom I still loved and adored, regardless of the fact that the stripping of the membranes had not worked) on Thursday November 4th.

At the visit, the doc checked me again and no progress was reported. She did however go ahead and strip my membranes and then we decided to talk about induction. Oh yes. That dreaded word. Never, ever, did we think that we would be talking about inducing. Here is the catch though, I wasn’t even overdue yet! I still had 10 days left until my due date, but after discussing the options with the doctor, we both agreed that the following Friday, November 12th, I would be coming in for a 7 am induction. The doc, again, says to us “But I am positive you won’t make it to Friday.” And as much as I wanted to believe her, in my heart I just couldn’t.

Oh yes, the induction had been set for November 12th, 2010. At this point, that was the date hubby and I believed we would be meeting our daughter for the very first time. We of course wanted her to come as soon as possible, however, after all the false alarms, we were sure that we would be waiting a whole extra week. But as we were leaving the office the doc says, “Now you do know, now that we have set a date, she will come sooner…that’s how it always works”

Ha, we just laughed. Heard that before.

So when we got home Thursday from the doctor’s appointment, I started cramping yet again. I knew that this was the result of the stripping of the membranes and although hubby started getting excited saying “maybe it worked this time,” I just told him flat out NO. This is not it. In all honesty, I think it was more frustrating than anything else, knowing that these cramps would not lead to anything but false hope.

And so they continued throughout the day…. Friday came, and they were still there. Saturday came and they were still there… However, a new thing started happening…. my underwear (totally TMI) was becoming “wet” all the time. Not drenched by any means for me to think that my water had broken, but definitely wet, especially at night.

Sunday came, November 7th, and I was scheduled to work that day. I had had contractions all throughout the night, but nothing regular, and nothing that I couldn’t stand. I decided that it would be okay to go in. When I got to work though, I had noticed that they contractions started to become more painful. Again, nothing that I couldn’t walk or talk through, but they were definitely uncomfortable. They built throughout the day, but bummer, they would not be regular at all! Sometimes they were 15 minutes apart, sometimes 5, sometimes 8…. and so forth. Everyone at work kept saying I should go in, but I wanted to stick it out throughout the 12 hour shift just to see if the contractions would become regular. Plus, I was at the hospital after all, and what better place to be than there? Everyone of course joked about who would be delivering my baby, and although I laughed and joked with them, I still in my heart just knew this was not labor.

However, there was still one symptom that was bothering me. My undies (at this point I started wearing a pad) was still having some fluid on them, and I could not figure out what the heck was going on. Because I wanted to be on the safe side and not risk anything, I decided to make that dreaded call to the on-call doctor to run it by them.

When I got the call back, I was surprised to find out that the doctor on call that night was one that hubby and I had gone to during one of our regular OB appointments (because our doctor was out of town) when I was about 11 weeks pregnant and we absolutely loved him. We had even at the time said something like, “maybe we should switch to him, he is so wonderful.” I remember saying that if our doctor would not be the one delivering me, that we had hoped he would be. And out of the 12 or so docs in their group, I was definitely shocked that he was the one on call and briefly thought, hm, maybe this is a sign.

So I told him what was going on, and he said “Well it wouldn’t hurt to get checked out and make sure you are not leaking any amniotic fluid, especially if you are having painful contractions.”

I asked if it was okay if I waited until the end of my shift (it was 4 pm when I called and I got off at 730 pm), and he laughed and said “I will leave that up to you. Don’t let things get too unbearable.”

And so I waited until the end of the shift. And then headed across the street to the Women’s Hospital. As much as I wanted to be excited about these painful contractions, I just knew it was not labor just yet because there was no regular pattern. And again, I was sure that I would be sent home. More importantly, I just had to make sure I was not leaking amniotic fluid and putting my baby at risk for infection by not going in.

So I got checked into triage, changed out of my scrubs and the nurse came in. We went over everything and then she paged the doc to let him know that I was here and how my contractions were. Yes they were there, but my fears were confirmed when I looked at the screen and noticed they were definitelynot regular.

Because the doc was off “pushing” with another patient (at this time, I had said to the nurse “wow, wish that was me), the resident came in and decided to do a check of my cervix and fluid. She immediately said that she could feel the bag of water and my cervix was 3-4 cm, 90% effaced. Fuckin’ great. Ha. Yes I said that word, in my head. All those painful contractions and all it did to me was a half centimeter! I was definitely not in labor.

That’s it. I was going home. The resident left and I was getting ready to call hubby to tell him not to worry about coming in because I would be sent him, I just knew it….

Well, to my surprise, the beloved doc decides to pop his head in and tell me the most wonderful news…….. “You are staying, and we are going to induce.”


I thought I was going to jump out of the bed and plant a big one on him. But, I refrained from doing so.

He went on to say that because of my blood pressure…. (oh yes, oops, left that little detail out…. my blood pressure was 150/90s when I got there… she rechecked, then it was 170s, then rechecked, it was 150s, and then the 4th check finally came down to 133/70s)… and because of my “favorable cervix,” my body was ready to have this baby and there was no reason to send me home and risk that my blood pressure acts up again where I would not know it and possibly get pre-eclampsia.

Fine by me doc. Let’s do it!

I called hubby (who I thought was still at work, turns out he was already in the parking lot) and broke the news to him. He was speechless as well.WE.ARE.HAVING.A. BABY!

I made the rest of the phone calls, including to my parents. Since it was late at night, I told my mom to get some rest, and I would call her in the morning with the progress. She agreed and we hung up.

My in-laws were traveling from Louisville and Chicago so they decided to leave shortly after the phone call….

After a little while Andrew and I were taken to our room and went through the whole set-up, get IV and shortly after get the pitocin started.

The pitocin was started at 930 pm so although I was not “in labor” yet, they start that as the time of beginning of my labor. Pitocin works to stimulate uterine contractions. They start it at a rate of 2 and then increase by 2 every 30 minutes with I believe the highest being somewhere around 28 or 30?

My rate started at 2 and I was doing okay. Contractions were definitely kicking in, and very uncomfortable but I was okay through them. Thirty minutes later, my nurse came in and increased the pitocin to a 4 (and never did get any higher).

Well…. shortly after she left, all of a sudden I felt a “POP” and gush! The fluid was leaking everywhere. Everywhere. I said to hubby… So this is what it feels like when they say your water breaks. There is definitely no denying what that is, next go around, I will for sure know when my water breaks….

And all of a sudden, literally everything starting going really fast and its a blur from there. As soon as my water broke, 2 minutes later I experienced the worst possible contraction ever and at the same time this extreme pressure on my butt. It was so intense, I truly felt like someone was trying to stab me from the front and the back and take over my body. I was holding on to the side rail for dear life and moaning so loud and could not keep my body still. I was a wreck. Andrew couldn’t believe it. And as soon as this one was finished… another one, right on top of it began. I honestly thought to myself that I was going to die right there and then. Truly. This was labor, and I could not do this, physically, mentally, nothing. I have never felt anything so incredibly painful, and I have always thought that I was a pretty strong person with a high pain tolerance… but this, nothing can compare to what I felt then.

Thankfully the doctor had come in right away, saw how much pain I was in, and immediately called the anesthesiologist (my next best friend) who literally showed up in less than a minute. His first words out of his mouth was something like, “Oh boy she is doubled over, lets get this going.” Everyone was so wonderful as I was getting the epidural (which by the way is a cake in the park… way better than getting an IV). What amazed me the most was that the doctor stood right there the whole time I was getting the epidural and had his hand on my shoulder assuring me everything was going to be okay. I will never forget that.

Finally, the epidural was in, and right away… relief. Relief from those contractions, relief from the pain, and for a moment, I felt like, okay, I can now do this….however, I could still feel “pressure” on my hiney and it was very bizarre. The doc had checked me right when my water had broken, and I had been 4cm, but this pressure on my butt just felt off and I really really really wanted to POOP!

At this time, my mom called again and said that she couldn’t sleep and if she could come now. I assured her it would be a long night, but after begging, I finally gave in and said okay.

Shortly after, her and my sister showed up. Then Andrew’s sister and fiance showed up. Because we were going to be going at this all night, Andrew decided to go downstairs to the cafeteria with his sister real quick to grab a bite to eat….he asked if I was okay and I said to him, “yes, but oh my gosh ever since my water broke I feel like I really have to poop honey.” He just laughed. Kissed me on my forehead, and said he would be back in 5 minutes.

In 5 minutes everything changed.

Right as he walked out the door that pressure on my butt just increased so much that I thought, OMG, I am going to shit my pants (not that I am wearing pants or anything) right there and then. It was painful, and I just wanted some relief. Well, I knew what would do it… I needed to take a poop.

So I buzzed the nurse and said “can I please just go to the bathroom or get a bedpan, I really have to poop.” She said she would be right in and have the doc check me.

So the doc comes in, a resident, as my beloved doc was in another room with a patient, and I tell her, please hurry and check me so I can poop. Ha. Silly me. I should have known.

She checks me and then says something I will never forget….”Are you ready to have a baby?”


What do you mean lady. I’ve been ready for weeks now… but are you saying what I think you are saying?

Yes. You are ready to push.

No. This couldn’t be happening. I was just 4 cm, what like 45 minutes ago, my husband just went downstairs to grab a bite to eat… my mother-in-law was still not there!

So I call Andrew right away and say “Honey get your ass back up here, we are about to have a baby.”

He dropped everything and ran upstairs, got there quicker then I thought possible… and the next thing I knew everything was happening.

There were tons of people in the room, the sterile area was getting set up and in the midst of the mass chaos, I kept saying to everyone, HURRY, I want to poop, NOW!!

And the pushing begins. Now, need I throw out there that my doc was still not there yet, since pushing normally takes 1-3 hours  (nurse later told me sometimes even 4 hours), so he was in no hurry….that is until I was screaming to everyone that she was coming and she was coming NOW!

Oh that pressure. I cannot even describe it to you. And sure enough, as I pushed, and I’m not ashamed to say it, I pooped. Oh yes I did. And the relief was unbelievable.

Next thing I know, this baby was really coming, and after 3 pages to the doctor, he finally walks in while I am crowning. Later he told me that he couldn’t believe what he saw when he walked into that room.

A few more pushes with the doc, and then she was out. I had a mirror by the way so I was watching the whole thing (absolutely amazing if anyone is contemplating using one, not only is it a beautiful experience but it is definitely a huge motivational tool to push that baby out).

I cried like a baby. Sobbed my little eyes out. She is absolutely beautiful and perfect.


click here for info on how to submit your birth story.

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