March 29, 2011

a low stress 1st birthday party

do you ever get overwhelmed when thinking about birthday party planning? well, i do! there is sooo much cute party inspiration online nowadays. sometimes i wonder how moms actually have time to plan all of these details!

this morning i want to share this low-stress 1st birthday party that Morgan hosted for her daughter, Shilah. i love that she called the birthday “a birthday HAPPY HOUR!” it looks fun and relaxing- there is lots of space for kids to run around and lots of seating for the adults to sit down and chat!

here is a little description from Morgan about the party:

I went against my very-detailed-party-planning self and hosted an outdoor gig. I thought your readers may appreciate the thought of an airy, low-stress party.

I appreciate the details and the sentiments but the thought of talking to thirty people at your own house while you’re keeping an eye on your perfect cookie tray to make sure you shouldn’t replenish with round two of snacks yet, and trying to make sure a toddler doesn’t try to scale a floorlamp or trip over the back door threshold, and… where is the birthday girl, anyway? all that…sounds exhausting.

So, my husband and I set out for a birthday bash outside at a third-party location. My only decor was a half dozen helium balloons that I purchased on a whim the day before. They had lost all helium by party time.

Our goals were:
*To be able to invite a lot of people
*To have a low-stress celebration
*To keep our costs reasonable

Check, check, and check! We headed to Central Market, an upscale grocery store with a park, playground and tons of outdoor seating. Jon and I arrived about 15 minutes early, bought equal parts beer, bottled water, and cupcakes, and pushed some tables together outside while all four grandparents dressed and transported the birthday girl to the fiesta.

This birthday was made possible by Texas weather, where we get 70-degree spring days in January 🙂


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Comments (15)

  1. What a fun, relaxing alternative to a huge detailed party! Love the invite, so fun!

  2. This is a good idea. The first birthday is more for the parents I think, so to make it a relaxing party that adults will have fun at is a great idea.

  3. Hey! This is in my town. 🙂

  4. Hello! I’m just curious about where you got these invitations from. I am dying to know. My songs birthday is coming up in a month and I need these. haha thanks!

  5. I love the invitations, too! Did you make them?

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  7. Can you PLEASE let me know where you ordered these or if you made them…how to flip the text? Thanks!!!!

  8. I love the invitations! Did you make them or order them? If order…where from?

  9. We’re having “Harper hosts a HappyHour” in feb! I love the invites! Where did you get the template?

  10. I’d also love to know how you did the invitations – they’re awesome! Thank you!

  11. This is SO smart!! Where can I get this invitation?!

  12. This would save me soooo much stress! I love this idea! Could you share how you made your invitations please??

  13. Such an adorable idea for a party! Do you have a template for your invite that you could share? Thanks!

  14. I love the birthday happy hour idea! Do you have a template for the invite?

  15. LOVE this! I am hosting a “Happy Hour Baby Shower” and this is perfect. Please let me know where you got this from or if you made it, thanks!

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