April 21, 2011

Blogging 101 Part 5: Making Money With Google Adsense

Enjoying your Thursday? I am back today give advice to new bloggers.

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By now you have been working over a month to drive traffic. You are posting interesting content around the clock and are anxious to see your hard work pay off. Let’s make some Money!

One of the first ways that I began to make money on my blog was to subscribe to an ad network. Ad networks display ads on your blog without you having to do a thing! Genius!!

A few ad networks that I considered were BlogHer, Federated Media, & Google Adsense. I immediately ruled out BlogHer, because I found their rules ridiculously strict! (not sure about their rules today, but back in 2009 they had rules like no payed reviews, ads had to be above the fold with no competing ads above them, etc.) I am still considering Federated Media, and would love to hear from others who are using them.

My ad network choice was Google Adsense. (UPDATE: as of 2013 I now use Adsense & Glam Ad Network). Back in 2009 I was able to sign up for Google Adsense and get their ads on my blog within 24 hour. Nowadays there is a wait time. I believe you must be keeping a current blog for 6 months before being approved for their ad network. (if I am wrong, someone feel free to post a comment about this.)

I do know that if you get denied into the Adsense program the first time, just keep on blogging and reapply within a few months! They will re-review. Once you are accepted into the program you can display up to 3 ads at a time on a page. There are many different sized ads and you can even customize them to fit your blog.

After you place your Adsense code in your blog, Google bot will crawl your pages and take the information back to Google’s servers to process. With this information, Google will begin to place relevant ads on your web page. The ads displayed for each reader of your blog will be different, because Google also takes into account each reader’s preferences. For example, I was just online shopping at West Elm and when i visited Spearmint Baby, it was displaying West Elm ad targeted at me.

Google Adsense is primarily a pay-per-click ad network. You will make money by people clicking on your ads. You will also make some money from page views. Never click on your own ads or ask your friends or family members to click on the ads. Google will drop you from the program immediately if they notice suspicious clicks all coming from the same source. Once your ad revenue hits $100 Google Adsense will send you a check. Or you can set up a direct deposit which is quite handy! Don’t forget that you need to PAY TAXES on this money.

When I first started with Google Adsense I was super excited to make even $0.30/day on my blog! It took a LONG time to get my first check, & was a huge accomplishment for me! Nowadays i enjoy a nice monthly check directly deposited into my business bank account.

So, take a good look at Google Adsense for your blog. There is so little work involved. & please comment if you are using another ad network. I am currently exploring other options and would love some recommendations.
xo, shari

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Comments (4)

  1. Question about Adsense:

    I had it when I first started my blog, but didn't like it because it seemed to put in ads that had nothing to do with what I was writing about. So, are you saying that by waiting a few months, it gives you more "tag" words that the bot can find and link you up with the right kind of ads?

    Great tips..thanks again

  2. i do not know for sure, but i would say that over time my ads have gotten better/more specialized. maybe because i have more content or am getting more traffic now- i am really not sure.

    also keep in mind that each reader of your blog is probably getting different ads. i like to check my husband's computer while he is reading spearmint baby to see what ads he is getting. his ads are often related to his browsing habits– BMW & boat ads!

  3. Shari, it's nice to 'meet' you as well! I absolutely adore your blog! Thank you for your kind words and please keep them coming and keep us in your thoughts as we go through this process :). Keep up the great work on the blog…it has given me SO many ideas for our future baby/babies!

  4. I just signed up! Thanks for the tip. I've seen that "monetize" button, but never new what it was for

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