February 3, 2011

Share Your Birth Story

My goal this year is to make Spearmint Baby a lot more personal. I’m so excited about all of the baby bump and photo of the day submissions. My inbox is bursting!

So, now I want to hear about your personal experience giving birth. When I was pregnant with my 1st, I loved listening to my friends talk about their birth experiences. Although it never goes exactly the way you plan it in your head, there are lots of ways to give birth to a sweet healthy baby. (because that is all that matters in the end, right?)

If you have given birth or are about to do so, I want to hear all the details. Did you have a natural birth? …Or were you heavily medicated? Was there a surprise C-section? Did your husband pass out? Did you give birth in a bath tub? Were you vomiting at every contraction and swearing at the nurse & husband to hurry up and get you the epideral? (yes, that was me!) Or maybe baby came on the ride to the hospital??

Every birth story is so personal and this is your chance to share all of those details with first time moms. Feel free to include all of your favorite photos. Even if you gave birth years ago- you may submit. details, details…the more the better.

Submissions to: Subject: Birth Story
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  1. my daughter's first birthday is a week away and I plan to share her birthstory on my blog. Will submit to you once it gets written up!

  2. super! looking forward to it, Mindy!

  3. My sentiments exactly about the power of each mom's birth story! I wrote mine a few days after L&D and I'm so glad I did:

  4. I loved reading other Mama's birth stories, too!!

    Mine was extremely emotional & scary since I had previously lost a son after birth.

    My surviving son, Collin's, birth story is here…pictures, emotions & all.

  5. I had painful contractions for more than 20 hrs with no dilation.

    Eventually, had to give birth by emergency C-section cos baby's

    But as you said, I forgot about all the pain when I held my lovely Golly!

    Working on the full story. will post it on my blog soon.

  6. I love reading other birth stories! Here's my fun-filled story of laboring with baby Elle…

  7. Can't say mine was perfect or without silliness….but I loved my day!

    For all the moms who think they KIND of want to go all natural, but aren't quite sure 😉

    Love your blog!


  8. This is a wonderful feature! I love sharing my birth story and hearing others, a deep sense of bonding often occurs since the experience is so moving for better or worse. I hope to submit mine soon! Much love–and wonderful site! xoxo

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